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  • Season 2
    • MG II Episode 31
      MG II Episode 31
      Episode 31
      San Cai arrived in Spain. In the cab, she suddenly reminisced her past when she saw the church where she waited for Dao Ming Si before he met an accident. The next day, she strolled on the streets of Barcelona all by herself. She stood in front of a fountain and thought about the legend of the spring water while thinking of Dao Ming Si. In a bullfight event, San Cai was recording the crowded scenes with her video camera when she was accidentally pushed by the excited crowd. She struggled to get up until a hand wearing a meteor star ring stretches out to her. She held her hand (also wearing her own meteor star ring) onto his palm. Finally, the two rings were reunited together, as the two hands, each wearing one ring, are clasped together tightly. She looked up and she was surprised to see Dao Ming Si. From that moment, Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si were reunited.moreless
    • MG II Episode 30
      MG II Episode 30
      Episode 30
      Ye Sha sent a letter to Sha Ge to informed him about her successful bone marrow transplant. Ah Si told Ye Sha that he has gained back his memory. Ye Sha was happy to know that Ah Si still loves Shan Cai and informed him that she's fine with that. Mei Zuo watched Xiao Qiao perform with her cello with other musicians. He remembered the special memories that he spent with her. After her performance, Mei Zuo finally expressed his real feelings for her. Dao Ming Si has returned to Taiwan. He met up with F3 and wondered about Lei and Shan Cai's relationship. Lei told him that Ah Si and Shan Cai were the ones meant for each other. Lei encouraged Ah Si to follow his heart and seek for his happiness.moreless
    • MG II Episode 29
      MG II Episode 29
      Episode 29
      After leaving from the country side, Dao Ming Si went back home to see Ye Sha. He learned that the bone marrow did not match with Ye Sha's. He inside her room, comforted her, and asked her to travel with him so they can spend the remaining moments together. Shan Cai resigned from the Dao Ming Corporation, and started to work in a travel agency. Lei talked to Shan Cai and told her that he may not be able to give her the happiness she wants since he knew that Ah Si was still in her heart.moreless
    • MG II Episode 28
      MG II Episode 28
      Episode 28
      Ah Si went out with Xi Men and Mei Zhou for a drink. He learned from Mei Zuo that Lei was taking care of Shan Cai. He also mentioned about the special feelings that have been developed between Lei Shan Cai lately. Shan Cai then told Lei that she would be giving up on Ah Si. Lei finally told her how much he loves her and asked her to go with him to Japan. Ah Si went to look for Shan Cai at the countryside to tell her about his real feelings. When he got to her place, he saw her kissing with Lei. He realized that Shan Cai may have given up on him already, and slowly walked away. Lei was talked to Ah Si and explained to him that Shan Cai still have to make her final decision.moreless
    • MG II Episode 27
      MG II Episode 27
      Episode 27
      At the Dao Ming mansion, Dao Ming Si told Sha Ge that he remembers everything about his past. He also admitted to him that he loves Shan Cai more than Ye Sha. Sha Ge then informed him about the real condition of Ye Sha. Ah Si learned that Ye Sha was dying. He then went to her, but didn't inform her about his real feelings for Shan Cai. Meanwhile, Lei realized that he was totally in-love with Shan Cai.moreless
    • MG II Episode 26
      MG II Episode 26
      Episode 26
      At the Dao Ming mansion, Ye Sha sketched an image of Dao Ming Si. After Ye Sha was interrupted by a phone call, she started to talk about Ah Si's mom. The next day, Dao Ming Si was able to talk to Da Xin, Ah Lun, and Yi Ling and informed them that he totally regained his memory. Meanwhile, Shan Cai and Lei were getting closer together.moreless
    • MG II Episode 25
      MG II Episode 25
      Episode 25
      Like last time, at the same place where Ye Sha decided to leave, she and Shan Cai stood next to each other on a bridge somewhere while staring out to the scenery of the night. The next day, Shan Cai left a letter for her parents before she took a train off to the countryside. Mei Zuo and Xiao Qiao went out for a date. Xiao Qiao told about the story of her cello and how it reminds her a boy she loved in the past. Mei Zhou told her in return that he may get jealous at her cello. Hearing this, Xiao Qiao gently stroked her cello then dropped it into the water. Mei Zhou immediately jumped into the water to get her cello, but Xiao Qiao told him to come back and leave the cello because she wanted to let go of her past. Back at the countryside, Shan Cai was visited by Lei.moreless
