Mew Mew Power

Season 1 Episode 14

Butterflies Are Freaky

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 10, 2005 on TELETOON
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Butterflies Are Freaky
Zoey meets Wesley's ex-girlfriend Chrys and tries to put them back together. Unfortunately two new Cyniclons, Tarb and Sardon, come to town and steal Chrys's spirit and fuses it with a butterfly specimen and a Predacyte to make a butterfly monster named Toxic Beauty.

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  • Ok, my first ever review... here goes,Butterflies are Freaky. Please tell me how I've done.

    The only really important thing about this episode to any of the story line was that it introduced the two new aliens. My first impression was of Tarb, (note the name spells 'brat' backwards), really annoying voice that reminds me of...I don't know but something really annoying that grates on your nerves, it's too whiney and not at all cute. Tarb is obviously a spoiled little kid who's used to getting his way, about Kiki's age, he seems to rush into things without much thought (Hmmmm... I do believe that reminds me of someone). Next up we have Sardon, (name is again a pun, this time from the word 'sardonic'), by far the oldest alien, he seems to be about the same age as Westley. From what I've seen of him so far, he is a deep thinker and doesn't have much of a sense of humor. He has a pretty cool deep voice, and a definite 'pommy' english accent. About the episode itself: it was quite ok, each of the girls had a number of lines, though the episode was centred around Westleys fallen to pieces romance with Chrys. The fight scene was a bit "meh", and the conclusion could easily be sneezed on, nothing really happened in it, I mean come on! Where's the fire reignited?! The great blossoming romance?! Call me old fashioned, but I would've prefered a getting back together thing at least!

    Considering this is one of my fave shows, I was pretty disappointed, but none the less it was still worth the 7.5 points I gave it, and definitely worth watching for the alien scenes. (the alien's dimension is SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!)

    That's it from me, so thanx for reading.moreless
  • This episode was great. Sargon and Tarb were introduced, so I guess Dren isn't the only cyniclon, and they rock. There was a predesite made from a butterfly that was dead, so go figure. And even better, Wesley had a girlfriend, and their flashbacks were smoreless

    I loved this episode. For one thing, Sargon and Tarb were introduced (more cyniclons, yay yay yay!), but they were so mean to Dren though. I felt sorry for him. That's okay though, they still rock. And, we find out that Wesley has, or had, some sort of a social life. Amazing. It was also hilarious how Chrys and Zoey kept bumping into each other, and then they became sort of friends. Random, but still good. Another thing, great background music. The "supernatural" song is the BEST! and the intro music when Sargon and Tarb invaded Chrys's lab/room was so cool!! Plus, awesome predasite. The attack was a bit strange, but the butterfly thing was so ironic and cool. Wierd though with the poison. Sargon said the gas was billions of times stronger than anything naturally on earth, and the girls didn't even faint. I mean, think about some natural poisons. You at least faint! Oh well. Altogether, it was an amazing episode.moreless
  • One of my favorite parts of shojo animes.

    Ah, yes, romance, the one thing that can get me into an anime show or manga book like that!

    We see that our friend Keiichiro (Wesley) had a girlfriend, Chrys (an odd name change, Chrys is another way to spell part of my nickname, Kris). Pai (Cyiniclon Sardon) uses her soul to make a new krima anima (predicite) to attack Tokyo! And in the end, just when you think the couple could get back together again, they don't, which is sad indeed.

    I was hoping they'd get back together, but I guess not. Sometimes the couples you like, never get together, which can be disapointing at times. But all in all, I think many fans will enjoy this eppisode.moreless

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