Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 19, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • toki gets tired of being such a huge idol to the kids, and decides to burst into his more brutal [and slightly demon-like] side. a dying little girl is a part of the "wish for something foundation" and wants to see toki wartooth as her dying wish..

    i thought this episode was awsome, toki was so funny! thats what i love about this series, you never know what to expect. there was the obvious emerging of uncharacteristic brutality from toki in this episode, but then he was the same old guy we know and love. theres always some thing new, although the over all episode doesnt change so much that we falter our opinions on the show. this episode it my very favorite, besides dethwater, for dick knubbler, but thats a different story and reveiw. i cant wait for the finish of the second season so i can watch them over and over again!
  • Toki grows up

    Murderface attempts to record a solo album, Pickles is really drunk while helping Nathan to record every one of Shakespeare's books. Toki is brutal and goes around burning stuff until he meets a special little girl. I won't spoil the ending. Let's see how he is in the next episode...
  • Not exactly what I was expecting...

    I was really psyched for this episode. A whole episode devoted to Toki, who\'s my favorite because he\'s such a little-kid-type character, and I think that\'s hysterical for a metal band. I really wanted to see an episode based around him because I wasn\'t sure what they\'d do with that. But they disappointed me.

    The whole episode was basically about Nathan getting laringitis, Pickles being drunk, and mainly, Murderface\'s new side project; they didn\'t even notice Toki\'s change until the last three or four minutes of the episode, and even then, all he did was burn stuff with a flamethrower until he heard the little girl\'s song.

    They seem to be focusing a lot on Murderface now, at the end of the show\'s run, and I\'m not really sure why; he\'s just such a loud, obnoxious, disgusting pig, yet the last two episodes have mainly been about him. Plus there was Birthdayface, and he\'s had quite a few other important roles in the series (killing the troll). I\'m just not sure why they keep turning him into the star of the show when he\'s the least-likeable character.
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