Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Jun 15, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Video Host: Wonder what he was thinking? Well, look at his brain; maybe that'll tell you.

    • Video Host: Where's Glenda? Late again? She better drive extra-fast... Oh no - her tits are on Oakdale St. and her brains are on Willow Drive... that's two blocks away; long way for tits to be away from brains.

    • Video Host: That's OK, blood makes the grass grow.

    • Mr. Gojira : You both failed your driving tests.
      Skwisgaar: But that's un-possibles
      Mr. Gojira : No it isn't. You didn't drive anywhere
      Toki: It's scary!
      Mr. Gojira : I know. You keep telling me.
      Skwisgaar: Whys did I fail?
      Mr. Gojira : You wouldn't even sit in the front seat.
      Skwisgaar: It's so scaries up theres!
      Mr. Gojira : How you gonna drive backseat?
      Skwisgaar: Racist!
      Toki: Yeah, racist!
      Mr. Gojira : Well, f[beep] you too. I'm leaving (leaves):
      Skwisgaar: Great, we supposed to drives the double-necks guit-cars at Murderface's shows tomorrow nights, but we's too damned scareds.
      Toki: Scareds likes little chickens.

    • Instructor: Please pull forward now.
      Toki: timidlyNo, I lets that guy go first.
      Instructor: But now it's your turn.
      Toki: After this guys.
      Instructor: You have right of way.
      Toki: After that guy. You goes ahead!
      Instructor: Let's go, douche bag!
      Skwisgaar: Leaves hims alone!
      Toki: (begins crying) I can'ts do it.

    • Nathan: (all the guys are dropping Skwisgaar and Toki off at driving school) Okay, give me a call when you need me to pick you up. You guys got your phones?
      Toki: Yeah.
      Skwisgaar: Yeah.
      Nathan: Great, eat all your lunch and don't talk to anybody. There's a of weirdoes out there, okay?
      Skwisgaar: Yeah.
      Toki: Yeah.
      Nathan: All right, bye. Study hard!
      (Nathan drives away)
      Skwisgaar: Hey Toki, I's bets you a millions billions dollars that I wills be a betters drivers than you.
      Toki: Oh, I bet you krillions billions that I's gonna be's the bestest and the fastest.
      Skwisgaar: No ways! Yous are on!
      Toki: Oh lets go!
      Skwisgaar: All right! (Toki runs into oncoming traffic toward the school) Oh, looks out. (Skwisgaar laughs as you hear cars crashing and honking) Oh, that's funny.

  • Notes

    • Marty Friedman, formerly the lead guitarist in band Megadeth, lends his voice for the character Mr. Gojira.

  • Allusions

    • Acid Bath

      While Skwisgaar and Toki are watching the instructional video, the guy in the video says "blood makes the grass grow", which is a lyric from the Acid Bath song "13 Fingers".

    • Goatwhore

      The reporter's last name in this episode is Goatwhore. Goatwhore is the name of an American death metal band.

    • Gojira

      There are two allusions referring to Gojira:

      The driving instructor speaks Japanese and his name, "Gojira", is the phonetic Japanese of the monster Godzilla.

      Gojira is also the name of a French heavy metal band.