Mew Mew Power

Season 1 Episode 16

Books Of Love

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 24, 2005 on TELETOON

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  • Not that bad at all...

    This episode makes a good appearance, as to how nobody thinks of many Mew Mew Power episodes as good ones.

    This episode relates to Bridget, and how she's been acting odd lately, because she encountered a college guy at the library. (Ian). Zoey, Corina, Kikki, and Renee start haunting her, telling Bridget to tell Ian the truth about her love. Not until Sardon sends book-eating dust mites into the library!

    I think this was a pretty good episode above all with the plot and the "Confess your love!" scene, but there were a few things that I did get disappointed with.

    The first thing, when Renee, Kikki, Zoey, and Corina are thinking about what "love" means to them, it looks good, because it matches their personalities. Renee's thought is a mysterious guy, Kikki thinks about a hyper kid, Zoey thinks about Mark, and Corina is thinking about...Renee!? Now you've got to be kidding me.

    Another thing, they have no transformations at all. Zoey, Corina, Renee, and Kikki already come in transformed, and then after getting attacked, Bridget is already in her Mew form! It's because they use a little PG-13 stuff in her solo transformation. (Not good).

    Above all, I can say it wasn't that bad.
  • Bridget has a crush with a college boy

    Everyone notices Bridget acting oddly lately. It turns out she's been going to the library every day to visit a boy she has a crush on. The girl's try to convince her to confess her love to him, but Bridget's to nervous. But when Sardon attacks the library to learn more about Earth and it's inhabitants, Bridget must now save the library and her crush, whether he loves her or not.