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  • So what is EXTREME METAL BAND Dethklok? Well it's the most BRUTAL band ever. It's also the world's 12th largest economy. In METALOCALYPSE'S fictional world, they are the supreme band. They rock, heavy. There are those who think they rock too heavy.

    Metalocalypse came to me because of Guitar Hero II. Dethklok's song THUNDERHORSE was featured as a playable song on the game. The song was fantastically done. I thought they were actually a real, touring band. The guitar was blindingly fast, the drums were perfectly in synch, and the vocals were dark and heavy. Little did I know that they were the star of an Adult Swim show.

    So of course I had to watch. I had no idea what to expect from the show in all honesty. But damn, after watching Episode Number One, I was impressed.

    Besides the impressive musicianship of the band, the show hosts a new, bold sense of humor. The entire show is a parody of the metal community, whether you realize it or not. And the parody is certainly well done.

    Nathan Explosion is the band's ridiculous front man, obsessed with finding the blackest and most brutal sound for the band.

    William Murderface is the slightly retarded bassist, famous for using his genitalia for playing the bass. He is a peculiar man who plagued by loneliness and rejection. Pickles is the band's drummer. He was part of a band called "Snakes and Barrles" (An obvious nod to Guns 'N Roses) before joining Dethklok. Interestingly enough, he is more than likely the band's biggest druggie.

    Skwissgar Skwigelf is the band's blindingly fast lead guitarist. He claims to have "music dyslexia" (unable to read music) even though he is the fastest guitar player in the world. His hands are reportedly ensured for $10 Billion ($1 Billion for each finger). He is Swedish and barely understandable at times.

    Toki Wartooth is the band's rhythm guitar player and the second fastest guitar player in the world. He hails from Norway and has a close bond with Skwissgar. His guitar's pickups were so strong once that he had to be isolated in a chamber at the bottom of the ocean when the band was recording on a submarine. The show, despite being shown on cable TV, is quite violent. E.g., fans of Dethklok have to sign a waiver before attending a concert. In one episode, fans were shown committing suicide because of the delay of the band's CD. In another episode, the Queen of Denmark is shown having a medical melt down because she ingested the icing (mercury) from Murderface's cake. The show is outrageous, hilarious, and very likeable!

  • Behold! Metalocalypse is a flash animated show that you can catch on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Think Spinal Tap for the new school of Metal... only far more ridiculous and cranked up to "11" on the Metal scale.

    Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha have crafted a gem of an 11 minute flash animated masterpiece comedy show that airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim with Metalocalypse, a show that follows the (mis) adventures of Dethklok, a fictitous Scandanavian/American Death Metal band. The show features the voice talent of living legend Mark Hamill, as well as those of the show's creators, all delivered with a ridiculous edge and an overall top-notch feel for the unlikely (yet masterful) pairing of comedy and Metal. The music in the show (the music of Dethklok) is an excellent example of supremely crafted Metal and side-splitting humor; full of Metalhead inside jokes, modern Metal references, vicious guitar riffs, machine gun double-bass drums, thunderous bass, and brutal Death Metal-style vocals. Brendon Small also contributes his Metal guitar mastery to the show, which is actually inhumanly well done. Brendan, as you may or may not know, also contributed his music to his previous show, Home Movies (also on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim), and gave more than a hint of his wonderful musicianship, songwriting prowess, and sharp-as-a-razor Rock & Roll humor. Metalheads, Moshers, Rockers, and modern Metal afficianados take note: Metalocalypse cleverly captures the essence of today's Metal attitude with a brutally funny punch to the face!
  • Metalocalypse is a show that is so far out there it's ridiculus and that's why I love it.

    The premise of this show is basically there is huge misunderstanding . A government agency is trying to stop Dethklok from causing an apocolypse, but in reality there just a bunch of guys who through a seris of accidents cause all these problems. The show show 5 ridicusly wealthy guys who abuse there wealth in about every way possable, which is one reason the show is so funny. These 5 band members cause so many problems without even trying to, there popularity is so commanding if they tell a fan to do something no matter how stupid they do it. In the end what makes Metalocalypse so popular is the fact it could never happen and that way people love it.
  • Everything shall be metal! Blacker than the blackest black times infinity!

