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  • I don't mind watching it, but I'd prefer to watch something else, if only something else was on that late.

    My main problem with the show, is it's very graphic, even if it is a show on Adult's very overly done, I can understand that metal bands might equal black shirts and skulls and stuff, but having peoples faces melt away to show the muscles and tendons? Too much for me...overall I don't mind watching it, it's not a terrible show, it's just WAY overdone with the graphic display...if they didn't have so many faces melting all of the time and didn't have as many graphic scenes, I'd enjoy it much more.

    I find Murderface to be quite funny, I don't know the names of any of the other characters though, even the lead singer, who I struggle to understand a word he says, but it's not a bad show. Again, the only problem is how graphic it does anyone think of that stuff?

    Definitely should be on Adult Swim when it airs, I would prefer to watch other shows instead, like Robot Chicken, but it's not a show to put down instantly. Just tone down on the graphic scenes and I would be quite pleased overall. Sure as hell beats the Squidbillies...