Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 22, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • After a near-death experience at a concert promoting the neutering of pets, CFO Charles Offdensen suggests the guys go to the doctor to make sure they're healthy.

    This was the funniest episode in my opinion. The guys demonstrate their utter lack of responsibility, like always, however, this time, the damage is on them, not their fans. When they find out they have to see a doctor, they ask Charles Offdensen if they can spend a weekend on an island "drinking wheatgrass" and getting healthy, but instead, they party the whole time and come back looking like crap. Pickles suggests they all drink bleach, which results in Murderface spitting and gagging most of it back up, and Nathan having macabre dreams about teeth.
    Just like in Dethfashion, we see Murderface freaking out about how he's "not gay except this time, he's imagining men in flirty poses and some in leather outfits. Toki has another fun, colorful Toki imagination song, like in Dethwater and in Dethkids, which includes him with the body of a cat walking on rainbows with hamburgers flying around him. Pickles, thinking he's dying, tells the guys that he wished he had blacked out more when he was alive, and takes a video camera, recording himself drunk and high at an amusement park. At the end, we find out Pickles is not dying, because everyone traded their urine.