Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 19, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not exactly what I was expecting...

    I was really psyched for this episode. A whole episode devoted to Toki, who\'s my favorite because he\'s such a little-kid-type character, and I think that\'s hysterical for a metal band. I really wanted to see an episode based around him because I wasn\'t sure what they\'d do with that. But they disappointed me.

    The whole episode was basically about Nathan getting laringitis, Pickles being drunk, and mainly, Murderface\'s new side project; they didn\'t even notice Toki\'s change until the last three or four minutes of the episode, and even then, all he did was burn stuff with a flamethrower until he heard the little girl\'s song.

    They seem to be focusing a lot on Murderface now, at the end of the show\'s run, and I\'m not really sure why; he\'s just such a loud, obnoxious, disgusting pig, yet the last two episodes have mainly been about him. Plus there was Birthdayface, and he\'s had quite a few other important roles in the series (killing the troll). I\'m just not sure why they keep turning him into the star of the show when he\'s the least-likeable character.