Season 1 Episode 3

Happy Dethday (a.k.a. Birthdayface)

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Aug 20, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • If it weren't for this episode, I wouldn't be watching this show today. I hated Metalocalypse when it first came out, but after seeing this episode, I loved it!!! Now I love every single episode of Metalocalypse, and this one will always be my favorite!!!

    It is William Murderface's birthday, and the rest of Dethklok don't know what to get him for a gift, so they throw him a party and all the fans line up and give him gifts, but William doesn't like any of them, then after that they have a clown named Dr. Rockzo, but he ends up to be a demented person who is on cocaine and William shoves a balloon down Dr. Rockzo's throat and chokes him. Then Dethklok sings a birthay song for William, then Dethklok gives him the blackest most meaningless gift of all, "NOTHING!". Then William gets sad and runs away , but then Dethklok give him a brand new car and enters him in a demolition derby, then he is happy.
  • Review of Metalocalypse, Episode Three, \"Happy Dethday\"

    William Murderface (Murderface Murderface) has been my favorite character in all of animated television since the first time I saw the Metalocalypse promo with only his name and four successively closer head shots. I have not been disappointed since.

    This episode is all about \"the most brutal of bass players\", the aforementioned MURDERFACE. He\'s so metal, he can play the bass with his...I\'m not sure if I can say exactly what he used, so let\'s go with \"appendage\". His birthday is coming up quickly, so the band has to deal with several things: 1) planning a birthday party for one of the most famous, most wealthy people on Earth (who happens to be a fanatical nihilist), 2) finding a gift for someone who has everything and wants nothing (literally), and 3) calling him brutally insulting names along the way. My favorite, by far, was **** (can I say that on here? [EDIT: apparently not...oh well, there are plenty to choose from this episode, please pick your own favorite and enjoy]).

    I might actually love this episode more than the original. I thought nothing could top the Duncan Hills Coffee jingle (I still don\'t think anything can), but Murderface\'s birthday gift (both of them) rank right up there.

    I really wondered what this show would be like, being created by the man behind Home Movies, but I shouldn\'t have worried. This show is off to a blindingly brutal start. It\'s hitting on all cylinders, and I\'m fairly sure we\'re only scraping the surface so far.