Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 08, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Probably the best way to open up Season 3 of Metalocalypse. An episode of suspense, that still holds on to it's humorous side.

    ((Spoiler Alert, don't read if you don't want spoilers))

    I remember season 2's finale. The episode was an episode that had a lot of Metalocalypse fans on the edge of their seats. At least I was. I mean, the Revengencers finally made their move, and it was a critical move. It involved the loss of some valuable Detharmy soldiers, the destruction of Mordhaus, and of course....the possible death of Charles Ofdensen. I heard a lot of fans saying that if they did indeed kill off Ofdensen, they'd stop watching the series.

    Well enter Season three.

    The episode begins in the past actually. Back to when Dethklok was apparently getting their label. And I gotta say one thing right now....Nathan Explosion looked pretty damn good when he was young. Toki unfortunetally was not around, or if he was he looked like he'd just left Snakes 'N Barrels. But the meeting goes well, aside from Nathan punching the label-head's son in the face. Charles gives the band a warning to start taking some things rather seriously.

    If we remember back in season two, the band was horrible at paying attention to what was going on. I mean, it was hilarious, but Ofdensen continuously warned them to start improving their attention span. Nathan failed at governing Florida properly, they wanted money for useless $50 thousand for Doritos, and of course they put off recording their newest album until they were threatened with fan attacks involving nuclear warheads.

    Well Ofdensen warned them in the past, and he even asked what they would do if he wasn't around in the future. This triggers flashbacks of Season Two's finale, particularly of Ofdensen being shot in the chest with a crossbow, and getting brutally beaten by the metal-faced assassin. Then enter the words that probably brought dread into every fan's heart.

    "Charles Foster Ofdensen - Rest in Peace"

    Ouch. So apparently Dethklok's lost their one manager who did stuff right. Due to his loss, Dethklok takes over all managerial things, claiming it's too soon to be hiring a replacement manager. Well that's about the dumbest thing they've decided. I pretty much guessed what was coming up. Their fun. But before that came, they had a little scene that I had to pay respect for. The scene involved Toki lamenting over Ofdensen. Pickles offers what little comfort he can, claiming that admitting sadness made a person gay The scene wasn't very long, in fact it ended with an abrupt scream by Nathan.

    This triggers what I thought to be the funniest scene in the episode. The money spent on Mordhaus' new interior. And let me tell you, they put some really outrageous things in their new home. Stuff Ofdensen would have a heart attack over if Dethklok bought it in season 2. The lights are scream activated, Skwisgaar's practice chamber is solid platinum, and Pickles has his own Endangered Species Furniture Room. On top of it all, Murderface transforms their living room into an Arizona sandscape.

    Well, when Nathan calculates all the spending, he realizes that they are financially in trouble. Welcome to the real world right? They come to the conclusion that the only way of making all this money back is by succeeding in the most expensive concert ever put on in recorded history (concert tickets: $5000). However, the label-head's son, who swore revenge on Nathan's punching incident has taken over as their label-head. And threatens to pull the plug on the concert if Dethklok doesn't renegotiate a new contract.

    Dethklok plays their bluff. And sure enough, as they start the expensive concert, Damian pulls the plug. Nathan, seeing that the band has no choice if it wants to be in the least bit successful, is regretfully about to sign the contract.

    Then the guardian angel appears.

    Ofdensen himself is alive and well fans! Nathan punches the label-head again, and Dethklok puts on one hell of a show. Now the fans are asking how in the world Ofdensen managed to survive. he has promised us the story when the time comes. As for the Revengencers, whose fate also remained unknown at the end of season 2, their fate is still to be announced. But I'm sure it will all be revealed in good time. All in all, this episode was one of the best I've ever seen in Metalocalypse, and it's the door to a very successful brutal Season three.

  • An excellent way to begin the third season, one of the biggest questions after the season two finally is answered while episode manages to be both entertaining and suspenseful.

    I have to admit, I almost forgot that this episode was coming on. Not that I had any intention of missing it, but I honestly thought it was going to air next Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised to see the episode air.

    There will be some spoilers if you haven't seen the episode yet so you may not want to read this review if you don't want to spoil yourself.

    Overall, the episode was surprising and thrilling and as usual, raised quite a few puzzling question right from the start. The humor, surprising, was quite light in this episode. Certainly at the beginning, which was a slow build after the flashback portion, was slightly funny trying to see the boys coup without Charles and manage themselves but otherwise, the episode took a quite serious tone and actually delved a bit deeper into the boys past.

    The first shocker was that there was apparently another member of Deathklok and that Toki apparently didn't come until later: it shows the boys signing with their current record label (this is very important in the episode as a whole) and all the members are present and slightly younger, save Toki: there is another older brunette in his place. Major Spoilers at this Point!
    The second is immediate: apparently Charles died from his encounter in the season finale. This where a lot of the suspense comes in: the boys get into a serious delima after squandering their money on frivious things and becoming pretty much broke. Their label, led by a jerk who has it out for the band ever sense Nathan punched him in the face for insulting him back when they first signed (Note: he's actually the current head's son but had to take over once his father got sick), wants them to sign a new contract that will pretty much mess the band over. The label threatens to shut down their concert and the band decides to call their bluff...only to have them actually do it in order to make them sign. I'll admit, I was actually yelling at the television at this point: it was the first time other then in season finales that the boys were actually in a dire situation that could impact the band negatively. And for once, there didn't seem to be a way out of it.

    Then: enter the not so dead manager after all. I love Charles and I'm glad to see that he didn't die. But it's the credits that actually give the entire episode an ominous feel: like something big and bad is coming and Charles seems to know and they need to prepare for it. We see the major is still being controlled and the main antagonist (or is he?) is building something or other...

    Though one of the more touching moments of the episode was between Toki and Pickles, when it showed that the band seemed to actually miss Charles (Pickles even had his picture in a locket he wore.) and Toki realized that they sucked at managing themselves and really needed him.

    By far, the best season opener in the show and it was a full half an hour, which was great. I'll admit, I deducted points for the slowish start but once it really started picking up, it was amazing.
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