Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Oct 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Third appearance of Jean Pierre, the band's sewn back together chef.

    • Song: Fansong

    • This is the first episode where Murderface does not make some type of reference to urine.

    • In Toki's room, you can see a picture of his parents introduced in the episode Dethfam.

    • The Duncan Hills Coffee Man can be seen during the secret "Fan Song" video.

    • Pickles never gets dressed after waking up to the screaming fans and remains in his underwear for the entire episode.

    • When the four websites are shown on the video monitor during Senator Stampingston's presentation, Murderface's actual official existing MySpace page can be seen in the upper-right.

    • When it shows Nathan undergoing a liver transplant, there is a TV in the top left corner of the room which is playing the "Duncan Hills Coffee" music video from the first episode, "The Curse Of Dethklok".

    • Murderface is the only member of the band whose room is not seen during the open house tour.

    • If you watch carefully near the end of the episode, Dethklok's advisor positions his fingers in the classic metal "devil horns" gesture of the pinky finger and index finger extended, to press the two buttons simultaneously to access the special room from the elevator.

    • Goat has yet another cameo. Right after Facebones finishes introducing the secret song, there is a quick shot of him in the audience. This marks his fourth appearance in the series.

    • Nathan must undergo a series of liver transplants to compensate for the toll his body takes from his numerous drinking binges. There is even a hospital set up with staff expressly for this purpose.

    • We learn that one of Toki's hobbies is model airplane building.

    • If you look closely, among the model aircraft in Toki's room, there is also a model of Dethklok's helicoptor.

  • Quotes

    • Nathan: (to Pickles) Oh great, now you're gonna start a whole chain reaction puke-a-thon.

    • Toki: (after Nathan pukes blood) Oh blood puke! Good song title! Someone write that...Oh, that's right we already wrote that. Good song though.

    • Ofdenson: (In the elevator) So, uhh...where are you guys from?
      Edgar Jomfru: Sandusky, Ohio.
      Ofdenson: Oh. There's an amusement park there right?
      Edgar Jomfru: Yes, there is an amusement park.
      Ofdenson: Well, that's always fun.

    • Toki: Okay, my face is stuck to the wall...

    • Murderface: (referring to their fans) If they only knew how much we hated them. I mean they just keep crawling back like groveling, putrid, stupid zombies that just want to eat our brains that is our art.

    • Nathan Explosion: (After vomiting blood) I think I need another liver transplant.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • King Diamond

      Murderface's mention of throwing someone "to the bottom of the stairs" could be regarded as a possible reference to King Diamond's song "Black Horsemen".

    • Metallica

      The Jomfrune brothers' fan website logo is styled in the same way as the logo for the band Metallica.

    • Pathways Into Darkness

      After the Jomfrune brother Eric has his head blown off by the blast from the sniper, his body is shown with his lower jaw still attached with his tongue protruding from the center. This visual may have been inspired by the monsters known as Headless found in the 1993 Bungie computer game, Pathways Into Darkness for the Apple Macintosh. The appearance of these monsters was significant because the top half of their bodies consisted of a round mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth and a long tongue in the middle on top of a pair of frog-like legs. Headless are the first enemies encountered in the game and can be found on the levels above the surface. Although they're quite weak and feel pain (they flinch and scream when injured) they often are found in groups.

    • Cedar Point Amusement Park

      Dethklok's advisor: (in the elevator making small talk with the Jomfrune brothers) So, uh, where are you guys from?
      Edgar: Sandusky, Ohio.
      Dethklok's advisor: There's an amusement park there, right?

      He is referring to the Cedar Point amusement park/resort in Sandusky, Ohio, located along the sandy shore of Lake Erie. This family-friendly amusement park is home to some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world and actually has been named "Best Amusement Park in the World" for a record eight consecutive years. The park features 68 rides, including 16 roller coasters; four huge kids areas; a gigantic waterpark (Soak City); four resort hotels; luxury RV campground including cottages and cabins; two large marinas; an entertainment complex (Challenge Park); award-winning live shows; gift shops; restaurants; and more.

    • Metal Mascots

      Facebones, the floating disembodied skull who serves as a tour guide to Mordland is a tribute to metal mascots such as Vic Rattlehead, the mascot for the classic thrash and speed metal band Megadeth, Eddie the Head, mascot for the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, and Snaggletooth, mascot for Motorhead. Megadeth's mascot Vic Rattlehead is a visual representation of the expression "Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" - His eyes are covered by a bolted-on visor, his mouth is clamped shut, and his ears are closed by metal caps. Vic can be seen on several Megadeth album covers, both as a skeleton and, most recently, as a human, also representing the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

      Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie the Head (Eddie for short) was created by Derek Riggs and has been featured on the artwork of almost every Iron Maiden album and single. His appearance constantly changes from album to album and era to era but the basic look of a skull-like zombie head with white hair remains fairly the same.
      Snaggletooth Bastard Motorhead, also known as Warpig, is a figure created by Joe Petagno, of a skull that is a four way cross between a gorilla, a wolf, a dog and a boar, adorned with a biker's helmet and chains.

    • The In-Laws

      Dethklok's advisor: I'd 'serpentine' if I were you.

      This is a reference to the original 1979 cult film, The In-Laws, starring Peter Falk as Vince and Alan Arkin as Sheldon. During a scene on a runway in Central America, the two are being shot at as they are trying to run across. As they are running, Vince is shouting "Serpentine, Shel, serpentine!".

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