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  • This show is about five metal musician who are "DEATHKLOK".There band makes a gross income of that of a small country putting them in 12th place. Where every they go on tour there is mass destruction, and many fans are killed at shows.

    For a metal fan like me this has got to be the best show that I've ever watched. the shows are chucked full of inside jokes about metal bands and metal events. The writers of the show seem to try and make the band do every kind of metal but so far the most noticed genera in the show has got to be Black Metal, Sept at the begging of the first series they had some Death Metal jokes. Even if your not a fan of metal you'll like this show because of its off the wall humor, and there's lots of comedic blood. Also there are allot of inside metal jokes that you wouldn't get but the band themselves will make you laugh your ass off. So in short check out this series!