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  • Boring, not funny, and little story plot.

    This show is pretty much for people who likes hardcore rock music. For the rest of us, you'll pretty much hate it. I've watch around five episodes, and none of them ended half-decent. The characters has little emotions and cares only about sponsors and their band. Not only do they lack what all shows requires, it also lacks comedy, which is what it's supposed to be. It's incredibly boring with random plots that takes you to some absurd idea that normally revolves around death. While at some point they have the right idea, they would mess up the entire episode in less than 4 minutes.
  • Sometimes being a fan isn't enough.

    I love Home Movies; the song is terrific and the plot is great. Metalocalypse however, is nothing but a story plot that revolves around death and some childish jokes. This show is weird. I mean, it's serious, yet it's not. I don't care how great the artwork is (it's dark, which somewhat puts me off), a show is completely based on story plot, or in this case, comedy. It's pretty hard to do a comedy show (wait..exactly what kind of show is this? Certainly not comedy) when you're making fun of death. Death isn't supposed to be funny, and for a show like this, not scary neither. What is up with the governor? Why are they supervising a rock band anyways? Don't they have something way more important to do? I'll be honest, I have seen some episodes and had completely regret watching them all. What they need to work on is the story plots. Being random is one thing, making it interesting is another. I'm sorry Brendon Small, this isn't cutting enough for me. His voice acting was a whole lot better and funnier when he is acting like a kid.
  • Rancid bile! Gross characters! Gross animation!

    What in the hell was Brendon thinking creating this disgusting piece of crap! Everything about this show is awful, the music is terrible, The animation, in my opinion, is terrible, and most of the time I don't even know whats going on! The opening could give a man a sezure, and every character is stupid and absolutely unlikable. It is really cocky and unintelligent. It is Completely worthless, just people dying and whatnot! To think someone who worked on a masterpiece like "Home Movies" is doing this rancid pile of garbage practically makes me sick to my stomich and throw up!
  • Brendon, what persuaded you to make a show like this?

    Basically, I REALLY feel the show is just senseless. For one, they have a name for the show that you can barely announce. Now on one hand, you have what a famous German rock band group made up of 5-6 bachelors that ive together. However, they have a darkside also. The part however that gets me the most is the introduction. How do you want somebody to watch a show when they can't even understand what your saying in the introduction? yes, I gave this show the score it deserves, and Adult Swim needs to get rid of this show and a few other things in the new year also.
  • A show that will certainly attract metal fans but may leave others in the dust.

    To be honest, I guess I don't get this show. Perhaps it's because I can't stand metal. The show seems to poke fun at metal fandom but since I'm not very familiar with the fandom, the show eludes me. I'm not too fond of any of the characters, the style of humor as well as the animation doesn't appeal (and the animation is pretty poor), and the gore really turns me off. I suppose you could say I'm not in it's target audience and that's not untrue. I think Brendon Small is very talented but this show's outcome doesn't leave me wanting more.
  • I don't mind watching it, but I'd prefer to watch something else, if only something else was on that late.

    My main problem with the show, is it's very graphic, even if it is a show on Adult's very overly done, I can understand that metal bands might equal black shirts and skulls and stuff, but having peoples faces melt away to show the muscles and tendons? Too much for me...overall I don't mind watching it, it's not a terrible show, it's just WAY overdone with the graphic display...if they didn't have so many faces melting all of the time and didn't have as many graphic scenes, I'd enjoy it much more.

    I find Murderface to be quite funny, I don't know the names of any of the other characters though, even the lead singer, who I struggle to understand a word he says, but it's not a bad show. Again, the only problem is how graphic it does anyone think of that stuff?

    Definitely should be on Adult Swim when it airs, I would prefer to watch other shows instead, like Robot Chicken, but it's not a show to put down instantly. Just tone down on the graphic scenes and I would be quite pleased overall. Sure as hell beats the Squidbillies...
  • this show is allright

    the reson i gave this show a 6.8 because most of the time its very gharific and they play meathel why theres ghariphic parts somtimes like wen they were geting a new gatare player the scean wen his eyas poped out and they played that metal music but most of the time its funny somtimes ed edd n eddy is alot beter than this show but this show is alright well thats my review bye.
  • Quite funny.

