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  • This show appeals to musicians, and people who like comedy. Many jokes will go over the heads of non-musicians and family guy fans. The best music related comedy show since Tenacious D.

    This show comes in at number four after The Simpsons, South Park, and KOTH. You must have some sort of background or knowledge of music and metal to appreciate this show. Showcasing characters like Dr. Roxo (representing David Lee Roth) who want nothing more than to tell everyone, "My name is Dr. Roxo, the rock n roll clown, I do cocaine!!" The entire band is hard-headed about music, everything must be "brutal." Though they are the most popular thing on the planet, (in the show) but their manager can barely get them into the studio to start on a new album. The band being more concerned about cell phones, merchandise, drugs, and drinking. Never worried about their self-destructive fans who will literally kill themselves if they think it will bring them closer to the band. In one episode the band is complaining about their "summer colds," while visiting horribly disfigured fans in the hospital. (the fans being injured by a bombing of a band sponsored coffee shop) And then complaining about it. This show contains references to all things music, without resorting to the, "remember the time I..." tactics of shows like Family Guy. The humor is often dry, and right on the money. I hope that before the show is over they are able to make a full length movie. I can't accurately describe the genious of this show, you must watch it.
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