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  • Dethklok is the greatest band in the world, they are crazy and have crazy fans. However, not everybody loves Dethklok and there comes a point with the fascination with Dethlok leads to deadly consequences setting up bizarre but really funny episodes.

    Metalocalypse is probably one of the best shows on Cartoon Network strike that, it's one of the better shows on TV. This show is totally unlike anything else on TV aside from IFC's new ZRock comedy spoofing another rock group. What elevates Metalocalypse is a unique plot, bizarre, crazy characters, violence, action, and comedy. Also in terms of animation the animation for this show is very good. This doesn't seem to be a big deal but in most of the other lesser CN shows which I think are crap but yet still produced "Assy McGee", "Squidbillies", "Minoriteam" which are just God awful and not very funny. In Metalocalypse you really don't know what you will get. There is also a government agency that wants them dead how they thwart these attempts and their crazy fans is big part of how fun the show is.

    The standout character of Nathan Explosion done by co-creator Brendon Small is really a strong force in the show. If you wanted to see what it would be to be in a rock group and have the world at your whim then this show is for you. If you like bizarre shows, this show is for you. If you are ready to laugh your butt off, this show is for you. Brendon Small is the same guy who did very good "Home Movies" so you knew this show would be good. He is very talented obviously he is producer, composer, and creator for his other shows so this guy knows comedy and knows how to deliver them along with so many other things.

    Dethklok, as I read many reviews of the show, is then a group that will remembered for many years. If CN is smart, they will give this a very long, long run. BTW the official DVD of the first season is already out and season two is coming to an end. I have a strong feeling that there will be a season three just a feeling. Anyhow, Metalocalpyse really does deliver in the goods in "Adult Swim" as it very much an "adult" show.
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