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  • The life, times, and misadventures of the world's greates fictional Deathmetal Band, Dethklok. Not your normal cartoon for adults.

    By itself, Metalocalypse is very funny. The show lampoons the excesses of rock stardom and the extreme nature of rabid fans. To think that a group could have an economy greater than that of many nations is outlandish, but it's very funny, and sometimes it seems like it could happen. Also on it's own the show evokes some of the themes of Scooby Doo in that you have a group of people going around and getting into all sorts of interesting situations-that is where the comparisons end, the show is utter mayhem and very funny.

    To those of us (myself included) who are fans of Heavy Metal, this show is outright hysterical. Many of the best jokes are made at the expense of the Metal Subculture, which is a very large target when it comes to humor. This humor is manifested in the band who aren't too smart, greedy, self-obsessed, and rather violent. It is also shown through the examples of their rabid fans who are just as clueless and through that of the Tribunal-a group of leaders of various areas that gather intelligence on Dethklok. Their example is a good satire upon the military industrial complex and overbearing governments.

    The characters of the show are brilliant and always make for a good laugh. Nathan Explosion is the lead singer and lyrical visionary of the group. He is rather clueless, but shows moments of great insight. Pickles the Drummer is the voice of reason in the group, even for a chronic alcoholic, and also appears to be the smartest. William Murderface plays bass and is obsessed with urination, is very emotional, and rather violent-needless to say, he is hysterical. Skwisgaar Skwigelf is the lothario of the group and will pretty much sleep with anything that has two X chrmomosomes and a pulse. He also happens to be the world's fastest guitar player. Rounding out the group is Toki Wartooth, the rythym guitarist who is rather naive and innocent, and seemingly doesn't fit in with the others, but is looked at as sort of a "little brother."

    Additional characters of note include the quiet yet threatening Charles Foster Offdensen, their manager, Selatcia-the menacing and calculating leader of the tribunal, and everyone's favorite, read highly annoying, rock 'n roll clown-Dr. Rockso who is a hysterical caricature of David Lee Roth.

    The show is often rather violent and bloody which reflects the intense and raging sound of Dethklok's music. People are hacked to pieces, mutilated, and otherwise brutalized in every episode. The violence is outlandish and unrealistic and usually the result of someone's utter neglect, which makes it rather amusing.

    The vocal actors are great most notably Nathan's low growling, Pickle's thick Wisconsin accent, Murderfaces' lisp, and the barely intelligible Scandanavian Accents of Skwisgaar and Toki, each voice fits the character. This leads inot the hysterical dialogue which can run from being totally inane or well plotted humor, any of which is a laugh riot.

    The music really helps the show in that what is a show about a death metal group that has no death metal music? This is evidenced in the popular "Dethwater" album that was released with many songs that were featured on the show. The voice actors (Tommy Blancha and Brendan Small) sing and play for Dethklok and are really good. The CD is awesome, and the music is fierce, pounding, and in the immortal words of Nathan Explosion, "brutal".

    Overall, Metalocalypse is one of the finer shows on Adult Swim, and that is saying something given the track record of the programming block. It is funny to metal and non-metal fans alike. This one is definately worth catching.