    Metalocalypse is the epitome of awesomeness. It has humorous, and to the metal fan, it rocks for the references to various metal bands. The show has just completed its first season, and what a season it was! The first 15 episodes were absolutely hilarious. Then episodes 16-19 were a change of pace, but in this case, change was a good thing. Room for more character development and humor. Then the series finale, "The Metalocalypse Has Begun." Many fans, including myself, have called it the greatest episode. It's no lie. It's awesome.

    The album and DVD come out this summer. The second season should be out later in 2007. Hopefully it'll knock our pants off!
  • Wow! Im impressed

    Look im gona make this short. I HATE MEATAL MUSIC!! HATE IT!
    But I love this show! This show is funny, and i actually like some of the songs and i hate metal I can’t stand metal! This show has great comedy and pretty good music for metal (no offence to metal fans)! If u don’t like metal it doesn’t matter ull love this show! I can’t wait to see more this is the shows adult swim (Cartoon network) NEED! They need show like this! This show is great and unbelievable watch and i don't care if u hate it! Point Blank. Oh and what I mean from the being is has some songs I don’t like but the humor makes up for it!
  • Rancid bile! Gross characters! Gross animation!

    What in the hell was Brendon thinking creating this disgusting piece of crap! Everything about this show is awful, the music is terrible, The animation, in my opinion, is terrible, and most of the time I don't even know whats going on! The opening could give a man a sezure, and every character is stupid and absolutely unlikable. It is really cocky and unintelligent. It is Completely worthless, just people dying and whatnot! To think someone who worked on a masterpiece like "Home Movies" is doing this rancid pile of garbage practically makes me sick to my stomich and throw up!
  • This show got me listening to metal.

    This show is great. befor i watch it i hated metal but now metal is one of my favorite kinds of music. the show is also very funny in a dark way. this show is one of my favorites it makes me laugh just at the sheer stupidity of the band members actions and ideas. this show is one of the best show on Adult Swim
  • Metal is a perfect choice for a cartoon and deathklok covers every stereotype of a metal band.

    The entire show is a "what if" a metal band was one of the most influential and rich people on earth. It's a great spin with the different leaders like the archbishop or the military general trying to bring the band down but always fail. The show is short but to the point. The plotline is facinating and is never dull. The music track is nothing to joke about and actually has a sliver of credibility even if it is a spoof of the metal industry. Five idiots who made it big with headcrushing noise that keeps 'em coming back
  • It took GH2 and three of my friends to get me to watch this. How 'bout you try it after you read this.

    As the name describes, Metalocalypse is about an ultra metal band known as DethKlok as they do what normal bands do while the military and other people try to destroy them. A great and original show with good music, good humor, and......Something random always happening. Despite this, it's slowly making a name in this world. So far, one of their songs "Thunder Horse" has already appeared in another form of public entertainment. So, we can already assume that more Metalocalypse merchandise will be available in the future. I'm being serious here, there's gonna be DVDs for sure and maybe a soundtrack too. So let's continue to watch the slow metal end of the world.
  • Death Metal fans, this is the show for you.

    I guess you can consider me goth/headbanger since I listen to Heavy Metal and wear black. I'd say this is the BEST show on AdultSwim EVER! Metalocalypse is an AWESOME show! All my friends who are gothic love this show. I even have a shirt of them. Metalocalypse is a great show to watch if you listen to their kind of music. It's great for all the goths and headbangers out there. This show is definately for me. It has a lot of humor, blood, and awesome music. Dethklok is the most famous band ever in the show, but all the band members are retarded. My favorite one is Nathan Explosion, he's dark and tough, but he's the most retarded one. This show is so freakin sweet!
  • An exelent show about a metal band. It has some vulgar but good comedy involved. The bands antics always provide a laugh.

