Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Aug 27, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Love it! Trolls, unicorns, off peak minutes!

    This is the most wonderous among wonderous episodes. Teh moral dillema between saving the world from distruction and sticking to your metal roots bizarrely fits into the "that's so true" catagory with ease.

    the Dethphones are a genius piece of fictional marketing. I'm surprised they don't really exist. It's hard not to be amused by the band's obliviousness to the rest of the world, sitting in a jacuzzi while it all goes to hell. It's especially amusing the Pickles seems depressed at the thought of losign revenue from all the deaths. The Grandpa's guitars are a stroke of genius and I want the Troll lulaby to play to my nieces. they'll love it.
  • Simply hilarious. The witty, \\\"brutal\\\" comedy (and music that\\\'s not too bad) make this show worth watching. If you miss it, hit YouTube ASAP.

    On their way to Espoo, Finland to make a public apology, DethKlok's new phones come in. They're completely unsatisfactory because the band was drunk when they specified them (and the crappy plan).

    On stage at the apology, the band has trouble speaking. Finally they decide to gift Finland with a new national anthem, which they got the lyrics for from some ancient book of necromancy. As the whole population of Finland looks on in horror, DeathKlok erupts in their newest song, "Awaken Mustakrakish". Directly behind them, an enormous red troll rises from the depths of the lake and begins tearing the town apart.

    Back in their tour bus, the band members actually think the troll is really cool, until they learn it's affecting records sales. Depressed, they head to a local pub where they learn that they won't be served. In order to get their beer, they must play a song to put the troll back to sleep. Without power, though, they must use acoustic instruments. As they row out onto the lake with their non-metal "grandpa guitars" (which aren't even actually guitars), they play a song that soothes the troll. Just as it's falling asleep, Murderface's DethPhone rings a heavy metal ringtone. The troll wakes up and smashes the band back onto the shore, where Murderface tries to talk on his phone. Unable to hear the other person, he angrily throws the phone into the troll mouth, where it lodges in his throat. Trying to get it out, the troll literally rips himself apart, explodes, and lights Espoo on fire.
  • Awsome! The Dethphones are funny as hell!!!

    While performing a song intitled "Awaken Mustakrakish" in Finland, Dethklok awakens a troll that destroys the whole entire town, so Dethklok tries to find a way to put the troll back to sleep, then they go to a bar where the bar tender will not serve them any beer because they awakened the troll, so the bar tender takes Dethklok to the back of the bar and gives them acoustic instruments and Dethklok thinks it is lame and notmetal, but they decide to play it, and they put the troll to sleep, but William Murderface's ring tone wakes the troll up and it breaks the acoustic instruments, so the troll nearly kils Dethklok, but William was on his phone and he got disconected and throws the phone into the troll's mouth and it kills him.