Season 1 Episode 13

Go Forth and Die

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Oct 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Song: Go Forth and Die

    • In the opening scene when Dethklok is performing the song "Go Forth And Die", and the band gets attacked by black birds, while they are getting attacked, they stop playing their instruments, but the music keeps going.

    • Although her face is concealed by an executioner's hood (as are all of Dethklok's employees), the worker shown tutoring Nathan is a woman. This is the first time a female worker has been seen among Dethklok's staff.

  • Quotes

    • Toki: (to Murderface) You're not a great speller. You've got to spell right to be a speller.
      Murderface: So, if a guy hits a home run, but he's fat, it's not a home run? It has to be perfect? What's the point?
      Toki: No, that is the point! That is spelling!

    • Nathan: (tossing the Harvard commencement speech aside) I don't need this stupid speech! (looking out at the graduates) You think you're smart huh? Think you can come up here and take a piece of this? Huh? Any of you? You? You? Listen, Harvard. I'm a billionaire. And most of you are gonna graduate, and move back in with your parents! I'm gonna tell you somethin', though. We have something in common: we're all gonna die. No matter whatcha' do, no matter whatcha' do with your lives, you're dead! You're dead! You're dying. You're gonna die, all of you, dead. You, dead. You, dead, all of you. You, lady? Your tits will be eaten by maggots, in just a few short years. So here's my message, my message to you, a very simple message: Go forth. Go forth, and DIIIIIE!

    • Murderface: (asked to spell the word, technicality at the spelling bee) Technicality. P-I-S-S. (flips audience off) **** you.

    • Skwisgaar: Uh, they can't helps it, Toki - not everyone gets the advantage of superior Scandinavians ecu-cation.
      Pickles: Okay, name something that has nothin' to do with guitar. Go. Go, go, go, go.
      Skwisgaar: Um, deh, uh, um, uh, um, um...

  • Notes

    • The notable guest star in this episode is none other than George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, vocalist for the influential death metal band Cannibal Corpse. In addition to fronting Cannibal Corpse, he is also the vocalist of the melodic death metal band Paths of Possession. His former band before he replaced the singer of Cannibal Corpse was Monstrosity. He is known for his style of windmilling while performing, as well as his ability to utter numerous lyrics in a quick succession while still maintaining either his guttural growl or trademark scream. Corpsegrinder was the name of Fisher's first band and when he first met the members of Monstrosity someone introduced him as "George, that guy from Corpsegrinder" and the nickname stuck.

    • This episode aired with a TV-MA rating.

  • Allusions

    • Rush

      In this episode, Cardinal Ravenwood says "The meek shall inherit the Earth". That line is the first lyric from 2112 by Rush.

      Rush is known to have influenced Metallica, Dream Theatre and Symphony X

    • Spelling Bee

      While in the hot tub, Murderface says "Watch, look. Here's a word: euonym. Y-O-U-A-N-D-H-I-O-M, euonym. See, I'm a shoe-in"

      This is the word that Rebecca Sealfon spelled correctly, in a very dramatic fashion, to win the 1997 Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee.

    • Carpathian Forest

      Nathan goes to take his GED test at Carpathian Forest High. This is a reference to the Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest. They have developed a cult following and are unique among black metal bands in that their lyrical themes deal not only with satanism, evil, and anti-christianity, but also delve into more uncommon subjects such as sodomy, sadism, sexual depravity, and suicide.

    • Dimmu Borgir

      In Nathan's dream sequence, the fast food restaurant where he imagines himself working as an employee is named Dimmu Burger. This is a reference to the name of the popular Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir.