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OMNI's official show description reads: "Metropia is an exciting new drama series about a group of multicultural, multi-ethnic, hip and happening, twenty-somethings living in a funky district of downtown Toronto. Centred around a bohemian community of artists, musicians and entrepreneurs, the series deals with young adult contemporary themes. The diverse storylines cross all boundaries and leave no taboo ignored. The episodes touch on a variety of current issues such as drugs, crime, family relations, university, jobs, social and cultural issues and of course sexual themes." This translates to: "Sex. Some talking. Sex. Talking during sex. A few drinks. Back to the loving." Although cancelled, Metropia airs Tuesday to Friday @ 11pm. Visit for more details.
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  • Following the personal lives of a large group of 20/30-somethings in Toronto. Metropia explores the ethnic boundaries and trials faced by characters deeply entangled in each other's lives.

    Metropia was a show that didn't recieved much attention. Granted, the show was blessed with a diverse cast and torrid storylines worthy of any daytime soap opera; but it also had a sense of realism that other shows lack- Canadian or otherwise. It's a shame that this show didn't have a larger following or more creative input as it clearly could have been a successful show in later seasons. The actors seemed genuine in their roles, the use of bang! as a showcase for Canadian artists was a plus.

    The only downside was that everyone drank Steamwhistles and everyone had to go daily to bang!/the Hotspot to keep the storylines moving.moreless
  • Give it a week - you'll be addicted!

    This is the kind of show that when you watch one episode (especially the first few!!) you think, 'oh my god. how did this show make it on to TV??''s also the kind of show that if you give it a week or so, you'll be coming back for more!!! It's got some characters. Some are reeeeally funny, strange, intense, interesting. Not to mention the story lines. You thought your daytime soap opera had good story lines!! This show has a little cult like following! It's not quite the next Family Guy, but it's a good time and it's crazy how quickly you find yourself asking someone " what's happening with Juri??? I can't believe he joined the Russian Mob!! Not to mention, Wes Williams (Maestro Fresh Wes!!!!) and James Dallas Smith are both real life singers on the show and it's one of those things that are great to say "yeah I watched him when he was on that tv show Metropia! Oh? Never heard of it?'s just something die-hard fans watched"