Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Sep 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Murderface's grandfather's wheelchair is the same kind of wheelchair Stephen Hawking uses.

    • Song: Dethfam (Performed by Dethklok's families)

    • The song playing in the background during the scene where the band is doing everything to appease their families, is "Planet Piss". This is the song which Murderface records for his solo album project during the Dethkids episode, which aired much later in the series.

    • Pickles and his family are never given a last name.

    • Near the end of the episode you can see one of each of the band guitarists' guitars. (Skwisgaar's Explorer guitar; Toki's Flying V guitar; and William's Firebird bass) and all three guitars are left-handed.

    • Pickles is asthmatic, as revealed during the bathroom scene. He had to use his inhaler for the first time in fifteen years, as a result of a fit of rage brought on by his parents and brother.

    • Toki does not say a single thing in this episode, even before his parents come.

    • This episode confirms that Toki and Skwisgaar are not brothers, despite previous speculation.

  • Quotes

    • Murderface: I'd rather die than go to heaven.

    • Senator: (introducing Dethklok's parents one by one as they appear on the monitor screens) From Tomahawk, Wisconsin we have Pickles' parents: Calvert and Molly with older brother Seth, a recently released convict. Fom Victory Gardens, the premier armed forces retirement community in Florida: Rose and Oscar Explosion. She's the once lovely Miss Sweden 1956, the brave single mother whose neglect helped form the world's fastest guitarist: Serveta Skwigelf. And the curious and rather off-beat grandparents who raised William after the tragic murder/suicide of his parents: Stella and Thunderbolt Murderface. (Thunderbolt is shown sitting in a child's wagon being pulled by Stella in a riding chair)
      General: What's the wagon for?
      Senator: Massive stroke.
      General: I see...
      Senator: And last, but not least, from an abandoned village near Lillehammer, Norway: Anja and the Reverend Aslag Wartooth.

    • Rose Explosion: (to Nathan) You remember Mrs. Miller, don't you?
      Nathan: No.
      Rose Explosion: Well, they had to cut her legs off. Poor thing. There was an icestorm and the power went out in her house and she woke up with her feet frozen.
      Nathan: God, Mom, that's brutal.
      Rose Explosion: Her feet were black, like... uhh... a black person's feet. (adding quickly) Not that I have anything against black people, but this, this was frostbite. And besides, black people's feet are pink on the bottom.

    • Nathan: The fact that my parents had sex in order to create me makes me want to be buried alive.

    • Stella Murderface: Oh, you gutless pieces of living garbage! You think you know what it's like to be brutal!?? (spraying mace into Murderface's eyes) Can you imagine cleaning the feculent cud off this moron's diapers every morning? (sprays more mace into Murderface's eyes) Let me tell you billionaire low-lives something, there's nothing, NOTHING in this world more brutal and grotesque than raising children!
      Rose Explosion: You ruined my vagina!
      Serveta Skwigelf: (directed to Skwisgaar) I could never lose the weight after you were born. And look at the veins in my bosom, they're like a roadmap of Stockholm! (scene pans out to show her top down baring her veiny breasts)
      Oscar Explosion: (directed at Nathan) I used to be happy... until you! Then I started spending all my time with her - and I spent all my beer money on little kid's clothes! That's brutal!

    • Nick Ibsen: (sitting at a long table with the members of Dethklok on the other side; Murderface is across from him) As intimidating as it is to interview such amazing entertainment figures, I nonetheless have a journalistic duty to... uncover.. certain... (pauses) Are you urinating on my shoes?
      Murderface: (matter of factly) Yes I am.

    • Nathan: (slams open bathroom door) What the f***!?

    • 'Thunderbolt' Murderface: (as said through his wheelchair's blink recognition speech program) I have not had an erection in thirty years. I just used my underpants as a restroom. Please, kill me...

    • Nick Ibsen: Well, we at The Nick Ibsen Show do pride ourselves on uncovering the mo --
      Murderface: (stabbing his knife into the table) Hey, douchebag! Why don't you drill a hole in your forehead and let all the sap run out!?
      Skwisgaar: Heh, heh...for pancakes.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Johnny Got His Gun

      Murderface's grandfather, 'Thunderbolt' says "kill me", over and over through the use of his speech synthesizer during the end credits. This is a reference to a line from the 1972 film Johnny Got His Gun which was sampled in the video for Metallica's song "One".

    • Cannibal Corpse

      Murderface: I'd rather be sanded faceless than grow old and repugnant like that.

      This is a reference to a line from the Cannibal Corpse song, "Sanded Faceless".

    • Marduk

      The name of the miniature golf course the band takes their parents to is Marduk's Putt & Stuff. Marduk is an influential Swedish black metal band known for having conceptual albums with lyrics focusing on the subjects of Satanism, anti-Christianity and World War II.

    • Gorgoroth

      Murderface and his foster parents purchase 'Thunderbolt' Murderface's electric wheelchair at a store named Gorgoroth's Medical Supply. Gorgoroth is an extreme black metal band from Norway. Over the years the band has tried every style from noise to industrial and has gone through numerous lineup changes, with guitarist Infernus left as the only remaining original member.

    • Burzum

      The restaurant the band members are shown at with their families is called Burzums. Burzum is a notorious Norwegian black metal solo project formed by Varg Vikernes under the name Count Grishnackh. Varg is currently serving a prison sentence in Norway for charges of murder and arson.

    • Larry King

      Nick Ibsen and The Nick Ibsen Show appear to be parodies of broadcaster Larry King and his CNN interview program Larry King Live.

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