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    [1]Jul 17, 2008
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    Hello! My name is PunkNerd5, and I am the new editor for Metalocalypse. You may have seen me around, posting in other threads. I hope to make your experience here at the Metalocalypse guide more enjoyable for you.

    That being said, please do not hesitate to submit any quotes, notes or trivia to the show guide, just remember to keep in mind some small points:

    • Notes should be submitted, providing they are referring to off-camera events. Musical guest stars should be placed here, with some background on who the person is, what band they are from, etc.
    • Trivia refers to small details, number of appearances etc. in each episode.
    • In reference to musical guests, if the person in question has had three TV appearances, then they are able to be placed in "Guest Star Appearances" section. If they have had none, or under three appearances, then their appearance must be mentioned in the notes section only. This is to follow guidelines.

    Now, practically all of season two of Metalocalypse is empty, so, get submitting!

    Also, this is my first show guide, so I may be a little slow at first, but bear with me

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