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  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Curse of Dethklok

  • Songs: Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle; Sewn Back Together Wrong; Hatredy (Playing during the scene transitions)

  • While there is an actual Duncan Coffee Company based in Texas, the Duncan Hills Coffee Corporation featured in the episode is a completely fictional coffee company and bears no resemblance to the Texas coffee company.

  • On their chef's coat, the body of the lobster is a pentagram.

  • While the band are shown shopping at the supermarket, in addition to the tampons thrown into Toki's shopping cart by Skwisgaar, there is also a box of cereal with the word "metal" and Toki's likeness on it.

  • Watch the background as Nathan says, "Oh, I don't think all of our employees are cursed..." A few scenes later as he is agreeing with the others that only their chefs are cursed, the window view behind him which had been showing a few of Dethklok's employees working on a scaffolding suddenly has one of them falling and being impaled to death on the spike structure directly below.

  • The first person interviewed before Dethklok's "Duncan Hills Coffee" performance is the character Goat from the series' Megas XLR and Downtown.

  • At the beginning of the episode, we see Dethklok seated at their dining room table, with no apparent liqour bottles present. Once their chef, Jean Pierre brings their wine to them, suddenly there are numerous bottles on the table.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Dethwater

  • At the end of the credits, it can be seen that the band's eyes are glowing blue. This is the first of many episodes where the band member's eyes glow.

  • Song: Murmaider Played during the scene where you csn see the band recording the album through the months.

    Underwater Friends: Performed by Toki when he is in the oxygen depravation tank.

    Thunderhorse: At the beginning of the episode, as well as when the giant seahorse is attacking the pod with Dick Knubbler in it.

  • At the beginning of Nathan's Thunderhorse daydream video, Dick Knubbler's head can be seen stuck on a pike.

  • Dethklok frontman Nathan Explosion is a perfectionist. As he debates over whether or not to delete their most recently completed album, news reports reveal that the band has already spent a reported $500 million in recording a total of sixteen individual albums - all of them deleted because they didn't meet Nathan's standards.

  • Upon close watching of the ending credits, courtesy of magazine articles and images, we learn:

    - Dethklok appropriately titled their underwater album, Dethwater and it featured a revolutionary packaging gimmick of floating miniature piranhas embedded inside the cd's jewel case. The album went "pentuple platinum" and was "the lowest album ever", according to the headline on the cover of Business News Weekly.

    - The Producer Dick Knubbler survived and underwent robotic eye surgey (due to his eyes popping from the underwater pressure). He was part of the periodical The National Responder's headline of, "New Dethklok Album is so awesome it blinds Producer". He was also featured in an interview detailing his experiences with the band and his eye surgery in the same issue of Business News Weekly featuring Dethklok on the cover.

  • The monster seahorse which plays a prominent role in this episode is actually accidentally created by Pickles. When he smashes a vodka bottle on the controls when the power goes out (which surprisingly restores the power) it causes some radiation to escape from the submarine and mutate a seahorse swimming nearby.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Happy Dethday (a.k.a. Bir...

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Dr. Rockzo.

  • Song: Birthday Dethday

  • If you look carefully in the newspaper Pickles was reading after their concert, directly underneath the article about the Danish prince, you can see another article, titled, "Potato Gouging finally official, SENATOR STAMPINGSTON asked for all records."
    Therefore, Senator Stampingston must be their state Senator.

  • During the montage about public reaction to Murderface's birthday, an anchorman states that "fires are raging in the South", yet in the footage that follows, a policeman can be seen wearing the flag of the city of Chicago on his sleeve.

  • In this episode, Nathan Explosion says Dr. Rockso is the finest rock and roll clown around, but in episode 17 "Dethclown", Nathan hates Dr. Rockso.

  • Senator Stampingston reveals that government polls show that half of the military are rabid Dethklok fans.

  • Jean Pierre, the band's sewn back together chef, makes an appearance during the birthday cake scene at Murderface's party.

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