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Mew Mew Power

Season 2 Episode 27

For the Future of Earth, We'll Serve, Nyan! (4)

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Unknown on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

For the Future of Earth, We'll Serve, Nyan! (4)
As Zoey battles Deep Blue, Mark's side begins to fight through Deep Blue's powers. Who will win the final battle?
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  • mew mew power

    it may be that mark is deep blue and that deep blue was destroy be zoey
  • this ep is about the final battle which kills everyone but the Mew Aqua brings everyone back and then Zoey dies but Mark revives her by kissing her. no-one can traform anymore, the alliens return home, the next day everyone finds out they\'re still MewMewmoreless

    This episode was really heart-warming and showed that no matter what happens you should never give up because as long as you believe in something anything is possible. The final Episode of Mew Mew Power (aka Tokyo Mew Mew)expressed many emotions, it was funny, happy, sad, scary and surprising all in one.
  • This epsode explains everything from the begining, I have seen every single epsiode 1-52 in Tokiyo mew mew, Mark is really Deep Blue and he doens't know it, but Zoey's feeling for him is to powerful for even Deep blue to cntrol!moreless

    This epsiode explains everything from begining to end. Mark finds out that the sprirt of Deep blue has awakened, and Deep blue is actually not nearly as powerful as Zoey's feelign for Mark. This episode shows friendship, love and how powerful yoyr feelings can be. Zoey broke through Deep Blue and relized that she could see Mark's smile agian, Mark loved Zoey so much that when he heard her bell tink, his spirit in Deep blue could hear it. Everything is revealed, Dren at first dies then thanks to Zoey and the rest of the mew mews, he comes back to life and the cyniclones figure out that since Zoey put her whole life into saving Dren and Mark that she had been through enough, so they figured out that they didn't need Earth, that Zoey had alreayd given them soemthing and that was care, kindness aand int he end friendship. Zoey could break through Deep Blue and reach into Mark all along because she beilived that everything Mark did for her was still inside his spirit and that nobodye evn witht he powers of deep blue could earse him. Since Deep Blue is a combo of Mark and the blue knight, the two BODIES were delted but never the spirits, becuase the spirit of Mark and got through becuase hsi spirit still lied somewhere in Deep Blue and since Mark gave Zoey that bell and his love for her, Zoeu coudl still reach through by returning her love for him and the sound of the bell. It was not an accedent for Zoey to meet Mark and it was no accadent for them to fall in love, it was how it was supposed to be, so in the end when Mark became deeo blue, Zoey could reach his spirit by letting he rfeelings for him just be free, and since it did, the sound of the bell and how she reacted even though Makr was harming her, she never gave up on him. Zoey cared about mark so much that even if Mark nearly killed her she would risk her life to reach his spirit agian. And thats what lvoe really is about!

    ¢¾ always,


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