Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Aug 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • At the end of the credits, it can be seen that the band's eyes are glowing blue. This is the first of many episodes where the band member's eyes glow.

    • Song: Murmaider Played during the scene where you csn see the band recording the album through the months.

      Underwater Friends: Performed by Toki when he is in the oxygen depravation tank.

      Thunderhorse: At the beginning of the episode, as well as when the giant seahorse is attacking the pod with Dick Knubbler in it.

    • At the beginning of Nathan's Thunderhorse daydream video, Dick Knubbler's head can be seen stuck on a pike.

    • Dethklok frontman Nathan Explosion is a perfectionist. As he debates over whether or not to delete their most recently completed album, news reports reveal that the band has already spent a reported $500 million in recording a total of sixteen individual albums - all of them deleted because they didn't meet Nathan's standards.

    • Upon close watching of the ending credits, courtesy of magazine articles and images, we learn:

      - Dethklok appropriately titled their underwater album, Dethwater and it featured a revolutionary packaging gimmick of floating miniature piranhas embedded inside the cd's jewel case. The album went "pentuple platinum" and was "the lowest album ever", according to the headline on the cover of Business News Weekly.

      - The Producer Dick Knubbler survived and underwent robotic eye surgey (due to his eyes popping from the underwater pressure). He was part of the periodical The National Responder's headline of, "New Dethklok Album is so awesome it blinds Producer". He was also featured in an interview detailing his experiences with the band and his eye surgery in the same issue of Business News Weekly featuring Dethklok on the cover.

    • The monster seahorse which plays a prominent role in this episode is actually accidentally created by Pickles. When he smashes a vodka bottle on the controls when the power goes out (which surprisingly restores the power) it causes some radiation to escape from the submarine and mutate a seahorse swimming nearby.

  • Quotes

    • The Band: No, no, no, don't, ooohhhhhh....NO
      (Nathan deletes the song)
      Pickles: Mother Douchebags. He did it again.
      Toki: Ah, dudes, what's wrong with that one?
      Pickles: Let me guess. Not heavy enough? Not tuned low enough? Not brutal enough?
      Skwisgaar: Dudes, we can'ts nots tone it down any lower.
      Murderface: Well, maybe it'd be better if I just killed myself. Huh? Why don't you just record that. Huh? Would that be brutal enough for ya? Me being dead?
      Skwisgaar: Somebodys should tells Murderface that's it's not always always about him.
      Pickles: So what? Now we're all the way back to square f-ing one?
      Nathan Yeah, That's right. But here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna re-re-re-record it right there. Right there. (points to the ocean on a globe)

    • (Murderface is eating a giant bucket of beans)
      Nathan: Maybe take it easy on those beans, Murderface?
      Pickles: Yeah I know man, have a little decency. I mean, we're stuck together in a freakin' submarine for Christ's sake.
      Murderface: (drops beans, which splatter everywhere) Fine, how 'bout I starve to death, how's that? (farts) Aw, excuse me. These boots are killing my feet! (takes off his boots, farts, sniffs) These feet stink! (vomits

    • Dick Knubbler: My body's having a little trouble adjusting to the oceanic pressure down here, I'm sure I'll feel better once I've had some pop rocks and Cokes. (Tosses pop rocks and Coke in his mouth and gets a nose bleed)

    • (Nathan is speaking to Dethklok's advisor on a video monitor while the others sit in the back)
      Ofdensen: Okay, so you want to re-re-re-record in the ocean, in, I see. No problem here
      Nathan Explosion: No, not in the ocean, inside the ocean!
      Ofdensen: Okay.
      Nathan Explosion: In the heaviest, deepest, most brutal part...
      Ofdensen: Alright.
      Nathan Explosion: ...the Mariana Treeeench!
      Ofdensen: Well, let me make some calls.
      Well, the good news is they're going to give you more money to record this album. The bad news is they're going to send a producer down to work with you. So, I hope that's not --
      Nathan Explosion: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!! (knocks a globe model away enraged)

    • Nathan: (to Knubbler) Now shut up and listen to this, Dick. This is metal (pauses) for fish.
      Skwisgaar: Fish don't gots no good music to listen to.
      Murderface: Yeah, it's true.
      Knubbler: Fish. Huh.
      Nathan: This one's called, "Mermaid-errrrrr".
      Murderface: It's about... mermaid murder.
      (Knubbler braces himself as the track blasts from the speakers)

    • Knubbler: (after being blasted by the song "Mermaid-er") Stop. This is amazing! I mean, there must be billions of fish out there. It's a totally untapped market! And so many hits too! (looking at the list as the band members mention song titles)
      Nathan: "Electric Eel Chair"
      Knubbler: Yeah!
      Skwisgaar: "Scaled And Gutted And Undercooked"
      Knubbler: Yeah!
      Murderface: "Scuba Tank Filled With Farts"
      Knubbler: Yeah!

  • Notes

    • After the night this episode aired, Adult Swim showed a bump in response to an email inquiring if the song "Mermaid-er" was about mermaids that murdered or mermaids that were murdered. The bump explained the song "happens to be about homicidal mermaids that have murdered thousands of yellowtail tuna, and later tragically get murdered by a group of bi-polar octopi".

    • This episode aired with a TV-MA-V rating.

    • This episode was available online beginning August 11, 2006 on Adult Swim's Adult Fix two days before it premiered.

  • Allusions

    • Phil Spector

      The music producer Dick Knubbler, appears to be based upon the legendary but troubled music producer, Phil Spector from the 1960's and 1970's. The eccentric behavior of Dick Knubbler during his interaction with the band members and his murder charges detailed by Senator Stampingston during the briefing also seemed to be inspired by the background of Phil Spector.

    • Dick Knubbler

      The name of the producer sent by the miliary to gather intelligence on Dethklok while they record their underwater album is an obvious reference to the slang term, "dick nibbler".

    • Digging your own grave

      During the opening scene where frontman Nathan Explosion reimagines himself and his fellow band members as barbarian warriors, William Murderface is seen, shovel in hand, standing inside a freshly dug grave plot. The fact that he is next killed and falls inside his own grave, brings to light the expression, "digging your own grave".

    • Boris Vallejo

      In the opening sequence, Nathan Explosion imagines himself as a barbarian warrior clad in horned armor complete with a horned helmet, raising a massive battle axe while astride a horse as lightning flashes in the background. This references a classic painting by fantasy artist, Boris Vallejo. Vallejo's work holds the significance of being commissioned as cover art for the releases of many notable extreme metal bands.

    • The Beatles

      The psychedelic hallucinatory underwater musical sequence involving the singing fish parodies a scene from The Beatles' 1968 animated cult film, Yellow Submarine. The song "Underwater Friends" could be seen as a parody of the song "Octopus Garden".

    • Blind Guardian

      The opening sequence ends with Nathan Explosion seated on a throne presumably as king and resting his hand in his chin with a naked woman by his side and surrounded by rows of loyal subjects. This is a reference to the album cover to Blind Guardian's 'Nightfall in Middle-Earth', which alternately seems to pay homage to the ending epilogue scene preceding the credits from the 1982 film, Conan the Barbarian, as Subotai is narrating how Conan became king of Cimmeria.

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