Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 15, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Metalocalypse keeps season three hilarious and totally Metal.

    Season three is still running quite well, in fact this latest episode is one of the funnier episodes I have seen. The episode recap is Dethklok trys to find their old roots and reignite their passion for Rock 'N Roll. How they did it was totally weird but hilarious.

    The episode starts with news briefings. Murderface is getting a little cocky with the state of Dethklok's wealth. Apparently, the concert from last episode restored their wealth greatly. But now the fans are noticing and are a bit angry with Dethklok's wealth.

    Ofdensen tries to repair the bands image by lifting the world-wide ban of Dethklok Tribute bands. Little does the band know that Toki has secretly joined one of these tribute bands, simply called "Thunderhorse." And what other role doe she play....Skwisgaar's roll. He covers up this all by declaring that he goes to Astronaut Class on Thursday.

    Well finally Dethklok finds out, and feel it's a little weird to have Toki paying a tribute to himself...or Skwisgaar. But Toki convinces them to go to one of their shows.

    Dethklok goes, and immediately wants to join. So after they fire the rest of the b and, they become Thunderhorse...only Toki is still playing Skwisgaar, and Skwisgaar, is playing Toki. How ironic.

    The tribute band gets great success, and gets rewards that the band never got before, like beer tickets. Yet they also see the hardships of being a smaller band now, because they no longer have loading crews, they have to earn money for food,and they're not very good at looking after themselves.

    Well, Ofdensen enters the picture again, and tries to talk some sense into the boys. Nathan says they are fine. But before they play a show, they immediately change their minds (a thing Dethkok is famous for doing) and become Dethklok again. How they tell their audience that...well they throw Murderface at the crowd for the explanation, and he does what he does in the beginning of the episode. He tells the audience to suck his millionaire meat.

    And then runs for his life, but the crowd ends up catching him as a rope ladder falls off the Dethcopter.

    His fate is unknown, but most likely he'll be fine. He's Murderface! He survived standing up in the Murdercycle and getting run over by a car at the knees.

    This episode was full of hilarious stuff and is a treat for episode two. Good job Brendon!