Season 1 Episode 10

Fat Kid At The Detharmonic (a.k.a. FatKlok)

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Oct 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Upon learning that they've once again earned too much money over the past year, the band tries to "donate" as much as they can to charity as a tax write-off. The guys also unwisely attempt fatherhood and play a landmark concert with the London Philharmonic Orchestra which ends with a killer laser light show.moreless

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  • Another great episode

    This is by far one of the funniest episodes of this series. I especially like how they treat fat kid as though they hate him, yet they say they love him. The funniest part had to be when Skwisgaar and Toki had to feed him, and threw him some \"hankaburgers\", and big gulps, and called him fat **** I fell on the floor laughing at that part.
  • One of the best episodes so far.

    This episode is up there in the whole Dethklok saga. It rivals the pilot as one of the best episodes thus far. Only Metalocalypse could take a retarded morbidly obese kid and make him funny... Well, maybe not only Metalocalypse, but they\\\'re the only ones so far I\\\'ve ever seen do it.

    I was kind of expecting the season finale to be a fatherhood episode, like one of them has a kid and leaves the band or something. However, this episode just goes to show how crappy they\\\'d actually be at raising kids, even if all five of them work together. I wonder how they\\\'d do raising a normal kid, and not someone like Fatty Ding-dong (god, I love that name).

    Every single scene in this episode (except the opening part, for some reason) made me laugh: the whole \\\"I\\\'m an eye doctor\\\" thing, the neutering, Fatty being tied up in the lawn, Fatty killing the orchestra, and the sitcom-ending-type \\\"fathers to son\\\" talk. All were hilarious. The thing with the kitties... not so much. I laughed the first time I saw it, but it was just slightly too random for Metalocalypse.moreless
Tommy Blacha

Tommy Blacha

William Murderface, Toki Wartooth

Brendon Small

Brendon Small

Nathan Explosion. Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles, various

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Senator Stampingston, Jean-Pierre, various

Victor Brandt

Victor Brandt

General Krosier, various

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    • (After Fatty-Ding-Dongs has been neutered)
      Nathan: Hey goofball, look who's all neutered! You are! Yeah you're neutered, huh goofball, yeah! Who's a neutered guy?

    • Skwisgaar Skwigelf: Hey, we got a lot of work to do. Can you please contain your son?
      William Murderface: Oh! My son. He's your son, too.
      Skwisgaar Skwigelf: That's impossibles, he's gots no regamblance to me.
      William Murderface: He's not supposed to, douchebag. He's adopted.
      Skwisgaar Skwigelf: (whispering) I thought we agreed to never tell 'tem he's adopsted.

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    • Playing with an orchestra

      Dethklok playing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra is similar to when Metallica played a concert with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra which resulted in the S&M album, which was preceded by KISS playing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra which resulted in the album, KISS Symphony: Alive IV.