    This show is about a comic metal band who travels the world and plays songs for their seemingly endless amount of fans.Their antics are usually funny and language vulgar. People will follow this band to the ends of their world. The band is always having difficulties due to the Tribunial, interupting their plans because they believe the band is the heart of an ancient Sumarian prophecy that starts the Apocalypse. This show will be enjoy able as long as you enjoy Brandon Small\\\'s humor and Metal music. This show has ended its first season with twenty episodes and around fourty different songs. Metalheads of the world Unite!
  • Dethklok rules!

    Two great things happened in the metal genre in 2006. Lordi won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and Adult Swim introduced the world to Dethklok (pronounced "Death Clock").

    Dethklok is a five member band composed of Nathan Explosion, William Murderface, Pickles the Drummer, Toki Wartooth, and Skwisgaar Skwigelf. Together they are an unstoppable team of wonton destruction and chaos whose only enemy is a secret organization called "The Tribunal".

    Dethklok's death metal is a significant contrast to the horrors of music that made metal look rediculous. One character that occational appears in the series that personifies all that sucked more than rocked is Dr. Rockso, the rock'n'roll clown, who is constantly high on cocaine (and is not shy about telling the world about it), showing his "dangly parts" (also not shy about that), and the untimate tabbo for any metal band: being on eMpTyV, of which Chris Prynoski (producer and director of Metalocalypse and previously Megas XLR) continues his campain of bashing the rival network. (Yay Chris!)

    Fans of Beavis and Buthead, Megas XLR, Invader Zim, and all things that doth rock, will undoubtedly love this show.

    Now go forth and DIIIIIIEE!!! (Woot!)

    As an adult woman who loves heavy metal and cartoons, it truely doesn\'t get any better than this, I want the DVDS now. I fell in love with this cartoon over new years, during the adult swim marathon, it\'s not brillant as in a true original masterpiece because lets face it, us metal heads are kind of moronic, but it is on the verge of becoming something GREAT. I have told all my friends about this and since then, they too have fallen in gay love over this cartoon and we can not wait for the new episodes, or even a repeat of a new years eve marathon?????
  • A disturbing death metal comedy? Sounds pretty good, and is very funny. I think Adult Swim has broken through the borderline with this one.

    The first episode I watched was Dethkomedy, and I watched this show simply because of all the rage, and when people talk about comedy/animation shows, I don't want to be left out. But when I tuned into Metalocalypse, it was a whole new plane of comedy. Disturbing, mortifying, but still containing the funny element in the equation. I wish it was longer, 15 minutes? And Metalocalypse gets a good review just from the fact that they can make a fully involved plot in just a short time. And the characters are well thought out and funny in their own suicidal metal ways, and the voice actors are great. I really want to keep up with this show.
  • Brendon, what persuaded you to make a show like this?

    Basically, I REALLY feel the show is just senseless. For one, they have a name for the show that you can barely announce. Now on one hand, you have what a famous German rock band group made up of 5-6 bachelors that ive together. However, they have a darkside also. The part however that gets me the most is the introduction. How do you want somebody to watch a show when they can't even understand what your saying in the introduction? yes, I gave this show the score it deserves, and Adult Swim needs to get rid of this show and a few other things in the new year also.
  • Metalocalypse is the bestest show. Evah. Period.

    When I first heard of Metalocalypse, it was just the summary for the episode "DethTroll". When I read the summary for it, I thought it was the most retarded thing ever. I mean, seriously. A death-metal lullaby?! Anyway, flash forward to about a month ago. My friend tells me how funny it is. He knew that I had a weird sense of humour and told me of the episode when DethKlok killed a guy in a wheelchair. So I decided to watch it. The first episode I watched was the one where they adopt a fat kid and get him neutered. I was greatly disturbed. I skipped the next episode, something I will never forgive myself for, and watched BluesKlok when it came on. This was enough to make me fall in love. So now, I can't go a day without quoting that damn show. What with Skwisgaar, Toki, Murderface, Pickles, and Nathan, how can I not? I think my friends hate me for quoting it so much. Oh well. I figured out that Toki is my favourite character, but it is damned near impossible to decide on my least favourite character! They're just too cool! I'm mad at myself for falling in love with a TV show half-way through a season. This always happens. Now I have to wait until next season. Sadness...But! Adult Swim is having a marathon on New Year's Eve. So...YAY!!!! More Toki and Skwisgaar!

