Mew Mew Power

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 12, 2005 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

After having a run in with a young girl named Bridget Verdant, Zoey overhears that the spirit of a drowned girl is haunting Excalibur High. Causing strange things to happen to the water in the walls and to the pool. Corina thinks they should investigate, to make sure its not a Predacyte. But Zoey's far to scared to go. Who or what is behind the hoax?moreless

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  • Zoey finds a girl named Bridget, who is trying to make friends with a group of bullies called the 3 Beckys. They talk about a ghost of a girl who is haunting Excaliber High School. So Corina literally drags Zoey to the school in investigate.moreless

    Originally episode 3 in Japanese, this episode stays with the original story most of the time but sort of dwindles off near the end.

    Bridget(Retasu/Lettuce in Japanese) was originally just a shy and clumsy girl with not self confidence but was changed into more of a bookworm and nerd in the English version.

    Also, the reason why she was attacking Zoey and Corina near the end of the episode was different. Originally, she just wanted friends. It didn't matter who or how. She just wanted true friends and she attacked out of fear due to her being afraid that now that she knew she was different, her hope of friends would be gone. The English dub changes this to her attacking out of anger and frustration since she wanted to be popular but was becoming a "freak" and was tired of trying to be nice with people.

    There were quite a few cuts in this episode but the most important one was the cutting of Bridget at Cafe Mew Mew wearing her waitress uniform for the first time. Also the close-up of the kiss that Dren gives Zoey was cut.

    Changes in this episode:

    Okumura Junior High - Excaliber High School

    "Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" - "Deep Sea Surge Attack!" and "Tidal Wave Rush!"(The video for the second attack was mirrored by 4Kids editing. In the original, she just used "Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" all 3 times while the English dub gave her 2 attacks.)moreless

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