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  • Sometimes being a fan isn't enough.

    I love Home Movies; the song is terrific and the plot is great. Metalocalypse however, is nothing but a story plot that revolves around death and some childish jokes. This show is weird. I mean, it's serious, yet it's not. I don't care how great the artwork is (it's dark, which somewhat puts me off), a show is completely based on story plot, or in this case, comedy. It's pretty hard to do a comedy show (wait..exactly what kind of show is this? Certainly not comedy) when you're making fun of death. Death isn't supposed to be funny, and for a show like this, not scary neither. What is up with the governor? Why are they supervising a rock band anyways? Don't they have something way more important to do? I'll be honest, I have seen some episodes and had completely regret watching them all. What they need to work on is the story plots. Being random is one thing, making it interesting is another. I'm sorry Brendon Small, this isn't cutting enough for me. His voice acting was a whole lot better and funnier when he is acting like a kid.