    • MG II Episode 24
      MG II Episode 24
      Episode 24
      F4, Shan Cai, Ye Sha, and some of their friends went out for swimming. While Dao Ming Si was chatting with his former classmates by the pool, Ye Sha and Shan Cai were talking about Ah Si. Shan Cai told her that she wanted to give up, but Ye Sha informed her that Ah Si may have fully regained back his memory and he'll soon come back for her. Their talk was interrupted when Dao Ming Si was drowned and lost his consciousness in the pool. He was soon brought to the hospital. When Dao Ming Feng arrived, she blamed Shan Cai of Ah Si's consequences. Dao Ming Si finally woke up in the hospital while regaining all his memories from his past.moreless
    • MG II Episode 23
      MG II Episode 23
      Episode 23
      Ye Sha and Shan Cai went out to buy some books and chat at a coffe shop. Ye Sha told her about the meteor ring that Dao Ming Si was holding at scene of the accident. She also told her that the ring was stolen by a thief when they got to Taiwan. Ah Si got mad at Ye Sha for pushing him to Shan Cai. He also got mad at Shan Cai and accused for using her friends to get him back. Ye Sha talked to Ah Si and begged him to calm down. Later, Ye Sha convinced Ah Si to attend the swimming party with Shan Cai and F3.moreless
    • MG II Episode 22
      MG II Episode 22
      Episode 22
      Xiao Qiao continued to play around with Mei Zuo. Shan Cai was happy to learn that Ah Si was starting to remember more things about her. When Dao Ming Feng learned about this, she immediately made a move that will make his son question Shan Cai's real motives. Mei Zuo introduced Xiao Qiao is to F3, but tried to embarrass her in front of them.moreless
    • MG II Episode 21
      MG II Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Ye Sha went to Dao Ming Si's office. When she approached to Ah Si's desk, she saw a picture of Shan Cai with the F4, which was taken during the time when they all went out together for a drink. As she was looking for the picture, she was happy to realize that the five of them are back to the way they used to be in the past. F3 and Shan Cai visited Xi Men in the hospital and brought him some stuff to cheer him up. Later, Xi Men's father came to visit him, spent some time with him, and explained to him the real situation regarding his relationship with his mother. Meanwhile, Mei Zuo has been going out with Xiao Qiao.moreless
    • MG II Episode 20
      MG II Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Lei and Mei Zhou attended Xi Men's banquet. After Xi Men's father gave his speech on stage, he asked his son to give his message and tell something about the success of their company. When Xi Men started to talk about his mother being his inspiration, his father was embarrassed when the crowd started to look at him and his mistress. After the party, F4 wet to visit Shan Cai who was working overtime at the Dao Ming Corporation. They invited her out for a drink and celebrated Shan Cai's dedication for her work.moreless
    • MG II Episode 19
      MG II Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Shan Cai started to work for the Dao Ming Corporation. She and Ah Si had a good start working together. At the end of the day, Ah Si encountered a minor accident when he fell from the ladder after searching for some files. Shan Cai was there and she immediately came to protect him from further injury. Shan Cai was injured when the ladder which was supposed to fall on Ah Si hit her instead. Ah Si had a flashback on a scene where he was with Shan Cai. Dao Ming Feng asked Ye Sha to join Xi Men's celebration party for Ah Si's engagement, but Ye Sha refused to come. Ah Si noticed the sudden change in Ye Sha's behaviour, and realized that she has been ignoring him lately. Shan Cai learned about this and gave him some hope.moreless
    • MG II Episode 18
      MG II Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Dao Ming Feng asked Shan Cai to work for her firm. She told her that this will give her the chance to get closer with Ah Si, and the reason why she was doing this was because she owes her a favor for the successful business merge with the Gao corporation. Shan Cai was not aware about the real intentions of Dao Ming Feng, but agreed to it. At Ying De University, people were discussing the news about Dao Ming Si and Ye Sha's engagement. They also learned that Shan Cai was working for the Dao ming Corporation.moreless
    • MG II Episode 17
      MG II Episode 17
      Episode 17
