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  • great show and one of the best deathmetal bands outthere

    this show is made with a specific audience in mind,that being metalheads.which is quite rare since most shows will tend to go for a wide doing this the creators were able to create a cartoon completely catered to the metalfans.

    and its is a great relief that a cartoon about metal is made by people who are into metal themselves,this way we dont have to deal with crappy music they try to pass off as metal and genres completely mixed up.

    having 2 albums out and a 3th in the making,dethklok has been received as one of the best deathmetal bands in recent years.

    deathmetal is all about blood & gore so its quite fitting there's lots of it in metalocalypse.

    the show is also full of bandreferences.

    if your into metal you will love this show.if not,then move on,there's nothing for you here.