Method & Red

Season 1 Episode 7

Something About Brenda

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Jul 28, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

Method and Red are spending some quality time in the backyard when Skyler sneaks into the yard. Method and Red hate it when Skyler busts up their business. As they're throwing Skyler out, he begs for advice on how to pick up girls.

When Method drags Skyler to the front porch, Skyler's crush, Morgan, is walking across the street with her mom, Brenda. Method is head-over-heels for Brenda. Brenda is walking to Bill and Nancy's so Method takes Skyler home.

Bill introduces Method to Brenda and Method starts his chase for her heart using his street pick-up lines. But Brenda is smarter than that and rejects Method's attempts.

The boys are all amazed that Method was shot down by Brenda. Red throws down a bet to Method that if he doesn't get the girl, Method has to buy him a brand new car. The deal is on.

Method goes back to talk to Skyler to get some more information about Brenda. Skyler tells him that she likes to hike and go to church, but that's all he knows. This information does nothing to help Method.

Method talks to Brenda about going hiking. They make a date to go together at six in the morning the next day.

It turns out that hiking is not one of Method's strongest skills. He's tired before they even make it out of the parking lot. Nancy and Bill are also hiking in the same area, and Nancy's pleasure turns to pain when she sees Method following behind Brenda. Brenda tells Nancy that Method is "rough around the edges" but she's charmed by him anyway. Nancy tries to discourage Brenda from her folly.

Red calls Method to get a status on their bet. When Method answers he sounds… distracted. Red thinks that Brenda and Method have moved to the next level of their relationship when really she was just giving an exhausted Method a massage.

Brenda tells Method that she can only be with guys she can be serious with. Method charms her into a kiss and they share a moment on a bridge. Method refuses to walk back down the mountain and calls in his helicopter to take them down.

Later, Method comes limping into the kitchen. The boys are waiting and all thinking that Method hooked up with Brenda. Method sets them straight and tries to call the bet off because he's feeling real feelings for Brenda. Red agrees but decides Brenda is making his boy a little too soft. Something must be done.

Inside Method's walk-in refrigerator, Method gets all sappy with Brenda and says that she's the apple of his eye. Red interrupts and tells Method that his mom is looking for him. Red sticks around and tries to throw a curve at Brenda. Red tells Brenda that Dorothea loves the devil.

When Dorothea comes to talk to Brenda, Brenda doesn't buy into Red's lies. But then Brenda tells Mama that she and Method are going to a retirement party for one of her co-workers. Dorothea reminds her son that they're going to Uncle George's birthday party that night. Brenda mentions that they might not be back in time and Method weasels out. Method and Brenda take off for the party and Dorothea tells Red that Brenda needs to go.

At the retirement party, Brenda and Method are getting closer. Brenda tells her boss that she may not even want the promotion, she just wants to stay home and have Method's babies. Before they can talk about it, Red shows up with a team of sweet-looking ladies to bring Method back to the player's club.

Method talks to Red about what's going on with Brenda and tells Red that he's in it with Brenda for the long run. But Red is making a great argument for Method to break up with Brenda. Method pulls Brenda aside and tells her that he's not ready for a serious relationship. Brenda knows this and walks off.

Not surprisingly, it doesn't take long for Method to get over Brenda. They head back to the house with Red's gang of girls.