    Metalocalypse in my opinion is a good show, but could be a lot better. The animation is average has a lot of bloody, gore scenes which fit to the whole "metal" concept of the show. Funny thing is that everytime eveyone else around the main protagonists dies but they themselves end up OK. The comedy evolves around shock humor, which I like very much. However there are some disadvantages: first one is the fact that sometimes it is hard to understand what the characters are saying and the second one is that the scenes where the characters are talking about something are too long. Yes they are funny for some time but get boring the more you listen to them. Do not get me wrong the show is good and if you are looking for some different kind of comedy, I recommend watching Metalocalypse.
  • If you are a fan of death Metal this is the show for you.

    It's about this band who is pretty much Spnal Tap meets Scooby-doo a great show it is very funny with its gross and dark humor from the creator of home movies brings you a show about a band thats stupid and kills this show is like one of the best shows the reason I did not give this show a 9 or a 10 is because this show isnt the best but it aint bad.
  • Love the Hardcore deth metal brought by the most brutal band to ever exist!!

    This is a great show because I have a sweet tooth for death metal and rude humor thanks to my friends and adam sandler haha!...moving on Metalocalypse brings to the table of what many shows need ear bleeding, moshing, and brutality all mixed in with a pint of humor and there you have it, a great show. All my friends and I watch this show perfucely and love every minute of it. I think they should extend the show from 15 minutes to 30 like most normal shows it might help ratings for the show rise in my opinion. Im going to rap it up and say this is a really great show and will be great for years to come
  • This show is excellent.

    I really enjoy the animation in Metalocalypse, it is very skilled, much like the music. This show is hilarious, I love it how the characters have certain...hmm...characteristics. The theme song is very catchy, just like all the music in this show. Metalocalypse is a classic show, I recommend it and if your a fan of metal, you'll love this show. The best part of this show is BY FAR the characters. They are so hilarious. If I was a professional, even in a year I would not be able to create better characters then are displayed on Metalocalypse. I think this is the funniest show on Adult Swim, because every episode is a gem.
  • It finally happens...Spinal Tap gets animated! Metalocalypse is something The Jetsons wishes it could be...a hard-rockin' cartoon.

    I am glad that Metalocalypse finally expanded to half-hour length cartoons in its third season. It is irritating to watch stories that are too short and are over even before I can enjoy the art and humor that go into each of the stories. This is actually even more enjoyable than "Beavis & Butt-Head", as you have to understand the intricacies of the music industry to get all the "in" jokes of this series. While I can't afford to own the pre-recorded videos, I record "Metalocalypse" from Adult Swim on my DVR when I possibly can--even at times when I should be in bed.
  • the Spinal Tap of death metal!

    The show revovlves around a death metal band called Dethklok which consists of vocalist Nathan Explosion, lead guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf, rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth, bassist William Murderface, and drummer Pickles. Dethklok is one of the most popular bands in the world and is 7th biggest economic resource. Nevertheless, all of the band members are moronic, imcompetent, and can't do the most simplest things such as buying groceries.

    Anyways, I first stumbled upon this show at the Guitar World forum when someone mentioned the band. I decided to check them out on Youtube and found out they were a fictional band from the show of the same name. So I recorded and the first episode I was laughing my ass off. The humor is anything but dry, the band's ego and personality is well done. Not to mention their music is pretty solid too. One problem, it's eleven minutes! If you're fan of metal or any form of rock, I highly suggets you watch this show, you won't be dissapointed.
  • Dethklok is the greatest band in the world, they are crazy and have crazy fans. However, not everybody loves Dethklok and there comes a point with the fascination with Dethlok leads to deadly consequences setting up bizarre but really funny episodes.

