Season 1 Episode 12

Murdering Outside The Box

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Oct 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • Facebones: Welcome to the Dethklok employee forum, where we're going to learn to "Use your motivation"! We're going to learn to be considerate at the workplace.
      (Scene changes)
      Skwisgaar: I have to works with you everyday, so please, would you please take it easy on the cologne?
      William: While that hurts my feelings, I understand.
      (Scene changes)
      Nathan: When you see a piece of trash on the ground, don't just stand there, PICK IT UP!
      Pickles: Yeah! And don't leave your lunch lying around either; it attracts ants.
      (Scene changes)
      Facebones: And most importantly, remember. Death is an everyday part of the workplace. So when you see a dead body, don't freak out.
      Toki: (Sees a dead body) Wow-wee!
      Facebones: Just ring your death bell!
      (Toki rings small bell)

    • (An employee is shot and decapitated, laying on the ground in a puddle of his own blood)
      Skwisgaar: Oh! See what I'm talkings 'bout? Another guy, this guys sleeps in bloods too.
      Nathan: Yeah, well, all I can think about is the raffle. You think we can win it?
      Pickles: Well, dude, I ****ing hope so. It's the only reason my ass is going there.
      Nathan: Oh yeah, and there is gonna be an awesome motivational speaker. Oh my god, I love being motivated. I LOVE BEING MOTIVATED!

    • Ofdenson: There you are, I've been trying to get in touch with you all day.
      Pickles: Cinnamon buns!
      Ofdenson: You know today is our big employee evaluation and conference, conference and raffle.
      Skwisgaar: Ha! That's a funny one, who cares about that?
      Ofdenson: Well, perhaps you should care. Because, it has come to our attention that one of our employees is a major embezzler.
      Nathan: Awesome!... Right?
      Toki: Ambuzzle? What means that?
      Pickles: Ah, well its a super awesome way to saying to take, having, something.
      Skwisgaar: Hey guys, I haves a good use of the words 'Unsbuzzle'. "My lungs unsbuzzle the air from the earth, as I can breathe... it. Period.
      Ofdenson: Well, I don't see the humor in any of this.
      Skwisgaar: Ah, lighten up Mr. Dooms and Gloom, amsbuzzle is metal.
      Pickles: Well, whos the guy embezzling from, anyway?
      Ofdenson: Well, he's embezzling from you.
      Nathan: NOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Pickles: Yeah I was just, tryin' ta shop, I'm just too drunk right now. I tried to buy 'dat cinnamon bun franchise thing, but uh...
      Toki: Oh, yeah, what the hell?
      Pickles: Too dru... too drunk.

    • Skwisgaar: Yeah, that's good codpiece.
      Murderface: It's not a big deal it's just totally diamond encrusted and titanium based...
      Toki: Oh, whats a coincidence! I gots a real cool codpiece too! (turns on pink strap-on vibrator and stands up)
      Murderface: Uh, that's a dildo. A strap-on dildo.
      Toki: Aww, screw you all off! My codpiece is the coolest!
      Skwisgaar: Yeah... well...
      Toki: Jealous!

    • Murderface: Check it out, losers. Direct your attention to my crotch. See it? (reveals that he is wearing a gigantic pointed metal codpiece)
      Skwisgaar: Yeah, that's pretty cool.
      Pickles: Woah, ho ho!
      Murderface: Feel it, envy it.
      Pickles: That is something else!
      Murderface: Best. purchase. ever.

    • (the band are returning from an apparent shopping trip)
      Toki: Hooowee, I am such one tired guy! How comes shopping is so stupid? What's I have now? All this stuff, what do I do?
      Skwisgaar: Yeah, you know what uh, just throw everything away. That's what I do.
      Toki: Now I throws it away.
      Skwisgaar: Just going to die anyway.
      Toki: Guess it's full circle.
      Skwisgaar: Goodbye.
      Toki: Okay.
      Skwisgaar: Burn it.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Cannibal Corpse

      More references to the death metal band Cannibal Corpse and their song "Hammer Smashed Face" appear in this episode. The Council's spy strikes a Mordhaus guard in the head with a hammer, hence re-enacting the title of the song. Also, the motivational speaker references the song during his speech.

    • Apocalypse Now

      The scene with Agent 2-16 rising headfirst from a pool of water pays homage to a well-known sequence from Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 war film Apocalypse Now, about a soldier's journey during the Vietnam War which was inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness novella.

    • Thinking Outside The Box

      This episode's title of "Murdering Outside The Box" is a play on words of the business term "Thinking outside the box" which is a catch phrase which refers to looking at a problem from a new perspective without preconceptions, sometimes called a process of lateral thought. The catch phrase has now become widely used in corporate business settings, especially by management consultants, and has spawned a number of advertising slogans.