Season 1 Episode 20

The Metalocalypse Has Begun

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Dec 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • This was possibly the greatest Dethklok yet.

    The council gets suspicious of one another after the rebellion of General Kroger and the Religious guy. But this was possibly the best episode simply because of the war scene. The army approached Nathan Pickles and Murderface and then out of nowhere their servants charge with red eyes. I thought that it was hilarious that they took their scythes, swords, and non-firearms against the army and barely lost. Then the fight scene against the sabotage agent and the Manager was hilarious. "That's my bread and butter your f***ing with" and they fought to the death. It was so awesome. Not to mention Toki's last words were going to be "I hate you Skwissgaar" and Skwissgaar's was going to be "I knows Toki I knows"
  • Absolutely the most epic of the 11-minute shows.

    This episode had the most amazing music, epic combat, and great quotable material. I love that the cardinal is dead (or at least blind) and the general was put to sleep (or killed). The manager totally kicked @%$ and the band was saved. I can only hope the show continues into another season. I can't wait to hear more Dethklok on more episodes. As heard in this episode, I think the song was the most lyrical and melodic song they have released. I was very interested in downloading it off of iTunes, but I could not find it there. If anyone knows a site, e-mail it to me at
  • Fantastic -- made me a fan!

    I hadn't had much interest in Metalocalypse until I saw this episode. Now, I'm going to be a lifelong fan. The episode exhibits all the classic examples of a Metalocalypse must-see: an excessively elaborate stage performance; wanton blood and gore and fan deaths; laughably inane dialogue among band members; and most importantly, a greater sense of the band's ominous power.

    Bonus points for character development especially in the form of interaction between Toki and Skwisgaar, and a greater glimpse into the workings of the Illuminati-like Tribunal that observes Dethklok's every move.

    The combination of the music, the over-the-top action and the band's bizarre antics make this one a keeper. It's both the series' strongest episode and a great introduction to the basics of the show and it's cast of freaks. Highly recommended.
  • General Crozier teams up with Cardinal Ravenwood in an attempt to elimiate Dethklok once and for all after finding out Dethklok intends on playing their album Dethwater in Danzig out in the Baltic Sea...but their plan fails miserably as always.

    This episode has the ultimate \"kick your a**\" type of style Dethklok was founded on. The episode was full of action from beginning to end as are all episodes of Metalocalypse in my opinion. I\'ve searched high and low for the wonderous song \"Go Into The Water\" but its the most allusive son of the Dethklok collection. My favorite portion of the episode aside from the interupted concert scene has to be the scene of Skwisgaar and Toki\'s crash in the snow after being shot down from the platform they were rocking out at. There must be a season Two. Metalocalypse must continue onward as it should. Not to mention They need more Dethklok songs in the next Guitar Hero when they make it.
  • I wrote the summary and recap for this ep. so I'm gonna skip this part But it was the season finale that I'd hoped for since the show began.

    The is even better than The curse of Dethklok, this episode can truly be considered the best of them all. While reinstating the plot it also recaptures many of the essences that die hard fans feel it may have lost in the more recent episodes (specifically girlfriendklok.) I've seen them all and can say without a doubt that I have never enjoyed one more. The concert was amazing, and Go into the Water was probably their best song (or at least right below Thunderhorse.) This episode leaves so much to the imagination and is a real cliffhanger. I CANN0T WAIT F0R SEAS0N 2!
  • Best Episode EVER! The Metalapocalyspe has begun!

    This espisode goes along with those shows I consider the best on T.V.
    The storyline for Metalapocalyspe just keeps getting better and better.

    Spoilers ahead:

    In this episode the band is to play dethwater live. But the General and Priest are planning an attack. As DethKlok plays Dethwater Live the U.S. Governemnt attacks the stage. A serial killers brother is hired to kill the band but he is easily killed by there band manager. The Army is faught by Metal medieval weapon carrying fans. This episode is the first we see the Senators Evil powers. (think the Emperor Palpatine from starwars.) Seeing him take out the priest and soldiers was awesome.
  • After several episodes that (at least compared to older ones) may have had some feeling that the series is a little shallow plot-wise, the season finale recaptured my interest entirely.

    Dethklok finally decides to play Dethwater (their "for fish only" album) live, after fans start suicide and terrorism petitions to get them to do so. I'll avoid spoiling critical aspects of the plot, but right off the bat I can say that this is the most action-packed, epic, and interesting episode of Metalocalypse yet. You might ask "how can an 11 minute show be EPIC?". Well...

    - The Deththeme opening is shortened to less than 10 seconds long.

    - The series becomes more interesting overall since the Tribunal finally takes a series of actions against Dethklok during their performance.

    - The song. The song AND the segment where the song is used is just amazing.

    - A dramatic ending. Several instances of extreme danger for Dethklok, as well as a massive battle between General Crozier's forces and Dethklok's employees. The Dethklok manager's name is revealed. Etc.

    Despite the episode being heavy in plot and action, there is still room for humor. It reminded me of how each member is unique and amusing. Overall, it's definitely not as funny as most episodes, but every minute of the show is well spent and adds a whole new dimension of interest in the show for me and hopefully other fans as well.