    Metalocalypse is probably one of the best shows on Cartoon Network strike that, it's one of the better shows on TV. This show is totally unlike anything else on TV aside from IFC's new ZRock comedy spoofing another rock group. What elevates Metalocalypse is a unique plot, bizarre, crazy characters, violence, action, and comedy. Also in terms of animation the animation for this show is very good. This doesn't seem to be a big deal but in most of the other lesser CN shows which I think are crap but yet still produced "Assy McGee", "Squidbillies", "Minoriteam" which are just God awful and not very funny. In Metalocalypse you really don't know what you will get. There is also a government agency that wants them dead how they thwart these attempts and their crazy fans is big part of how fun the show is.

    The standout character of Nathan Explosion done by co-creator Brendon Small is really a strong force in the show. If you wanted to see what it would be to be in a rock group and have the world at your whim then this show is for you. If you like bizarre shows, this show is for you. If you are ready to laugh your butt off, this show is for you. Brendon Small is the same guy who did very good "Home Movies" so you knew this show would be good. He is very talented obviously he is producer, composer, and creator for his other shows so this guy knows comedy and knows how to deliver them along with so many other things.

    Dethklok, as I read many reviews of the show, is then a group that will remembered for many years. If CN is smart, they will give this a very long, long run. BTW the official DVD of the first season is already out and season two is coming to an end. I have a strong feeling that there will be a season three just a feeling. Anyhow, Metalocalpyse really does deliver in the goods in "Adult Swim" as it very much an "adult" show.
  • Death Klok is always being targeted by some American military which they haven't noticed.

    In most of my school years I heard a lot of people listens to metal and watch some metal entertainment shows like "MTV's The Osbournes", "MTV2's Battle For Ossfest" and "MTV2 Headbangers Ball". I'm also into HBB sometimes(mostly video favorites like Megadeth, Sevendust, and Dragonforce). Now last year [adult swim] announced the first new animated series for metal fans "Metalocalypse"(the newest series that I watch while my parents arren't around). This band Death Klok plays music which is a threat to mankind. Some of the episodes the evil demons appeared when the band plays their music. They're always being targeted by some American military. But the military always fails on accomplishing their mission. The funniest part is when Death Klok has no clue that they're being targeted. I said to myself "Whoa this is comedy and metal at the same time and I like it". Rock on!
  • World famous death-metal rock group, Dethklok, is said to fulfill the ancient prophecy and cause the Apocalypse.

    There is an ancient prophecy that has fortold that the Apocalypse shall be caused by Dethklok, the richest, most powerful death-metal rock group in the world. A league of government higher ups and religious figure heads track their movements and attempt to release their highly influential hold on the world by sabotaging their concerts, sending spies into their compound, various other actions. This show takes you on a roller coaster ride of diaboliocal adventures that usually end up in fans and bystanders getting either blown up, brutally torn apart, devilishly shredded, dissintegrated, or horribly burned. This gives the perfect release for people who love death-metal and finding funny reasons to kill people.
  • A unique show, second best adult swim original

    Adult swim really needed this show. Most adult swim originals seem to suck terribly (Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, Tom Goes to the Mayor). Though not perfect, this is becoming an Adult Swim favorite for me, after Aqua Teen Hungar Force.

    The main critism I have is that the show seems to have too low of a budget, like most Adult Swim shows. To have only two voice actors for a whole show isn't enough. The animation quality is also lacking (though the art quality and background graphics are just about the best I have seen in an animated show). Plus, eleven minutes just isn't enough. It isn't long enough to get into the show.

    With that critism aside, I first want to say that the music kicks ass! This is what death metal is all about, and its overall popularity will surely increase now that this show exists. It would be awsome if they would feature work from real bands like Bloodbath and Cannibal Corpse. Before anyone asks, yes, I am a metalhead.

    The show is also funny. Though some of the jokes are lame, this show still manages to be quite hilarious. William Murderface is probably the best character on the show. I also like Nathan Explosion. He is a great death metal vocalist.

    The black humor is the best part. The final scene in the first episode was great. This show features lots of blood. Just the way I like it. Despite the poor animation, the graphics are very strong and vivid, which brings the blood and gore to life. The show is obviously not for the faint of heart.

