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  • Finnish the English dubbed version please!!

    I think that Tokyo mew mew (Mew mew power) is an awesome anime, until they stopped dubbing the series half way through. Well it was 4Kids who ruined it I mean I loved the dubbed version they ruined it by stopping half way thru. Who douse that, well they lost the rights to keep dubbing but seriously you changed the names for the characters for two of the characters Kishu and Tart, Kishu becomes Dren and Tart becomes Tarb look at them spelt backwards Nerd and Brat. They cutted out some scenes and erased Japanese hiragana. Now do you see why 4Kids lost the rights. It's 2015 I loved Tokyo mew mew (English dubbed version by 4Kids) Then there were subtitles AND NO ONE LIKES SUBTITLES!! I especially liked Dren who cares if it's nerd spelt backwards. I want a company I don't care who just to Finnish Tokyo mew mew WITH THE SAME VOICE ACTORS! Also people need to stop fan dubbing because it sounds horrible not unless your really good at it, and there is no stupid different sound qualitys. I flipped the table once and I'm not scared to do it again! Over all I enjoyed it I'm not going to watch the rest of Tokyo mew mew UNTIL some one dubs it within the last of 2015 or I'll just do subtitles, and if your company is going to dub it MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE SAME PERSON (ANDREW RANNELLS) TO DO DRENS VOICE!!
  • for the Girls who thinks dren is hawt???

    I do. I am jelly of zoey. that mark dude needs to get a life "I will protect u and stuff " bleh .dren is da cutest
  • I need help

    How u watch mew mew power on here cus I don't know how it work
  • I'm curious how mew mew power will end in the second season

    Hey there this is axel223 with all the latest reviews, today's review is involved with 5 girls infused with 5 different animal genetic pieces. Today we're talking about Mew Mew Power, the english version of Tokyo Mew Mew. The fact some people agrees to ask 4kids entertainment to bring it back to have the second season on air. I am also curious how Mew Mew Power is going to end in the english version. I was expecting mew mew power to air this year but I didn't know it's taking longer than I expected but I hope I could see it. For now, I'm giving this show an 8.5 for hard work and determination. Oh and by the way, I like this show and I hope it will air again next year. Until then, Later!
  • It was great!

    I really, really, REALLY want Mew Mew Power back, no matter how old I am. It was a really great show, and the story line was so intense. I would have happily sat there watching it all day! I'm just really disappointed it's gone.

    The only reason I stopped watching it is that my family got Disney Channel back, and because we hadn't had Disney Channel in ages, we decided to sit there and watch it. But this morning, I remembered Mew Mew Power (thanks to an arkward coversation with my mum) and I realised it wasn't on anymore. I was desperate to know why.

    And now I know the reason, but I'm really upset it's gone :'(
  • bring mew mew power back

    They must bring mmp back cuase I have 2 watch it on YouTube now so BRING BACK MMP!!!

  • Bring it back!

    Mew mew power was so great and I used to watch it when I was younger with my little sister but then when it got to the end of season 1 it suddenly stopped and I thought they still hadn't finished making it in English but then everyone was saying 4kids were refusing to show it and other people said that 4kids would carry on putting it on if they could but they lost rights so they said that it had finished. I don't care why its not on I just want to help get it back on :)
  • Seriously? You'd think 4kids would start producing at least DECENT stuff by now....


    Now, let me make this very very clear: I HATE 4Kids, they take anime, 'Americanize' it, and butcher it to the point where I feel like my head is gonna explode from listening to annoying pre-teen girls screeching: "OMAGAWD I'M 'SUCH' AN ANIME (They often pronounce this as: An-eeeee-me) NERD!!" When they only watch crud like this, and I personally despise how little respect 4kids has to the art of anime.

    Now that my rant is over, I'll just state that while I did watch the whole series of Tokyo Mew Mew (Yes little girls, Tokyo Mew Mew came first, so you can stop proclaiming that Tokyo Mew Mew 'destroyed' Mew Mew Power.), and while I did enjoy it to some extent, it wasn't fantastic. Though then again, it was probably just a little girly for my taste. But ether way, it was good. However, this dub is not.

