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Mew Mew Power

Season 1 Episode 23

I've Got A Crush On Mew

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 12, 2005 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

I've Got A Crush On Mew
During a free dessert try-out at Cafe Mew Mew, Megan and Mimi notice Elliot and Wesley, and recall how the two boys helped them before. Zoey is told to set them up, but when Elliot and Wesley decide to go do research on Blue Aqua rather than see the girls' gifts, Dren unleashes the two lovebirds made from Meghan and Mimi's spirits. What will happen?moreless

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  • Meagan and Mimi develop crushes on Elliot and Wesley. Elliot and Wesley break their hearts when they decide to go do research on Blue Aqua rather see the gifts the girls slaved over. The girls open a Weslelliot club after realising it wasn't meant to be.moreless

    Wow this was a really good episode but it got a bit annoying at one stage, when Meagan and Mimi tell the audience how they plant o win the hearst of Elliot and Wesley, in their two very different ways. I loved the scene where Zoey talked to Mark about Meagan and Mimi's feelings for Elliot and Wesley,

    "I've heard that love ulters our body's chemical makeup...Interesting theory" Mark smiles as he turns to zoey,

    She nodds, "I agree...I think..." she trails as she looks up at him.

    Mark grins as he quickly replies, " Oh i feel that way."

    Zoey looks into his eyes and blushes as she says to her self, 'Oh mark you're so sweet. I'm so lucky i met you.'

    I love that little conversation, it's sweet!

    Peace out!moreless
  • This epsiode is very nice! I like it! But agian, Elliot and Wesly were rude to Megan and Mimi, sure they can go hunt mew aqua, but they should atleats give Megan and Mimi a chance!moreless

    I like this episode! But Elliot and Wesley can go hunt for mew aqua but hrey shoudlv\'e given Megan and Mimi a chance. Dren is actually just jealous of Elliot and Wesley, they spend quality time with Zoey and Dren wants Zoey. So thats one reaosn why Dren attacked them with that chimera animal, and why should they want to attack to guys who created the mew mews, if the mew mews can deafet Dren, what make sihm think they guys who CREATED the mew mews can\'t defeat him. And Megan and Mimi kinda went a lil bit overboard, they can crush on two older guys, but gifts, dressing nice? thats just to overboard. Yet if they had the couage to give Elliot and Welsey gifts, why should they have Zoey tell Elliot and Wesley that Megan and Mimi like them? And Dren, if he was deafeted about a million times by the mew mews, why does he keep trying to defeat them? My idea is this epsiode is a lil bit goofed up but I like it!moreless
  • Hehehehe, Kikki, Corina, Bridget, and Renee get Zoey's revenge from "Buggin'"....

    Basically, if you were disappointed by the ending of the previous episode, "Buggin'", then you should see this episode and it might make it up to you from the previous week.

    It's about Zoey again, and how Megan and Mimi suddenly fall in love with Wesley and Elliot, based on how both the boys helped them before. Now they ask Zoey to set them up, but Dren has a plan for a Predacyte!

    It isn't that bad at all, only Zoey transforms, and Bridget, Kikki, Corina, and Renee all have 2-3 lines and they also appear at the ending. I'd consider it well for all of the MMP fans, since this episode was aired and then the next week MMP went on hiatus. Good, that's all.moreless
Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown

Zoey Hanson

Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells

Wesley J. Coolridge, Cyniclon Dren

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Elliott Grant, Blue Knight

Sharon Feingold

Sharon Feingold


Andi Whaley

Andi Whaley

Corina Bucksworth

Bella Hudson

Bella Hudson

Bridget Verdant

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