      At the Dao Ming's family mansion, Dao Ming Feng made an agreement with Ye Sha to let Shan Cai to see Ah Si in a condition that Ye Sha would agree to an arranged engagement with her son. Dao Ming Feng's selfish intention to seek for the dream of power made Ye Sha disagree to the arrangement, but then she also realized that Shan Cai's last hope for happiness was in her own hands. So she decided to agree to this arrangement in a three-month period with the intention to bring Shan Cai closer to Ah Si. Shan Cai was slowly giving up on her hope to bring Ah Si back. Lei still continued to stay by her side and comfort her.moreless
    • MG II Episode 16
      MG II Episode 16
      Episode 16
      F3 went to look for Dao Ming Si's apartment. When they got there, Dao Ming Si fried some eggs and presented it to them in 3 plates on a table on the balcony. They shared some stories and Ah Si was able to speak some of the things he could remember from his past. Dao Ming Feng thought of reuniting Ye Sha with Dao Ming Si. She also learned that Ye Sha came from an imperial family, and she wanted her son to be with her. Meanwhile, Ah Si was starting to rememeber things after seeing the red tag contained in Shan Cai's tin box. Shan Cai was happy to learn that Ah si wanted to meet up with her. Although, she became upset when Ah Si returned her box and told her that he decided to stay with Ye Sha.moreless
    • MG II Episode 15
      MG II Episode 15
      Episode 15
      Ah Si learned about Ye Sha's plan to leave Taiwan for Spain. While at the airport, Ye Sha fainted and missed her flight. She woke up in a hospital and learned that she was very sick. The doctor informed her that if her health condition comes to worst, she might only live for three to sixth months. Ah Si decided to meet up with his mom and makes an agreement to go back home if his mother can find Ye Sha. Meanwhile, Shan Cai tried to win Ah Si back by sending him a tin box containing some memorable items that could help him remember his past. Shan Cai managed to stay tough and didn't give up. She brought some balloons to his house and released them in front of him. However, Dao Ming Si was still unable to remember things.moreless
    • MG II Episode 14
      MG II Episode 14
      Episode 14
      Ye Sha and Shan Cai talked about their current situation. Inspite of realizing that they were both in-love with the same man, they still managed to get in good terms. While Xi Men was having a problem with his business, Mei Zhou meet up with Dao Ming Si to talk about his past life. Shan Cai's circumstances take a turn for the worst after her father was arrested for stealing a company car. Hua Zhe Lei returned to Taiwan and learned about his friend's situation. When Dao Ming Si woke up one morning, he saw a sketch of Ye Sha in her room. He suddenly realized that Ye Sha was gone, and had no idea that she will be leaving the country for good. Ye Sha decided to give up her love for Ah Si because of Shan Cai.moreless
    • MG II Episode 13
      MG II Episode 13
      Episode 13
      Shan Cai went to look for Mr. Gao in his firm. As she stepped in to the waiting room, she saw Dao Ming Feng sitting on the sofa. She sat down on the seat next to Dao Ming Feng's with only a little table between them. When Mr. Gao arrived, he informed Dao Ming Feng about his decision on the business merge. He told her that Shan Cai helped him find the most important thing in his life. Outside the corporation, Dao Ming Feng told Shan Cai that she didn't owe her a thing, but in case she needs anything, she can ask her for help. Shan Cai declined Dao Ming Feng's offer and told her that she will never ask help from her. Shan Cai and Ah Si finally met face to face, but Shan Cai suddenly felt upset when Ah Si wasn't able to recognize her. Ye Sha was not aware about Shan Cai's relationship with Ah Si. She told Shan Cai about Ah Si's accident that made him lost his memory. Shan Cai decided not to tell them who she really was in Ah Si's life. Ye Sha soon learned from Mei Zuo that Dao Ming Si was Shan Cai's boyfriend. She suddenly felt upset and was hurt upon hearing it from Mei Zuo. She then decided to inform Shan Cai that she already knew her real relationship with Ah Si.moreless
    • MG II Episode 12
      MG II Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Ye Sha and Shan Cai discovered that the man they helped in the park was Mr. Gao, the president of one of the biggest corporation in Taiwan. Ye Sha and Shan Cai decided to help reunite Mr. Gao and Ms. Zhang after learning about their past love story. Dao Ming Feng was surprised to see Shan Cai in Gao Corporation, and eventually became so dissapointed after learning that Mr. Gao had to cancel their business meeting because of Shan Cai. After travelling for more than five hours just to buy the special sponge cake, Shan Cai and Mr. Gao immediately travelled back to present the cake to Ms. Zhang, who was almost on her way to the airport. The scene where Mr. Gao and Ms. Zhang looked into each other's eyes reminded Shan Cai of Ah Si. She cried and immediately left.moreless
    • MG II Episode 11
      MG II Episode 11
      Episode 11
      Ah Si was still clueless about his past. He told Ye Sha that he remembers some good memories, but he can't remember the girl who wrote the message on the wall. He also told her that he may no longer have feelings for this girl (Shan Cai), because he have already develop his feelings for Ye Sha. Ye Sha then decided to leave Taiwan and go back to Spain, but Ah Si chased after her and begged her to stay. She eventually changed her mind and kept her promise to help him discover his past. Meanwhile, Shan Cai had to return a package from Ms. Zhang to Mr. Gao.moreless
    • MG II Episode 10
      MG II Episode 10
      Episode 10
      Dao Ming Si was able to meet his former college teacher, who was having a tire problem with his car in the street. He helped him change the tires and had a little chat with him soon after. After helping a man who was in trouble, Shan Cai and Ye Sha accidentally met in the bus. After a short talk, Shan Cai brought Ye Sha to the bakery where she works. Ye Sha soon applied and also worked in the shop. While walking on her way home, Shan Cai was able to see Ah Si and tried to chase for him. Ah Si was able get immediately on a bus when Shan Cai was about to reach him. Shan Cai continued to chase on the bus where he rode and yelled for his name, but he didn't hear her. Ah Si and Ye Sha visited the place where they first stayed after arriving from Spain. It was the same place where they were both locked up by Ching Her. When they arrived there, they both found the message left by Shan Cai on the wall. He was touched, but he couldn't remember anything. Lei remained to stay beside Shan Cai during her low moments.moreless
    • MG II Episode 9
      MG II Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Dao Ming Si was able to get a job in a restaurant. On Valentine's day, he decided to cook something special for Ye Sha. Qing He asked Shan Cai to spend the special day with him, she she told him that she was busy working at the bakery. He came back and offered to fetch her home. While listening to the radio, she was able to hear Qing he's dedication to her. F3 also heard this so they decided to call the station and send their greetings, too. Xi Men and Mei Zuo gave their messages, while Lei didn't speak but gave a recording of Ah Si's voice.moreless
    • MG II Episode 8
      MG II Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Ye Sha was able to find out from Mei Zuo where they use to hang out and later brings Ah Si in the said place. When Ah Si was seen by F3, he immediately ran away from them. He told them that he hates his past. Ah Si then went back to see Ye Sha and told her that he wanted to start a new life. He tried looking for a job, but was unsuccessful enough to find one. Mei Zuo met up with Shan Cai and informed her that they found Ah Si, but told the rest of them that he hated his past. Shan Cai told Mei Zuo that as long as Ah Si was okay, then they need to move on with their new lives too.moreless
    • MG II Episode 7
      MG II Episode 7
      Episode 7
      After asking some locals about the Dao Ming's family house, Ye Sha and Dao Ming Si managed to break in and get some photos. With the help of Yu Sao, they were able to get out from the mansion without being seen by Dao Ming Si's mom. Shan Cai kept on advertising drinks on the street in order to earn money for the payment of the billboard for Dao Ming Si. When her message appeared on the electronic board, Dao Ming Si was able to read it. He tried calling the number posted, but failed to contact Shan Cai. Ye Sha was able to get information about Ah Si and informs him that he's one of the F4. She then managed to find Mei Zuo's home and waited for him. She pretended to act as a Ying De student from the younger batch, and interviewed him to know more F4 stuff.moreless
    • MG II Episode 6
      MG II Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Ye Sha and Dao Ming Si managed to find a small apartment. Since they didn't have enough money, Ye Sha joined a drinking competition and won an amount of $1000 which they used to pay the rent and to buy food. Meanwhile, the lonely Shan Cai visited the house where Dao Ming Si was locked up when he was kidnapped by Ching Her. She left some messages on the walls telling how much she misses Ah Si and that she was willing to wait for him forever. She was hoping that he will one day visit the house and read on that message.moreless
    • MG II Episode 5
