Season 1 Episode 2

Part 2

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Bad.

    Meteor's first two hours were not half-bad. Sure, there were some really awkward parts, but it was entertaining, compelling and for the most part made sense.

    But yikes, things collapsed here. There were just mindless scenes that were meant to be emotional, there was a plethora of usual violence and abnormal behavior and the two hours were just painful to watch.

    Jason Alexander was barely in this part and we didn't even get an update on what happened to him after he got knocked out, and Christopher Lloyd was still listed as a star despite not appearing in it.

    Surprisingly the ratings for this were not horrible though.
  • The second part of the meteor hurdles toward Earth.

    OK, I have to say a few things right up front. I continued to laugh at the program for the first thirty minutes or so when it went from being funny to being totally pathetic for the rest of the story. Really? Who wrote this and why? By the end of the show I was routing for Kassandra to take out the planet.

    The science was again atrocious. I think Impact had better production values and a better story than this version of the end of the Earth.

    I am going to check this but I think the few people that watched this were subjected to as many commercials as they saw of the show. Usually most shows have an average of 40-42 minutes of show per 60 minute periods. I think I will go back just to check, but there were at least five or more sets of commercials every 30 minutes. Both of the girls who gave up their spots in the shelter in part one were gunned down like dogs by Stark in this second part. So much for doing a good deed. Even though you never really knew them they were by far the most empathetic characters in the whole show.

    Somehow this show missed the mark by about as far as the asteroid missed the Earth. In general this was just pretty pathetic. I think this is the most negative review I have ever had to make. Usually if something is this bad I just don't review it, but I watched the whole thing so here you go.

    I think I'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading...