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Meteor Garden is an adaption from a popular Japanese manga called Hana Yori Dango by Kamio Youko. The producer of Meteor Garden, Chai Zhi Ping, turned this manga into a TV series version with the Chinese title Liu Xing Hua Yuan.

Meteor Garden is the story of a young, poor, but strong-headed girl named Shan Cai, a student from the Ying De University, which is a school for the upper class founded and funded by the F4's family. The four most popular and affluent boys who call themselves F4 (The Flower Four) were able to develop a unique relationship with Shan Cai. No one in university could be safe if mess up with F4 which consists of: the spoilt, obnoxious, short-tempered Dao Ming Si who is actually sweet on the inside; the serious, calm, but sharp-witted Hua Zhe Lei who expresses his emotions through the beautiful music he plays on his violin; Xi Men, the playboy with a romantic heart; and Mei Zuo, the sly and party freak who values friendship. The highlights of the show include the heart-tugging tale of Dao Ming Si's effort to woo Shan Cai, whose eyes is set on Hua Zhe Lei, and the conflicts between their completely different world of social classes and characteristics.

In the second installment of Meteor Garden, Shan Cai and F4 finally graduated from college. As they step into the real world, they are faced with the more serious and complicated life challenges. In Barcelona, Spain, Dao Ming Si was involved in a car accident that made him lost his memory. He comes back to Taiwan with a new love interest, Ye Sha, and tries to live a new life while taking on a journey of self-discovery. Hua Zhe Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zhuo sorted out their own lives as they stood by Shan Cai until Dao Ming Si finally regained his memory.

The Meteor Garden series was premiered on April 21, 2001 at the CTS channel in Taiwan. The first season's success was followed by Meteor Garden II, which was debuted on November 11, 2002. Main casts include Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou Yu Min, Ken Zhou, Vaness Wu, and Michelle Alicia Saram (Meteor Garden II).

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  • Meteor Garden I and II were great. In deed the creator and the casting of these TV series was fabulous. Congratulations and I hope that there will be a continuation of the story of Dao Ming Si and Shan Chai.moreless

    Congratulations once again to the whole production of Meteor Garden I & II.

    Once again I hope that there will be Meteor Garden III, the continuation of the love story of Dao Ming Si and Shan Chai, they are perfect couple. Defenitely a big success.

    Looking forward to Meteor Garden III
  • Shan Cai is an average college girl who becomes the love interest of the powerful Dao Ming Si and they encounter many challenges along the way.

    I'm a really big fan of this story line. After watching the anime and the japanese drama, i decided to give this show a chance. At first, i wasn't thoroughly impressed but this show is really good! well it was good until the second season. The change of mood really ruined it for me. It was beyond depressing. Some people may like that but that's not what i was expecting for the follow up of such a happy ending. Although it was supposed to show their strong love for each other but it just dragged on. Other than that, the show's pretty good.moreless

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