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Meteor Part One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2009 on NBC
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Meteor Part One
Dr. Lehman an Astronomer/Astrophysicist at the observatory on the Baja of California in Mexico. He discovers with his assistant Imogene O'Neill that the near Earth Asteroid Kassandra has been pushed off course by a collision with a comet. They contact a Doctor Chetwyn an Astrophysicist at the Jet Propulsion Labs who is working with a General at the near Earth object center to try and stop the collision with the Earth that will occur within a few days. We see a group of other stories involving people in California affected by the meteorites that are proceeding the major impact. This is part one of two.moreless

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  • Part 1 of Meteor.

    Amidst some cheesy acting and the end of the world cliched plot Meteor has some appeal that makes it the lone bright spot of NBC's summer schedule. Meteor starring Christopher Lloyd and Jason Alexander succeeds my hooking the viewer into the events the same way programs like Lost and Jericho did. The cast drives the plot forward, and there were very few down points and a lack of action.

    Where the show failed was that it did not really present anything unexpected. The dialogue could be viewed as dull and lacking the energy needed to lure in viewers (the show did not perform too well) and the sub-plot about the murderer seemed exorbitant and unnecessary, but they may go somewhere with it next week so I won't judge too quickly.

    7/10 for NBC's Meteor. There were several worse programs you could have been watching (Entourage).moreless
  • A comet strikes the asteroid/planetoid Kassandra setting off a chain of events that leads to the possible annihilation of Earth. Scientists rush to find a solution and we see how the situation affects the lives of many Californian's and how people cope.moreless

    Without trying to be, one of the most amusing end of Earth shows I have ever seen. I am sure they aren't really trying for that reaction but I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears at one point.

    The fired Astrophysicist played by Christopher Lloyd in a very short role and his assistant played by Marla Sokoloff are the first people to recognize the dilemma. Instead of staying at their observatory in the Baja of California they decide to drive to LA and the Jet Propulsion Labs Headquarters. They call Dr. Chetwyn played by Jason Alexander and alert him as he is part of the Near Earth Objects Defense Group. In the first half of this production Dr. Lehman (Lloyd) and Imogene O'Neill (Sokoloff) leave the observatory without enough gas to reach civilization. So they run out of gas in a place where cell reception does not work. Then Lehman gets killed in a hit and run. O'Neill now being "the only person in the world" with the proper numbers to predict the Asteroids path must get a ride to California? A trucker picks her up and leaves her by a Mexican Police station. There's been a jailbreak and the convicts capture her. One is going to rape her when a meteorite comes down and knocks him over. Imogene picks up a fire extinguisher and hits him over the head killing him. She then shoots the other convict to death and steals a police car. She reaches the border and of course she is arrested for having a gun and a stolen police car. Eventually someone lets her call Dr. Chetwyn just in time to "shoot our nuclear missile arsenal into space and destroy the object" (maybe). Unfortunately Dr. Lehman's numbers were wrong and this has been bothering the assistant even before she gave them to Chetwyn. So she is sent to Edwards Air Force Base as a priority person to safety and on the trip there she and her border patrol officer escort have a devastating accident.

    Again none of this sounds funny but you just have to see it. It is like the proverbial comedy of errors or Murphy's Law. If someone can save the world they must go through seven trials to reach their goal. As if it isn't difficult enough that a small planet sized object is in a direct path with Earth's orbit. I would say the one really uplifting and somewhat smart and redeeming characters in this story so far are Stacy Keach who plays Sheriff Crowe of Taft County and his granddaughter and the two girls that gave up their spots in the shelter to the women and her children. As far as the girls go things don't seem to be going well for them and their sacrifice. The rest of the characters are generally a mishmash of people trying to fend for themselves of the dregs of society. Otherwise the acting is fine but I almost feel sorry for most of the actors. Well I guess they're working so maybe just sorry they're in this production.

    I will see the second part to see how this all works out. Luckily there is a lot of good stuff on television these days to make up for this. Thanks for reading...moreless
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