Mew Mew Power

Season 1 Episode 21

One Flew Out Of The Mew Mew's Nest

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 29, 2005 on TELETOON

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  • 4 Kids sux!

    OK, is it me or 4 Kids keep cutting EVERYTHING! For example in the dub, Zakuro/Renee tells Ichigo/Zoey and Lettuce/Bridget to distract the monster but Zoey and Bridget attack anyway, in the original Zakuro tells Ichigo and Lettuce to attack the monster (Don'tcha think that sounds better?)
    They also change what I thought would keep it's name, "Mew Aqua" into "Blue Aqua".
  • When Corina has a nightmare that could change her life as a Mew, the timing has come when Elliot and the Cyniclons find Blue Aqua, Corina gets mad and leaves the Mew Mews. But Renee has a plan to get Corina back.

    Best episode ever! We get to see some footage of Renee's attacks and we know what the Blue Aqua is (the stuff that turned Bridget into a mermaid). Corina's DNA was fused with a Blue Lorikeet, and that's why Corina has wings in her nightmare. At least we know how meaningful a Power Pendant is to the team and we know Renee's true feelings as to why she didn't want to join the team. It's the best! Especially when the girls have the pillow fight at the end. I liked that. That was a great episode out of all the episodes in Mew Mew Power.
  • This episode tells you a bit more about Renee.

    I think this episode really shows you that Renee is a team player when need be. When she is a team player she will stop at nothing to gain achievement. In this ep she attacks Corina! But in turn Corina learns a valuble lesson that she is not alone and that all of the other mew mew\'s are going through the same thing.