    For starters, I'm really confused as to why 4kids changed the name 'Tokyo Mew Mew' to 'Mew Mew Power'. Well, I was until I realized that originally, they where going to call this abysmal dub 'Hollywood Mew Mew'. That's right boys and girls, Hollywood Mew Mew. Upon learning this, I realized instantly that 4kids is trying to convince children that other countries simply do not exist. Seriously, they remove Japanese food, words, etc. Anything that COULD imply that Japan or any other country exists, must be edited out. (They also seem really focused on making you believe this takes place in America, seriously, a quick look at the show will tell you that.)

    When it comes to the characters, they where all changed, rather dramatically at points. The most obvious changes where with their names;

    Ichigo is now Zoey.

    Mint is now Corina.

    Lettuce is now Bridgette.

    Pudding is now Kiki.

    Zakuro is now Renee.

    Kisshu is now Dren. (Haha, DREN, get it? It's NERD backwards! Haha 4kids, you people are so fudging witty. -Sarcasm-)

    Tart is now Tarb. (If you thought that Dren was just a coincidence, well, here's Tarb to prove you wrong. It's flipping Brat backwards.)

    And countless more name changes.

    If you've seen the original show before, and you are watching the dub, and STILL watching it after this; You are probably recoiling from the name changes. Well don't worry! Once the horror of that sinks in, you'll have voice acting to worry about! Yaaay!

    For me, Zoey Corina, and Bridgette all sound pretty much alike, almost no differences between them. They all sound obnoxious, annoying, and like they are drunk. Kiki is pretty much the same, only more ear-grating due to how high-pitched she is.

    Renee is the only one truly recognizable out of the group, she sounds snobby, obnoxious, self-centered, and equally annoying! Though a bit more adult-ish. (Speaking of which, they all got an age boost or something, for no obvious reason ether.)

    I could go on for ages about the plot, as it has become so convoluted and shredded apart by 4kids, that while watching this series, I seriously could not remember what on earth was happening most of the time! Something about Zoey loving 'Mark' I suppose.

    In the end, 4kids (Thankfully) lost the rights to dub Tokyo Mew mew, (Gee, I wonder why?) and it stopped about halfway through the series. Unfortunately, since nobody else has gained the rights to it, Mew Mew Power still runs rampant on the internet.

    Trust me, if you are interested in watching this anime, even if you don't like subtitles, -avoid this dub at all costs-. It is horrible, and you will feel yourself getting dumber as you watch.

  • Is it just me or does Elliot and Wesly look like Cloud and Leon from Kingdom Hearts? I think you people will find my Review quite interesting.

    Mew mew power is an American version of Tokyo Mew mew.
    this is a dubbed Anime but yet I think the voices are better fitted to the characters than in the Japanese version,cause what is up with Marks voice in the Japanese version,he sounds like an 8 year old girl,in the English version he sounds more mature.
    Dren is 1 of my favourite characters in the English version because of his voice and his personality,where the Japanese version they take away his weird sayings and give him a funny voice that doesn't suit him and frankly that just makes him another boring bad guy.
    the English version's intro makes way more sence than the Japanese 1 and the music choice while they transform is much better.
    They completely cut all humour from the Japanese version and the drawings aren't quite as cute.....don't get me wrong I Love Japan,infact I've always wanted to go there but in this one anime I would say the English version is much better and they should bring it back because the fans have started making their own dubs and quite frankly......they suck!

    Thank you
  • One very boring morning, I was looking for something to watch on t.v. Then I saw Mew Mew Power and it was a start of a new friendship.

    Mew Mew Power is kinda intense 'cause the first time I watched it, it was so intense, like you really just want to sit and watch it. But for my opinion, I think Mew Mew Power is more of a girl's television show 'cause it's more of a comedy/romance show. One time I told my brother to watch Mew Mew Power with me, but after the show he didn't like it that much.

