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  • Do you know what happens when a class-one asteroid hits a class-one comet?

    Better than I dared to hope; I think I read some bad reviews somewhere, and so I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this.

    The plot moves forward from the very beginning, but keeps stopping here and there to tell the stories of different characters. The locations shown on map was cool, but it seemed it took a few seconds too long each time because they could have been shorter - especially when you had been shown those locations a half dozen times already.

    The whole thing was divided in two parts, and I have to say, the second part was slightly weaker than the first; we had already seen it all happen - sort of. Sure, some stories still moved forward, but the whole "meteor falling from the sky" thing had already been dealt with. It wasn't that bad all in all, though.

    Less amusing was to see that the same images of meteors approaching Earth and burning in the atmosphere shown over and over again, and you began to remember each clip from before. Maybe it's a low budget thing, but it made it look kind of cheap although the special effects were pretty good otherwise.

    Imogene O'Neil (Marla Sokoloff) had probably the worst couple of days of her life; nothing worked for her, and while it displayed quite well how some people would act in a situation like this, or otherwise, it still felt unreal how it could all happen to her.

    The end was lame. Not the survival of the world, but the happy meal together with the heroes of the day and Imogene's musings about the next time our world will be at peril... geesh. The story really didn't need that to conclude itself.

    All in all, a rather good disaster film, even though it perhaps could have been a bit edgier and focused a bit more on the disaster itself, and not the personal lives and problems of certain people. Still, I think the plot was pretty good, and the execution as well.