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  • This show is worth the watch, and truly amazing! You will find a lot of humor packed into a small 15 minutes, and will enjoy it if you know anything about music, or death metal.

    This show Is Amazing! I am a flash animator and the animation in this show is wonderfully smooth! The effects are great to, like how they have his face on the monitors around during the concert. This show is hillarious, People actually sign there life away to the band, and many people die, they later need to go to the grocery store because there slave/maid was killed by a rocket launching him into helicopter blades, chopping him to bits. This is only the first episode but I expect quite a lot from this show, and the creators from now on. The show is awsome and truly worth watching. It's only 15 minutes long, so you still have the rest of the night, to watch other show's. It's really, a great show, and if you want to watch it it's on Sunday's on Adult Swim.
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Death Metal Icons!

    DETHKLOK: the greatest band in the history of the world. Their fans will trek to the ends of the earth (literally), and die for their beloved band willingly. Their influence can take an average product to the pinnacle of success. They're also a bunch of idiots.

    Metalocalypse, the new television show created by Brendon Small (Home Movies) follows the lives of the members of the most dominant and influential band ever, death metal group Dethklok. In the first episode, they perform a concert live in Antarctica consisting of one song - a jingle for Duncan Hills Coffee. During the course of the performance, hundreds of the band's biggest fans die - and Duncan Hills Coffee becomes not only the greatest name in coffee, it becomes the ONLY name in coffee, completely obliterating all competition. In the same episode, their newest personal chef (in a line of many, all of whom have died horrible deaths) is maimed beyond recognition, forcing them to make dinner for themselves...something they're completely unable to do.

    While this show reminds me of Home Movies (dry humor, plenty of silliness), it's almost the opposite side of the coin. Where Home Movies was primarily a silly show about a group of grade school children who made home movies (literally, every episode had some reference to a new amateur movie they were writing/directing/performing) with occasional bursts of heavy metal performed by Dwayne and his garage band, Metalocalypse is a show about a heavy metal/death metal band with frequent bouts of bizarre and just plain silly occurences.

    Although only one episode has aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block as of this review, I can safely say that I'll be watching this one religiously. The same type of humor that Home Movies delivered is here in equal amounts, delivered by five sullen adults instead of three grade school children. Dry humor and over-the-top ridiculousness blend seamlessly, most notably when they're trying to figure out what a grocery store is called (one believes that it is called a "food library").

    Even though the show only clocks in at 15 minutes, it still manages to give a full episode's worth of content. The 15 minute format is becoming more and more prevalent on Adult Swim with original content, and whatever the reason for Metalocalypse's length, it fits the allotted time well. I think it might be just as good in the standard 30 minute format, but I'll take what I can get. My only concern is that whatever metaplot that may develop in the show will have to do so very slowly.

    This show is the most recent in a slew of original shows to hit Adult Swim, but I personally hold this one above all others (including 12 oz. Mouse, Squidbillies, and Korgoth of Barbaria, all great shows in their own right). I can only hope that they keep this show around for a long time, unlike Small's previous effort.
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