    Adult Swim really needed a good show like this. It's nice that their is finally an Adult Swim original that is actually good (the best shows on Adult Swim now were originally from Fox). Though not as good as Aqua Teen, it's still a great cartoon. I'm sure it will get even better as time goes on. It's a nice litle cartoon you can enjoy with the whole family, so long as they're numb to the grotesque.
  • Dethklok is the biggest Metal band in the world. They are watched closely by a panel of the worlds top leaders. This dangerous band is funny off stage, but completely metal while on stage.

    Brendon Small has done it again. This is a much different show than Home Movies, but it is equally as good. The band is hilarious, and their general stupidity is fun to watch. The "food library" episode when they try to cook is classic. The actual music is not bad either. The vocals aren't great, but the guitar and the drum work is amazing. Brendon Small can really shred. The brutality is also funny, because during every show a hoard of Dethklok fans get maimed, killed, or somehow decapitated. The irony is great; that the most brutal band in the world is made up of idiots with middle school intellects. I can't wait to see what happens with Selatica and the council. What is the prophecy, and why is Dethklok so important? I'm hooked, and I can't wait to see how the final confrontation ends. The Metalocalypse has begun...
  • Twisted fantastic journey.

    Being a fan of metal, more old school, Death, Napalm Death, Slayer, those types of bands, you have to love a show like this that takes the piss out of METAL (with the horns around METAL). This show is so over the top that the brutality that looks so real, is just unbelievable. Ever thing in this show either it be Clenso the clown and his band, moking the mighty Van Halen, or Snakes 'N' Barrels, aka G'N'R is just so top notch, the only problem I have with this show is that the show gets going and then it ends. I mean if you love music, and love to laugh this show is probably for you, if not, as Toki would say you are ****
  • The life, times, and misadventures of the world's greates fictional Deathmetal Band, Dethklok. Not your normal cartoon for adults.

    By itself, Metalocalypse is very funny. The show lampoons the excesses of rock stardom and the extreme nature of rabid fans. To think that a group could have an economy greater than that of many nations is outlandish, but it's very funny, and sometimes it seems like it could happen. Also on it's own the show evokes some of the themes of Scooby Doo in that you have a group of people going around and getting into all sorts of interesting situations-that is where the comparisons end, the show is utter mayhem and very funny.

    To those of us (myself included) who are fans of Heavy Metal, this show is outright hysterical. Many of the best jokes are made at the expense of the Metal Subculture, which is a very large target when it comes to humor. This humor is manifested in the band who aren't too smart, greedy, self-obsessed, and rather violent. It is also shown through the examples of their rabid fans who are just as clueless and through that of the Tribunal-a group of leaders of various areas that gather intelligence on Dethklok. Their example is a good satire upon the military industrial complex and overbearing governments.

    The characters of the show are brilliant and always make for a good laugh. Nathan Explosion is the lead singer and lyrical visionary of the group. He is rather clueless, but shows moments of great insight. Pickles the Drummer is the voice of reason in the group, even for a chronic alcoholic, and also appears to be the smartest. William Murderface plays bass and is obsessed with urination, is very emotional, and rather violent-needless to say, he is hysterical. Skwisgaar Skwigelf is the lothario of the group and will pretty much sleep with anything that has two X chrmomosomes and a pulse. He also happens to be the world's fastest guitar player. Rounding out the group is Toki Wartooth, the rythym guitarist who is rather naive and innocent, and seemingly doesn't fit in with the others, but is looked at as sort of a "little brother."

    Additional characters of note include the quiet yet threatening Charles Foster Offdensen, their manager, Selatcia-the menacing and calculating leader of the tribunal, and everyone's favorite, read highly annoying, rock 'n roll clown-Dr. Rockso who is a hysterical caricature of David Lee Roth.

    The show is often rather violent and bloody which reflects the intense and raging sound of Dethklok's music. People are hacked to pieces, mutilated, and otherwise brutalized in every episode. The violence is outlandish and unrealistic and usually the result of someone's utter neglect, which makes it rather amusing.

    The vocal actors are great most notably Nathan's low growling, Pickle's thick Wisconsin accent, Murderfaces' lisp, and the barely intelligible Scandanavian Accents of Skwisgaar and Toki, each voice fits the character. This leads inot the hysterical dialogue which can run from being totally inane or well plotted humor, any of which is a laugh riot.