    So, all in all, I'm in love with Metalocalypse, I can't wait for the DethKlok album to come out, I will kill myself if I don't get the first season DVD, and this is the bestest show...EVAH!!!
  • Metalocalypse is a winner in my book.

    I'm a huge metal fan, and have never been a huge fan of TV overall. The moment I heard about the show over half a year before it aired, I was immediately excited by the idea. Little did I know that by the end of the first season (which was expected to be the last season as well - thankfully not) it would be one of the highest rated (if not THE highest rated) Adult Swim show at the time. This status is well-deserved.

    Metalocalypse is about a metal band called "Dethklok", and is the work of Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. There are 5 members of the band, each having very well defined and unique personalities that we learn more about with each episode. Every episode is around 11 minutes long, but that time is put to use very well in most episodes. Nearly every episode generally involves the following:

    - An illuminati style group called "The Tribunal", whose goal is to put an end to Dethklok. Each episode involves them planning a way to do this.

    - A song. Most episodes feature a great song played by Dethklok, many of which have hilarious lyrics. Some episodes have songs by other interesting characters/bands we meet through the show.

    I wont even try to describe why the show is funny. I will say that you DO NOT have to be a metal fan to enjoy the show, but it certainly helps. There are oodles of references to metal musicians and bands, as well as guest voices done by respected metal musicians. These include Corpsegrinder(Cannibal Corpse), Kirk Hammet and James Hetfield(Metallica), King Diamond(King Diamond, Mercyful Fate), 3 members of Nevermore, and Michael Amott(Arch Enemy. This is great if you like metal, but not crucial.

    The band itself is where the show shines. Being half Scandinavian and half american, amusing accents and culture differences are abound. Aside from that, there is a wealth of detail in every character after only 20 short episodes. Even the guest and recurring role characters are hilarious and memorable. I recommend checking out this URL for detailed descriptions of the characters. Make sure to delete the spaces automatically inserted into the link by

    Metalocalypse is a favorite and I will certainly buy the DVD when it's released.
  • If you are a fan of death Metal this is the show for you.

    It's about this band who is pretty much Spnal Tap meets Scooby-doo a great show it is very funny with its gross and dark humor from the creator of home movies brings you a show about a band thats stupid and kills this show is like one of the best shows the reason I did not give this show a 9 or a 10 is because this show isnt the best but it aint bad.
  • World famous death-metal rock group, Dethklok, is said to fulfill the ancient prophecy and cause the Apocalypse.

    There is an ancient prophecy that has fortold that the Apocalypse shall be caused by Dethklok, the richest, most powerful death-metal rock group in the world. A league of government higher ups and religious figure heads track their movements and attempt to release their highly influential hold on the world by sabotaging their concerts, sending spies into their compound, various other actions. This show takes you on a roller coaster ride of diaboliocal adventures that usually end up in fans and bystanders getting either blown up, brutally torn apart, devilishly shredded, dissintegrated, or horribly burned. This gives the perfect release for people who love death-metal and finding funny reasons to kill people.
  • i love metalocalypse i love death metal this show will last forever why some people not like this show

    this show is about 6 guys who are part of a band called metalocalypse this show is very funny and dark like the grim adventures of billy and mandy only more mature so overall this show rocks best show ever on adult swim so i give this show a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • Who ever thought of this is a genius

    This show is brutal,metal, and funny at the same time.The animation is awesome,pretty good episodes so far,and the music rocks.In my opinion this is the best adult swim orginial show by far.Its a shame though it is only 11 minutes long.Any death metal fan that like cartoons will surely like this show.It is simply brilliant.
  • If my best friend was brutal and hated everything. Finally a show for and about METAL! Dethklok is the most famous metal band in the world and this show follows the darkness. Brutal Show, episodes could be longer though.