    My favourite part of the show is that when Corina transform (all by herself) 'cause the music is so cool!!!

    I just want to tell eveyone thet Mew Mew Power ROCKS!!!

    note: the sad thing after you finish watching all the episodes, you won't like it that much anymore.
  • I've watched a lot of Anime, but I think, after watching one episode of Mew Mew Power, that this is one of the BEST anime shows to hit America!!! I LOVE IT!!

    I absolutely love this show!! I wacthed it as often as I could when it was on 4 kids tv. Unforunatly, I did not get to see it often, so I didn't get to see every episode. I want it to come back, so that all the fans in America can see it. If they do not put back on TV, they can at least release it on DVD so we can watch it in full and watch our favorite episode again and again. I am sure all of the fans can agree with me on that and that this is one of the best anime shows I've watched.
  • I really miss this show!

    I have not seen this show in more than 2 years. I really want to see the series once again. I have contacted 4Kids TV about 3 times begging them to put this show back on tv, and I STILL have not gotten a response from them. I am wondering how the season will end. What happened to Zoey, and the Blue Knight? This show is the reason why I always watched 4Kids TV, alongside with Sonic X and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Zoey, Bridget, Corina, Kiki, Renee I hope you can hear me, but PLEASE return to the TV so I can see you again!
  • 4Kids has killed another decent anime, Tokyo Mew Mew and changed it into Mew Mew Power. SPOILERS: It sucks.

    I'll admit it now, Tokyo Mew Mew wasn't a truly amazing anime to begin with (being as it echoed Sailor Moon and all), but it was still watchable and enjoyable. But then 4Kids (being infamous for "americanizing" anime) got the rights to dub TMM into English and turned it into almost unwatchable rubbish.

    4Kids changed the plot of the anime; in the original dub, a young girl called Ichigo, after a freak gene-splicing accident, becomes a "Mew Mew" - a warrior destined to protect the planet. In the 4Kids dub, however, the show turns into your average girls show, dealing with everday teenage problems, just like every horrid 4Kids dub.

    The characters have also undergone 4Kids "surgery". Ichigo turns into Zoey, Mint is now called Corina, Lettuce is now Bridget, Pudding is now Kikki and Zakuro is now Renee. Masaya is also now called Mark and Kisshu is now Dren. Aside from Americanitis at its finest, they also took away the food theme naming of the show.

    Besides the plot and name changes, the dub also replaces Ichigo (Zoey)'s catchphrase. Originally, it was "For the the future of Earth, I will be of sevice, nya!" (Which brings me back to my point of the show echoing Sailor Moon). 4Kids changed this to a crappy "rap"; "Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew power, in your face!" Ugh. So. Lame.

    All the original music is also replaced. Instead of the J-Pop opening and ending themes in the Japanese dub, they replaced it with a song known as "Team Up". The ending credits only have an instrumental of the opening. The background music has been changed too. It's now just generic pop and rock, like what you would probably find in other slice of life cartoons. Boring.

    The voice acting is also poor. For some reason, the characters sound older than they should be. (Ichigo sounds like she's 15 when she's only in middle school in the Japanese dub and Masaya sounds like an adult!). The aliens also now sounds more annoying. Scenes were also butchered throughout the dub. For example, Episode 12 was changed into Episode 1 as a "premier episode", thus confusing viewers. Dialogue has also been changed into stereotypical teenage stuff. Hmm... despite the fact 4Kids aged the characters up, they managed to dumb the show down. Pointless editing also runs rampant. The transformation sequences were edited to remove alleged mild nudity (Note: only the girls' outlines of their bodies were ever shown). Also, in Zakuro (Renee)'s introduction, one scene takes place in a church. 4Kids cut out the scene where she was praying and edited her cross-shaped necklace into a stick, along with her cross-shaped weapon. Backgrounds and signs originally showing Japanese characters were blanked out, so the characters now stare at blank signs.