    The music really helps the show in that what is a show about a death metal group that has no death metal music? This is evidenced in the popular "Dethwater" album that was released with many songs that were featured on the show. The voice actors (Tommy Blancha and Brendan Small) sing and play for Dethklok and are really good. The CD is awesome, and the music is fierce, pounding, and in the immortal words of Nathan Explosion, "brutal".

    Overall, Metalocalypse is one of the finer shows on Adult Swim, and that is saying something given the track record of the programming block. It is funny to metal and non-metal fans alike. This one is definately worth catching.
  • Everything shall be metal! Blacker than the blackest black times infinity!

    Metalocalypse is the epitome of awesomeness. It has humorous, and to the metal fan, it rocks for the references to various metal bands. The show has just completed its first season, and what a season it was! The first 15 episodes were absolutely hilarious. Then episodes 16-19 were a change of pace, but in this case, change was a good thing. Room for more character development and humor. Then the series finale, "The Metalocalypse Has Begun." Many fans, including myself, have called it the greatest episode. It's no lie. It's awesome.

    The album and DVD come out this summer. The second season should be out later in 2007. Hopefully it'll knock our pants off!
  • Metal is a perfect choice for a cartoon and deathklok covers every stereotype of a metal band.

    The entire show is a "what if" a metal band was one of the most influential and rich people on earth. It's a great spin with the different leaders like the archbishop or the military general trying to bring the band down but always fail. The show is short but to the point. The plotline is facinating and is never dull. The music track is nothing to joke about and actually has a sliver of credibility even if it is a spoof of the metal industry. Five idiots who made it big with headcrushing noise that keeps 'em coming back
  • A disturbing death metal comedy? Sounds pretty good, and is very funny. I think Adult Swim has broken through the borderline with this one.

    The first episode I watched was Dethkomedy, and I watched this show simply because of all the rage, and when people talk about comedy/animation shows, I don't want to be left out. But when I tuned into Metalocalypse, it was a whole new plane of comedy. Disturbing, mortifying, but still containing the funny element in the equation. I wish it was longer, 15 minutes? And Metalocalypse gets a good review just from the fact that they can make a fully involved plot in just a short time. And the characters are well thought out and funny in their own suicidal metal ways, and the voice actors are great. I really want to keep up with this show.
  • An exelent show about a metal band. It has some vulgar but good comedy involved. The bands antics always provide a laugh.

    This show is about a comic metal band who travels the world and plays songs for their seemingly endless amount of fans.Their antics are usually funny and language vulgar. People will follow this band to the ends of their world. The band is always having difficulties due to the Tribunial, interupting their plans because they believe the band is the heart of an ancient Sumarian prophecy that starts the Apocalypse. This show will be enjoy able as long as you enjoy Brandon Small\\\'s humor and Metal music. This show has ended its first season with twenty episodes and around fourty different songs. Metalheads of the world Unite!
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Death Metal Icons!

    DETHKLOK: the greatest band in the history of the world. Their fans will trek to the ends of the earth (literally), and die for their beloved band willingly. Their influence can take an average product to the pinnacle of success. They're also a bunch of idiots.

    Metalocalypse, the new television show created by Brendon Small (Home Movies) follows the lives of the members of the most dominant and influential band ever, death metal group Dethklok. In the first episode, they perform a concert live in Antarctica consisting of one song - a jingle for Duncan Hills Coffee. During the course of the performance, hundreds of the band's biggest fans die - and Duncan Hills Coffee becomes not only the greatest name in coffee, it becomes the ONLY name in coffee, completely obliterating all competition. In the same episode, their newest personal chef (in a line of many, all of whom have died horrible deaths) is maimed beyond recognition, forcing them to make dinner for themselves...something they're completely unable to do.

    While this show reminds me of Home Movies (dry humor, plenty of silliness), it's almost the opposite side of the coin. Where Home Movies was primarily a silly show about a group of grade school children who made home movies (literally, every episode had some reference to a new amateur movie they were writing/directing/performing) with occasional bursts of heavy metal performed by Dwayne and his garage band, Metalocalypse is a show about a heavy metal/death metal band with frequent bouts of bizarre and just plain silly occurences.

