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FOX (ended 2004)


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Method & Red

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Two rappers, Method Man and Redman, move into a nice suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. They make it uncomfortable for their neighbors, but try hard to fit in with the neighborhood. Method Man and Redman are puttin' the urban in suburban.
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  • This show was freaking hilarious.

    FOX kinda screwed this show up. This show was alright, but Method & Red and FOX had problems with how the show was going. This was suppose to be a 13-episode show, but cutted to 9 because ratings were low and both parties were unhappy with each other. I liked this show because it was a little original than the other shows FOX had canceled. Yea, it was degrading at times, but it was seriously hilarious. It's like The Jeffersons, but with an urban look where the 2 rappers move on up from the projects to the suburbs. I wish this show came back, but on a different channel, and better developed.moreless
  • Kinda nice

    Well, for the ones who don't like rap music or don't approve with those hip-hop things (and especially redman & method man) this isn't a show to watch. It doesn't have some extra high put life lessons, it's just for your laughs and personaly,I found it kinda funny, even if sometimes it was silly or something, I still watched it (that's because I love red & meth, they're music are kinda nice). So, I'll stick with the idea to bring it back. I missed them! It became for me a guilty pleasure... because only a very few of my friends watch it.. while the others keep giving me reasons why it's a waste a time. Proudly, I stay in front of you and say that they couldn't corrupt me, I still like it! Hahaha! In your face. Conclusion, it's a nice show, for those who are fans of this genre.Period.moreless
  • wow...

    First The Simple Life and now this! Give me a break. I knw that this show wuld never last! It is jus retarded about 2 rappers livin in a white neighborhood. The Boondocks did the same thing but The Boondocks is funnier and doesn't make ppl snore! This show is another example of FOX's deperation!
  • Great Show, it was good.

    Yes, this show was great, it has to be put back on FOX. I think it was cancelled. I'm mad, too bad, I loved that show. I watched it every Wednesday. But then the Baseball games came on and they still haven't shown the rest of the episodes. Method Man and Redman were good actors, especially Redman.
  • I thought this show was soo funny.So Bring it back or atleast put it on dvd.So i can watch it.

    I thought this show was soo funny.So Bring it back or atleast put it on dvd.So i can watch it.The two rappers move to a mostly white neighborhood in New Jersey. With there mom, Dorothea keeping them PG-13, Method & Red change tactics – using spirit, kindness and fruit cake to get along with the residents of Nottingham Estates – to avoid eviction from their new home.They are just too funny.Method Man & Red Man what a great team!moreless

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