Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Second appearance of the supermarket known as Fintrolls, which the band first went shopping for groceries at during the pilot episode, "The Curse of Dethklok".

    • On adult swim video, Murderface can clearly be heard saying "shit" and it is not censored, yet it is censored in the aired version.

    • Dethklok didn't flinch as an oil rig of people was incinerated, didn't move while their guards shot their fans, and told their chef (while he was in pieces) to make them some food. Why would they scream when they see their designer skinning people alive?

      Edit: Probably because they thought they were wearing leather, but it was actually human skin.

  • Quotes

    • Nathan Explosion: Toki, Skwisgaar, you did some online food research. Let's hear it.
      Skwisgaar Skwigelf: Ok, everyone says on this page that we gots to cuts out thems "carcobadrates".
      Toki Wartooth: Yeah, no more of thems "carbokigrates".
      Nathan Explosion: What are "carcomimrates".
      Skwisgaar Skwigelf: Oh, you know, like the "pisgetti".
      Toki Wartooth: Breads.
      Skwisgaar Skwigelf: Paper towels.
      Toki Wartooth: Kleenex and that.

    • Skwisgaar: Alright, alright, popscoggles we can have.
      Toki: Alright, popsicles!
      Nathan: Okay, so let me get this straight, one really big meal a day, then we go to sleep, no paper towels but a little bit of bread because we're not Nazis and as many popsicles as we want.

    • Von Wiechlinghammer: Oh, dear. Look at all of you. You're much heavier than I was led to believe you were. You didn't lie on your measurement charts did you?
      Murderface: What? How dare you!
      Nathan: I am appalled that you would say such a thing, but yeah, we probably lied.

    • Doctor: Popsicles are just pure sugar.
      Skwisgaar: So?! Theys pures great!

    • Murderface: Even though we are entering the world of fashion, I want to assure you all - I am not gay.

  • Notes

    • Ihsahn (lead singer), Trym Torson (guitarist) and Samoth (drummer) from the band Emperor lend their voices to portray Eric von Wiechlinghammer and his two minions, respectively.

    • This episode aired with a TV-MA-V rating.

  • Allusions

    • Manowar

      The Dethklok album cover that features bulked up versions of the band (except Toki) wearing little clothing is an obvious nod to Manowar's style of album covers.