    Although only one episode has aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block as of this review, I can safely say that I'll be watching this one religiously. The same type of humor that Home Movies delivered is here in equal amounts, delivered by five sullen adults instead of three grade school children. Dry humor and over-the-top ridiculousness blend seamlessly, most notably when they're trying to figure out what a grocery store is called (one believes that it is called a "food library").

    Even though the show only clocks in at 15 minutes, it still manages to give a full episode's worth of content. The 15 minute format is becoming more and more prevalent on Adult Swim with original content, and whatever the reason for Metalocalypse's length, it fits the allotted time well. I think it might be just as good in the standard 30 minute format, but I'll take what I can get. My only concern is that whatever metaplot that may develop in the show will have to do so very slowly.

    This show is the most recent in a slew of original shows to hit Adult Swim, but I personally hold this one above all others (including 12 oz. Mouse, Squidbillies, and Korgoth of Barbaria, all great shows in their own right). I can only hope that they keep this show around for a long time, unlike Small's previous effort.
  • Metalocalypse is hilariously brutal.

    Even though I just started watching this show around February-March 2008, It tops my list no matter what. The episodes i've seen so far (and are all my favorites) include: The Curse of Dethklok (on my iPod), Dethwater, Happy Dethday, Dethtroll, Dethkomedy, Dethfam, Performanceklok, Snakes 'n' Barrels, Mordland (on my iPod), Fat Kid At The Dethharmonic, Skwisklok, Murdering Outside the Box & Go Forth and Die. Yes, it's sad, and I want to see the rest of the episodes(including the new episode) but my one and only tv/movies sight is under maintenance. It sucks I know, does someone have a good site for full Metalocalypse episodes? If so, message me about it. Thanks.

    I think i'll write a blog about this show to reveal my favorite quotes. Because you know, I have lots.

    As an adult woman who loves heavy metal and cartoons, it truely doesn\'t get any better than this, I want the DVDS now. I fell in love with this cartoon over new years, during the adult swim marathon, it\'s not brillant as in a true original masterpiece because lets face it, us metal heads are kind of moronic, but it is on the verge of becoming something GREAT. I have told all my friends about this and since then, they too have fallen in gay love over this cartoon and we can not wait for the new episodes, or even a repeat of a new years eve marathon?????
  • Wish it would come back!

    This show is great. The humor is spot on, it's carefree atmosphere and nature never cease to please me, and it always keeps me roaring with laughter. Sure, it can be graphic at times. But if you're mature enough to watch it without criticizing it /just/ for the violence, then you can easily recognize this show as a fantastic piece of entertainment.
  • One of the better shows on television, Cartoon Network should definitely hold on to this one.

    I'd agree with anyone that said this was a good show. I had stumbled upon it late one night and just started cracking up. This show has never let me down in the laughs department, not to mention that it is visually enticing. The basic fact that the band is so obscenely huge and that they get away with everything just adds to the comedy of such a big group having such a low I.Q.
  • I am not a big fan of heavy metal, but I make an exception to Dethklok, they are just brutal and hardcore, and so is this show.

    Brendon Small gives Adult Swim another classic show called Metalocalypse. The show is about 5 metal band members named Deathklok, and they are the most brutal and popular band in the world. They are so popular that the world leaders are watching them and plan to destroy them. The show has stories that are excellent and are funny. In each episode we see Dethklok try to integrate into society or try to do something new, but the results are always the same, they mess up and do funny stuff. All the humor is usually dry, but it's executed perfectly that will make you laugh, even if you aren't a fan of dry humor. The artwork is dark an has originality to it. The animation flows smoothly but it does seem stiff from time to time. The characters are all entertaining and will bring their own humor to the show. The music parts of the show are very entertaining to watch and the songs are very catchy and will have you headbanging in no time. Overall, Metalocalypse is a very entertaining TV show from Adult Swim and an instant classic in my book. Thank you Brendon Smalls for delivering another classic show for Adult Swim.
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