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  • Dethklok is the biggest Metal band in the world. They are watched closely by a panel of the worlds top leaders. This dangerous band is funny off stage, but completely metal while on stage.

    Brendon Small has done it again. This is a much different show than Home Movies, but it is equally as good. The band is hilarious, and their general stupidity is fun to watch. The "food library" episode when they try to cook is classic. The actual music is not bad either. The vocals aren't great, but the guitar and the drum work is amazing. Brendon Small can really shred. The brutality is also funny, because during every show a hoard of Dethklok fans get maimed, killed, or somehow decapitated. The irony is great; that the most brutal band in the world is made up of idiots with middle school intellects. I can't wait to see what happens with Selatica and the council. What is the prophecy, and why is Dethklok so important? I'm hooked, and I can't wait to see how the final confrontation ends. The Metalocalypse has begun...