    Thankfully, 4Kids only got the rights to dub half the series, but it also meant that viewers were left hanging. From what I've heard, they haven't show MMP in the US for a couple of years and I think PopGirl have replaced it with the Pretty Cure dub in the UK. Besides, if you want to enjoy this show, go watch the original Tokyo Mew Mew in subs. It may be longer (it goes on for 52 episodes), but at least it gave the show proper closure.
  • Cheap rip off of Sailor Moon.

    This show is basically, oh how can I say this? a stupid version of Sailor Moon. A good show. Zoey is just some copy off Sirena while those other four are cheapos off of the other four Sailor Scouts. Just add a Spongebob SexyPants (Tuxedo Mask), a Mini-Zoey (Sailor Mini-Moon), an evil Mew Mew Dork (Sailor Saturn), Mew Mew losers from the future(Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), and you've got a perfect Stupid Version of Sailor Moon.
  • Cheap rip off of SailorMoon.

    A cheap rip off of sailorMoon.
    I mean it has almost the same plot-aleins trying to take over their home planet.(Earth/The Moon)
    Their side kicks are both cats (Mini Mew/Luna & Artemis)Five girls trying to stop the aleins(Zoey,Renee,Kiki,Bridgette,Corina/Serina,Lita,Mi-ta,Ray,Amy) The badguys (The Cyniclon/Negaverse & Negamoon) and the un-wanted powers(Animal powers/Planet powers). I mean can they be just a LITTLE bit original!!!
    (It sucks alot! ! ! ! ! ! ! !)
    thank you for reading this and have a nice day! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    that show really, really SUCKS!!!

    i think sailor moon is way better.
    but full metal is the best show to have every been made!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it wouldn\'t let me give it a 0 so i had to give it a 1!
    i seriously think my computer is broken!

    the only semi-cool character is the wolf girl \\\'cuz wolves are the cooliest animals EVA!!!
  • (Referring to the English dub) If I hear one more Mew pun... I'm gonna puke. (Love Tokyo Mew Mew, though)

    (I love the Japanese version and give it a nine. There's not really much I can say about it because I've only read one episode. This rant is about the English dubbed version.)

    The English dub of Tokyo Mew Mew is one of the worst dubs of anime since the DiC dub of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. The main reason? Not the voices- those are only second. Not the cuts- surprisingly, I don't even mind half of those. No, the thing I mind is the mew puns.

    "Mewtilate." "Mewtants." "Mini-mew." "Mew-napped." That's only a small ammount of the random and very, very bad puns they've somehow forced the poor, bad VAs to choke out. Why do I mind these so much? Just look at them. Yeeeah.

    For the other things- the voices are either too young, too old, or too maniacal for their characters, and half the cuts are annoying snippets, the other half removing or changing entire scenes.

    In other words- I love the original, hate the dub. Also, Mew puns suck. The end.
  • OMG!If they could find a way to ruin TMM in the dub,they definitely incorporated it into what is one of the worst dubs I have ever been unfortunate enough to watch!

    If you're wanting to see a good anime,watch *Tokyo MewMew*,the original version.If you want some BS to pass your time,change the channel....*MMP* is not a series good enough to waste any of your precious time on,so watch something else.Even *Pokemon* is better than this....much better!So,go watch it instead of this BS!
  • MY GOD!!!!!!!!Does SAILORMOON ring a bell? I can make a whole list of things to tell you why this show is so bad. Hell,I would rather watch Barney too.

    This show is unorigional and I will explain why:
    1. ...Strawberry bells reminds me of sailormoons sceptor ....Ignite
    2. Renee, the last member is like the last member Sailor V. Renee was a movie star and Sailor V was too.
    3. The Blue Knight-doesn't that remind you of the Moonlight knight who was really a clone of Daren?
    4. Bridget-Amy, Zoey-Serena, Renee-Mina, Corina-Rae and Lita with some idiot named Kiki
    5. Renee saving the girls from a predecite, Mina saving the girls from the bad guys
    6. Bridget falling in love-Didn't Amy have a boyfriend?
    I would say more but the review has to be short.
  • This show is kind of okay but very lame.

    This show is fairly okay but could be a bit more amusing. Some of the episodes are not worth watching and the main idea of the show is not very original because it's such a copy off of Sailor Moon. How original is that?! There should be more originality in the show and it will get more people to watch it.
  • This show is a piece of fu**ing sh**. This show is so messed up, it makes sesame street look like a good show.

    Mew Mew power, it more like Bull sh** power. Like really WTF is with this sailor moon wannbe show, i personally nvr had watched the show, but looking at the commerical just gave me the first impression that this show is a bowl of fu**ing horse crap. Pretty much has three words that describe this show...go fu** sh**
  • A show that was very famous over in japan, cute and sweet. The Tokyo Mew Mews fight for the survial of the world from the aliens that are trying to take it back from them.

    They messed this up so badly its sad, those poor japs over there must be crying at what has happened to their show. Darn 4kids and their dubbing, they ruin every jap show they have and it is sickening. I would hit them over the heads with a gaint hammer
  • A disgrace to anime this should be renamed whore whore power

    Anime is good series with everything perfect everything in this thing is wrong, this has manga
    0_o how?

    Let\\\'s review what makes this show crappy:
    \\\"Plot\\\"(if there\\\'s one)
    5 fucking maids combat crime from 3 gay cat aliens of sort, how original it seems a rip-off of Sailor Moon or Winx Club, from what I have seen 99.9% of the episodes are filler

    Rich girl(Corina),Annoying fucking girl(Kiki), I have got to help everyone even when it dosen\\\'t mind me(Zoey), Nerd(Bridget), mature girl(Rene) I actually prefer those names than the original Mint(rip-off from threads of fate)

    Other problems
    Kiki is so annoying I can\\\'t understand what she says because she talks to fast, also she appears from nowhere with her eyes with stars, drawings are good, my major problem they are half-naked catgirls even worse I watch 2 episodes all is right then Kiki appears in the house and throws her clothes off I am like WTF is she naked results she has other clothes, other episode oh a hot spring Kiki AGAIN takes again her clothes it results she had the swimsuit belows(I wonder how much time she spends putting on her clothes or taking them off),dumb bad guys that\\\'s all.

  • Its basicly Sailor moon in skimpyier uniforms.

    Damn whoever created this show is an absolute loser and must have alot of free time GET A LIFE YOU'RE BIG IDIOTIC FOOL. Hell its basicly girls saving the earth from a cat Ohhh so very threatening.And what the hecks with these girls they work at a cafe and than turn into crazy girls in loser unifroms.
  • They killed the show with the stupid dub!

    I am not a total Mew Mew Power hater, because i got interested in Tokyo Mew Mew because of it, but seriously!! i can never watch this show again now that i have watched the original! It would not be as bad if they had not changed the names of the characters. how on earth did they go from Momomiya Ichigo, to Zoey Hanson??!!??? and the voices do not even go with the charaters! Kisshu, or 'Dren' in the dubbed version does NOT fit the character AT ALL!!

    why do they have to ruin good shows with stupid dubs?? if you like Mew Mew Power, you will like Tokyo Mew Mew(THE ORIGINAL) soooo much better. believe me!!
  • It's just a boring Sailor Moon Rip-off

    I don't really care for this show because it's such a Stupid Sailor Moon Rip off. Ofcorse Sailor Moon was Better this is pretty dumb. I mean Zoey is a clumsy crybaby and her boyfriend calls her names? Now where have we seen this before? Just a Lame Sailor moon rip off.
  • I really hated this series.

    Okay, first of all, I have to apologize for this review, because I will probably "step out of line" here and really get a lot of Mew Mew Power fans to hate me here, but I have to say this series is a total waste of time. 4KIDS never should have dubbed this show, because they turned my second favorite anime (Tokyo Mew Mew) into a totally lame and annoying show.

