Season 1 Episode 1

The Curse of Dethklok

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Aug 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Curse of Dethklok is absolutely hilarious. The funniest episode I have ever watched.

    I think this episode is very, very funny. I have it on my iPod and I think it's the best. I could watch it 24/7. The performance of Duncan Hills Coffee jingle was very brutal. The coffee spilling on the fans and melting them was amazing. I laughed so hard when Skwisgaar was trying to make coffee with a toaster. And Murderface was randomly stabbing the couch. And Pickles was screwing around with some device. The part in the grocery store, has to be the funniest. I tell you, when it comes to food, they aren't too bright. "Whatt'ya mean booze ain't food?" Hahaha. Funniest!
  • the pilot episode of metalcalypse, very funny

    this episode is very funny but is dark at the same time.I relly like the part were Nathan breaks the glass with his face. I think it is so funnt that despite the fact there rich and in public seem very dangerous the can't even feed themselves. there utter stupity make me crack up.
  • Great, Great!

    The pilot episode is insane to say the least; you got blood and metal, the perfect recipe for a great cartoon. Hopefully, the episodes get better later in the series because this was good, but it wasn’t until the middle and end when I really was laughing. The best part was probably when the band was singing that coffee jingle with coffee burning everyone in the audience. Overall, a pretty cool pilot that I hope gets better as the series continues, because this was cool. Yes, new fan and I have no shame in saying so because this series rocks :)
  • Oh my jeebus, this is awesome.

    In this episode, we are introduced to the members of the band, Dethklok. We learn that Skwisgaar Skwigelf is taller than a tree and also the lead guitarist of Dethklok. Toki Wartooth is not a bumble-bee, but he is the rhythm guitarist. William Murderface, Murderface, Murderface is the bassist. Pickles is the drummer, doodily-doo, ding-dong, doodily-doodily-doo. And Nathan the lead singer.

    The show opens up with Dethklok singing a Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle, known as Dethjingle to some, and their employees pouring hot coffee and cream on the audience. One of the employees sets off fireworks, which somehow find Dethklok's chef, Jean-Pierre, and make him get shredded up in the helicopter's blades. Jean-Pierre is still alive, but not well enough to cook for Dethklok, forcing them to try to cook their own food.

    The scene with them at the grocery store, or foods libraries, is hilarious. Apparently, Dethklok has never been in a grocery store. Nathan breaks the glass at the meat counter to get a sausage, while Murderface insults old ladies and asks if olives are in lemon tarts. Skwisgaar and Toki tease each other by throwing tampons in each other's carts. Pickles obviously likes booze enough to buy a whole shopping cart full of it and try to put it in soup.

    After the grocery store incident, the band decided to sew up Jean-Pierre. Toki claimed that they would screw up and sew him back together wrong, which is the name of the song playing at the end. Jean-Pierre did get sewn back together wrong. Some parts of him are in the wrong place while others are inside out. He is still well enough to cook for Dethklok.
  • So f***ing good...

    Seriously, eleven episodes into the series and this is still one of, if not the, best episodes so far. It's just great, from the beginning until the end. The whole thing just makes me laugh so much; the Duncan Hills coffee jingle, the little introductory character scene, "food libraries", all of it, hysterical. This is pretty much one of the high points of the series; they were able to throw so much stuff into the backgrounds to make it funny (like the guy getting impaled on the spike behind Nathan) that they didn't really do too much in later episodes. But whatever; this show is definitely one of my favorites, and this episode is one of my favorite episodes of this show.
  • Great episode!

    While Dethklok is performing a concert, one guy launches fireworks and hits Dethklok's helicopter and it knocks Dethklok's chef and he falls out of the helicopter and gets chopped up in the helicopter blade, and Dethklok doesn't know how to cook any food, so they go to the grocery store, but when they get home they remeber that they left all the food at the grocery store. Then Dethklok tries to tell the chef to awaken and cook for them, but he can't. After that, Dethklok must sew the chef back together wrong, then they make a song title "Sewn Back Together".
  • A show about a death metal band and it\'s adventures.

    I\'m a fan of death metal as any other guy, which means that I don\'t usually listen to it, but sometimes in my life I did.

    Dethlok hires a new chef in order to make their meals but, following a curse put upon them, the chef dies, like all of their employees. So, Dethlok members have to go to the grocery store in order to buy food and prepare a meal.

    This show is full of gore and has some funny moments (like the guy that died on the scaffolding and the interaction with the granny), but most of the time is just plain silly. As someone said in a review (sorry, can\'t remember your name), most of the times it\'s hard to understand what everyone is saying. And the animation is so simple that it looks as though my cousin did it.

    Maybe this is something for the real hardcore death metal fans out there, of which I\'m not one. I\'ll watch some more episodes, see if they can make something better out of this but I\'m not holding my breath.
  • I'm not a big fan of Metal music but after watching still hasn't change my mind.

    Okay. This not a new Venture bros type kinda show. If you thought this band was smart, think again.
    At most of the time, I could hardly make out what they are saying. Most of the flashing nearly blind me. What I thought that was funny was the coffee song. The coffee was burning everybody. And when they tried to revive their cook. Maybe they can make this show alot better.