    This is the best idea! This show is one of the funniest and most awesome shows out there. It's great to have a metal show to look foward to every week. The band is so outlandish its hilarious. The plots are very well written as well, I only wish they would make the episodes longer!
  • this show is allright

    the reson i gave this show a 6.8 because most of the time its very gharific and they play meathel why theres ghariphic parts somtimes like wen they were geting a new gatare player the scean wen his eyas poped out and they played that metal music but most of the time its funny somtimes ed edd n eddy is alot beter than this show but this show is alright well thats my review bye.
  • I freakin love this show!!!!

    Oh my god, this has got to be one of adult swims greatest shows of all time. It has hilarious plots, hilarious comedy, stars a Metal band called Dethklok, and is an overall great show. Metalocalypse is a great show that i would give my highest recomendation to. If you are a fan of comedy shows, adult swim or even just Metal, you have to see this show. Its really dark, but in a really funny way. If you havent seen it yet, go to, go to the fix, and click on whatever episode is featured this week, because you dont know what your missing.
  • A unique show, second best adult swim original

    Adult swim really needed this show. Most adult swim originals seem to suck terribly (Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, Tom Goes to the Mayor). Though not perfect, this is becoming an Adult Swim favorite for me, after Aqua Teen Hungar Force.

    The main critism I have is that the show seems to have too low of a budget, like most Adult Swim shows. To have only two voice actors for a whole show isn't enough. The animation quality is also lacking (though the art quality and background graphics are just about the best I have seen in an animated show). Plus, eleven minutes just isn't enough. It isn't long enough to get into the show.

    With that critism aside, I first want to say that the music kicks ass! This is what death metal is all about, and its overall popularity will surely increase now that this show exists. It would be awsome if they would feature work from real bands like Bloodbath and Cannibal Corpse. Before anyone asks, yes, I am a metalhead.

    The show is also funny. Though some of the jokes are lame, this show still manages to be quite hilarious. William Murderface is probably the best character on the show. I also like Nathan Explosion. He is a great death metal vocalist.

    The black humor is the best part. The final scene in the first episode was great. This show features lots of blood. Just the way I like it. Despite the poor animation, the graphics are very strong and vivid, which brings the blood and gore to life. The show is obviously not for the faint of heart.

    Adult Swim really needed a good show like this. It's nice that their is finally an Adult Swim original that is actually good (the best shows on Adult Swim now were originally from Fox). Though not as good as Aqua Teen, it's still a great cartoon. I'm sure it will get even better as time goes on. It's a nice litle cartoon you can enjoy with the whole family, so long as they're numb to the grotesque.
  • OMG! I love this show to death and i dont even like meatal i hate meatal music! But this show i like it i guess because of the sence of humor and i actually like some of the songs on the show! Not again I HATE MEATAL BUT LOVE SOME OF THSE SONGS,and show!!

    Look im gona make this short. I HATE MEATAL MUSIC!! HATE IT!
    But i love this show! This show is funny,and i actully like some of the songs and i hate meatal i cant stand meatal! This show has grat comedy and pretty good music for meatal (no offence to meatal fans)! If u dont like meatal it doesnt matter ull love this show! I can twait to see more this is the shows adult swim (Cartoon network) NEED! They need show like this! This show is grat and unbelivable watch and i odnt care if u hate it!Point Blank. Oh and what i eman from the being is htta some songs i dont like but the humor makes up for it!
  • 11 minutes of Metal, and Adult Swim's usual brand of comedy! What's not to love.

    The main subject of the show is Deathklok, worlds most influental metal band, but the funny thing is that the band members themselves aren't that bright!
    My favorite band member is William Murderface, he's self loathing, has some sort of speech impediment,drinks heavily, and hates everyone and everything, a good part of the physical comedy is centered around him, like the grocery store "pee pee time" incident.