      MG II Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Ye Sha took a photo of Dao Ming Si and submitted it for the "Missing Person" ad in the newspaper. She told Ah Xing that it would help him discover his real identity in case someone identifies him on the newspaper. Ching Her, Xiao You's ex-boyfriend, saw the ad and immediately looked for Dao Ming Si and used him in order to get some money. When Shan Cai's parents saw the advertisement in the newspaper, they ignored it because they didn't know that Dao Ming Si was missing. Meanwhile, Mei Zuo and Xi Men visited Shan Cai's parents and informed them about the recent events. Upon hearing the news, they quickly thought of the ad they saw, but the paper was aready ruined by some food stain. Dao Ming Si and Ye Sha woke up being tied by Ching Her. Ye Sha deceived Ching Her that she has actually the same intention of getting money from Dao Ming Si. Ching Her immediately believed her and thought of working with her so he relesed her. They called in Dao Ming Si's house and asked ransom from his mom. Meanwhile Xi Men and Mei Zuo looked for the same ad in the newspapers kept in store at the library. They succeeded in finding it and immediately called the number indicated there, but failed to contact Dao Ming Si who was tied up. When Ye Sha and Ching Her got home, they struggled until Ye Sha was able to hit Ching Her. She tied him up and immediately released Dao Ming Si, and managed to ran away. The next morning, Dao Ming Si's mom arrived there and discovered that his son wasn't there anymore. After learning about the incident, Shan Cai and F3 soon arrived there and encountered Dao Ming Si's mom. Dao ming Feng told them about his son's accident in spain that made him lost his memory, and ordered Shan Cai to stay away from his son.moreless
    • MG II Episode 4
      MG II Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Dao Ming Feng hired a detective to find his son. After getting information about Dao Ming Si's whereabouts, she went to Spain to get him. He reluctantly followed his mom to a nearby hotel and he asked her questions about his real identity. His mom told him nothing other than his english name, David Dao Ming. He soon decided to run away from his mom. He went back to Ye Sha and asked her to accompany him to Taiwan in search of his past. Xi Men and Mei Zhou decided to go back to Taiwan, and left Hua Zhe Lei to take care of Shan Cai in Barcelona.moreless
    • MG II Episode 3
      MG II Episode 3
      Episode 3
      At Ye Sha's home, Dao Ming Si was unable to tell his identity. Ye Sha realized that he might have completely lost his memory. She decided to call him 'Ah Xing' instead. Hopeless to find Dao Ming Si, F3 suspected that Dao Ming Feng might have kidnapped his own son, since she tried to make use of this tactic before in order to separate him from Shan Cai. F3 and Shan Cai contacted Dao Ming Feng, who was unaware about the whereabouts of his son. Shan Cai made an agreement with Dao Ming Feng that she's willing to sacrifice her love for Dao Ming Si if she can guarantee that he's in good hands. Meanwhile, Dao Ming Si now works at Ye Sha's wine purification factory.moreless
    • MG II Episode 2
      MG II Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Unaware about Dao Ming Si's accident, Shan Cai waited for him at the church. Meanwhile, Dao Ming Si was brought to the hospital by Ye Sha, the girl who was driving the other car involved in the accident with him. Shan Cai decided to call Hua Zhe Lei and told him that Dao Ming Si was missing. Lei immediatelly informed this to Mei Zuo and Xi men, and the three immediately made their flight to Spain. When Dao Ming Si woke up in the hospital, he was unable to remember anything. He soon left the hospital without any idea where he was going. F3 arrived in Spain and met up with Shan Cai and Teng Tang Jing. They have learned about the car accident which may have involved Dao Ming Si. When they arrived at the hospital, Dao Ming Si was already gone. Ye Sha found Dao Ming Si walking around streets of Barcelona, and decided to convince him to follow her in a farm where she lives.moreless
    • MG II Episode 1
      MG II Episode 1
      Episode 1
      After graduating from the Ying De University, F4 decided to go Spain for their holiday destination. Shan Cai agreed to come with them after having an argument with Dao Ming Si. Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si landed to Spain without the F3, who decided to stay in Taiwan instead. In Spain, Dao Ming Si opened the letter that Hua Zhe Lei handed to him back in Taiwan. The letter suggest him to go to a church in Barcelona and ask to Shan Cai to marry him. Dao Ming Si decided to buy her a ring and propose in the church. Unfortunately, he met an accident and lost his consciousness while he was on way to the church.moreless
  • Season 1
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