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  • Death Klok is always being targeted by some American military which they haven't noticed.

    In most of my school years I heard a lot of people listens to metal and watch some metal entertainment shows like "MTV's The Osbournes", "MTV2's Battle For Ossfest" and "MTV2 Headbangers Ball". I'm also into HBB sometimes(mostly video favorites like Megadeth, Sevendust, and Dragonforce). Now last year [adult swim] announced the first new animated series for metal fans "Metalocalypse"(the newest series that I watch while my parents arren't around). This band Death Klok plays music which is a threat to mankind. Some of the episodes the evil demons appeared when the band plays their music. They're always being targeted by some American military. But the military always fails on accomplishing their mission. The funniest part is when Death Klok has no clue that they're being targeted. I said to myself "Whoa this is comedy and metal at the same time and I like it". Rock on!