    The music is very metal, I'd buy the album if it existed.
    Nathan Explosion, the band's frontman is always coming up with new songs, usually something to do with murder, or maming, or as in the first episode, being "Sewn back together wrong", usually a new song pertaining to that episode plays during the credits along with extra little bits of footage, kinda like aftermath of the episode type stuff.

    This is a pretty bloody cartoon, it's comical gore, but gore none the less, so it's not for pansies!

    Adult Swim's original programming block has been suffering lately, and this show has breathed some new life into it, hopefully this means less anime, and more original stuff like this!
  • Metalocalypse as a title is rather self-explanitory. It's a show about the death metal band Dethklok and their exploits. Brought to you by Brendon Small and Tommy Blancha of "Home Movies" fame.

    Metalocalyse is any serious metalhead's dream come true. The show is built around unexpectedly solid music (the Duncan Hills jingle and Birthday Dethday being rather good songs) and rather humorous interactions between the bandmates, each one having a completley different personality from the other. Another strength is the creator's allusions to real-life metal bands (Mayhem, Finntroll, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, etc). Of course, if you're not into heavy metal you'll miss it (and a good part of the show's appeal.) There have been a lot of complaints about not being able to understand Skwisgaar and Toki (the Scandanavian guitar players). Well duh, they're Scandanavian, and all you really have to do is pay attention and what they're saying will come right to you. All in all, a great show, one that I'll tune into every week.
  • Dark and comedic, this show lives up to its expectations.

    What can I say, this is a very humorous show. In my opinion, the leader of the band is the coolest member and MurderFace is the funniest. The animation is really smooth and the themesong in the beginning of the show is awesome. Although this show runs for fifteen minutes, it is cool and should rum for thirty minutes. The music the band plays is truly metal. Overall, I give this show a two thumbs up.
  • DethKlock Metalocalypse 10..0 Properly animated. Funny, gore filled, and they have Heavy Metal In them. What more could an Adult Swim fan want? Sown back together! Wrong back together!

    William "Murderface," who looks tough but is worried he's too fat, plays the bass. Nathan Explosion has a permanent scowl as he sings.
    At concerts, they pour tons of hot coffee on their fans, all of whom have been required to sign pain waivers.

    The coffee is no surprise. After all, Dethklock is a heavy metal band that succeeded because of its jingle for a coffee company. But Nathan's serious about performing good music - to the point of deleting every song his band is recording for its next album. None of the songs, he says, is brutal enough.

    If like Nathan, you're looking for something outrageous, you'll find it in "Metalocalypse," the latest cartoon to join the Adult Swim block at Cartoon Network.

    Co-created by Brendon Small ("Home Movies") and Tommy Blacha, it premieres at 11:45 p.m. EDT/PDT on Sunday (Aug. 6) and is strictly for mature audiences. As they say in TV land, viewer discretion is advised.

    The series has some blood and gore, along with some gross scenes. For example, Dethklock's cook is lying in pieces spread across a room. He's on life support, but the band members' biggest concern is figuring out how to shop for groceries and prepare their own dinner.

    Despite all the outrageous moments, "Metalocalypse" seems destined to be a one-hit wonder.

    "Murderface" is never happy and hates everyone. Nathan is never satisfied with his art. A little more interesting are Skwisgaar Skwigelf, the fastest guitarist alive, and Toki Wartooth, the second fastest guitarist alive. The two episodes available for viewing didn't include much on Pickles, the drummer.

    "Metalocalypse" is more satirical than it is funny, and it does a good job of poking fun at the music industry and pop culture in general. But the gory and gross scenes and the cardboard and negative band members distract from the cartoon's main strength - interesting supporting characters who could carry their own stories. Never mind Dethklok; I wanted to learn more about the music producer during the underwater scenes. I won't spoil the details, but his encounter with the ocean is the best moment so far in a series that doesn't seem destined for a lot of verses.
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