Meteor Garden

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Unknown Apr 21, 2001 on
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Episode 1
Shan Cai was unhappy on her first day at the Ying De University. She didn't like her coward instructors and her rich and arrogant classmates, especially the guys who call themselves F4. The next day, tension was developed between Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si when she scolded him about his unmanly behaviour towards her best friend, Li Chen. Because of the incident, no one from the university dared to talk to Shan Cai, who then received a "red tag". Feeling upset with her current situation, Shan Cai ran towards the university's rooftop and cried with her anger. She was touched when F4's Hua Zhe Lei offered his handkerchief to her. On her way home, she bumped onto Dao Ming Si, and was warned by him to prepare for the next day's attack. Strong-headed San Chai then decided to declare war on F4 and challenged Dao Ming Si by sticking her own self-made red tag onto his forehead. Much to her surprise, Shan Cai was almost raped by the two guys sent by Dao Ming Si to scare her. Hua Zhe Lei just came in time to rescue her. The next day, she waited for Dao Ming Si and punched him on his face while scolding him for his immoral trick. After class, Shan Cai was kidnapped by some guys sent by Dao Ming Si and brought to his house. She was offered the right to be his girlfriend, which she found to be ridiculous, and immediately turned him down.moreless

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  • I like the movie, it\\\'s so funny

    the movie is about Shan cai meet Dao ming si, and they got in fight. she called him many names, he told her to watch out. the next day shancai had red note on her back, first she didn\\\'t know, she was glad that she don\\\'t have the red note but when she got to her class, her friend Li Zhen told her that she has the note , so she reached back got the note out, now bad things is going to happen to her. first people give her notes for the test, the teacher know ther is some thing wrongmoreless

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    • Shan Cai: Why are you here?
      Dao Ming Si: This is my home.
      Shan Cai: Your home? Your home has its own salon?

    • Dad: Hey, Shan Cai, that's your fourth bowl of rice already! Do you have any problems?
      Shan Cai: (With her mouth full) If I don't eat more, than how can it be? I am storing away physical strength!

    • [As Shan Cai pushes her scooter down the road, Dao Ming Si drives by in his car and stops next to her.]
      Dao Ming Si: I have a good news and a bad news to tell you. The good news is that your endurance has gained my respect. The bad news is that I will double my efforts in dealing with you!

    • [Hua Zhe Lei slowly walks over to Shan Cai as she starts to back up from him. Hua Zhe Lei extends out handkerchief with his hand.]
      Hua Zhe Lei: Clean yourself with it.
      [Shan Cai stares at Hua Zhe Lei, then stares at the handkerchief as she takes it from Hua Zhe Lei's hand. She cleans herself with the handkerchief, while Hua Zhe Lei stares out to the scenery in front of him.]
      Shan Cai: Thank you. Sorry about scolding you guys like that just now. Because I was only...
      Hua Zhe Lei: It doesn't matter. I'm not interested in other people's business.
      [Hua Zhe Lei turns and walks toward the door.]
      Shan Cai: Hey! Your handkerchief!
      Hua Zhe Lei: (Opening the door): Throw it away. Anyway, it's garbage now.

    • Dao Ming Si: Teacher, you are stepping on my foot.
      Professor: (Looks down and quickly apologizes) Sorry! I'll help you wipe it!

    • Shan Cai: Ying De University is all a bunch of naives... loves vanity and a bunch of idiots who have no sympathy! Especially this group of F4. It's actually a bunch of big idiots!

    • [At the edge of the balcony wall, Shan Cai looks out at the scenery from the rooftop]
      Shan Cai: What kind of awful school, awful teacher this is?! There is already a student that has been forced to withdraw from school, and still says that he is a black sheep! And still dares to lecture about moral courage!

    • Li Chen: Qian Hui is even more exaggerating. Did you see the new nose that she made? Made with $500,000!
      Shan Cai: (Shocked) A $500,000 nose?! What's so good about that? Like them with those grand noses, they can't play pig nose games.

    • Qian Hui: (Turns her head from left to right, then sticks her nose up) Take a closer look.
      Bai He: (Stares and points her finger at Qian Hui's face) Julia Robert's nose!

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