    First of all, they changed all the names...I mean, what is this? Cyniclons = Pre-earthlings/aliens, Corina = Minto Aizawa, Renee = Zakuro Fujiwara, Zoey = Ichigo Momomiya, Kiki (ICK!) = Purin Fon, Wesley (the heck?) = Ryou Shirogane, and so forth...I could probably make an entire paragraph on it, as they changed about 40 character names in the show.

    Second of all, they cut about 10 minutes of clips EVERY EPISODE. Okay, I don't mind SOME cutting, but when they cut all of the scenes that are important to the show and that can't possibly be cut out if they want to end the get the point. It's really horrible...

    Third, they picked the WORST voice actors. I episode 11, when Ichigo picks up Retasu's glasses after Kisshu takes Minto, Retasu, and Purin off into another dimension, Ichigo yells at Zakuro. In the original, she is REALLY ticked off, but the voice actor for Zoey makes it sound like she is only slightly ticked at the fact her friends just got blown away and are about to die! Also, Zeoy's voice is really annoying anyway.

    Lastly, they goofed how many times in the series? Corina - "Oh, you mean that little 8 year old that lives in a shelter?" Purin does not live in a shelter. I'm surprised that they could even show Episode 20 without completely throwing off the series even worse. I'm glad 4KIDS stopped showing it and dropped it. This series is horrible. However, if you like Mew Mew Power, try watching Tokyo Mew Mew. It's 10 times better.
  • I HATE THIS is sooooooooooooooo yuckkkk.

    I really don't like this show. It's like a rip-off of sailor moon. I mean what kind of name is Mew Mew Power??? I hate this show so much. It really sucks. This show is horrible. I hate this show! I hate this show! I hate this show soooo much!!!!!!!!! !!!! It doesn’t make any sense to me. What of show has a girl turn into a cat?? The characters are so dumb too. I hate this show a lot... I can't believe it still comes on. It's so bad. How can anyone like it? That's what I'd like to know. This is just plain HORRIBLE. It is dreadful. Terrible. Unbearable. Awful. Atrocious. It is just very very VERY BAD. I hate Mew Mew Power soooooooooooooooooooo Much!! BOOO!
  • 4kids really messed this up...

    I dislike this show. It was dubbed by 4kids. I'm a fan Tokyo Mew Mew, the original version. Not to mention, the voices are terrible. All that 4kids did was kidnap 5 girls and forced them to voice characters in a god awful way. Also the names. What the freak does a name like Zoey have to do with a cat! All the rest are stereotycial names. Also the songs are awful. Team up? They could at least dub the songs. The alien Kish/Dren treats Zoey like a toy in this version but he really loves her in the manga and Japanese version. If you want the real action, watch Tokyo Mew Mew.
  • Zoey is an ordinary high-school girl who is trying to balance her school life, boys, and the teen life while trying to save the world from invading aliens trying to take over the planet. Is she, along with 4 other girls, up to the task?

    Mew Mew Power is the 4Kids English dubbed version of the Japanese Anime, Tokyo Mew Mew. Unfortunately, like a lot of English dubs done by 4Kids, it didn't stay true to the original story. 1: The title of the show and the characters names were changed. Ichigo(Strawberry) became Zoey, Minto(Mint) became Corina, Retasu(Lettuce) became Bridget, Purin(Pudding) became Kikki, and Zakuro(Pomagranate) became Renee. Ryou became Elliot, Keiichiro became Wesley, Aoyama became Mark, Kisshu(Quiche) became Dren, Pai(Pie) became Sardon and Taruto(Tart) became Tarb. This took away the food theme naming of the show.

    2: Scenes were removed. Up to 3 minutes of each episode were cut out for both air time and, mostly, unnecessary editing causing a lot of confusing for some fans. For example: Episode 12 became the "premiere episode" and they changed the ending of that episode to make it seem that Mark/Aoyama found out Zoey's/Ichigo's identity when he wasn't suppose to until episode 38. Then they took that episode out of the whole story line.

    3: Most of the dialogue was changed from it's original translation and thus changing the whole plot of the show. Stuff about protecting the environment was changed to mindless teenage talk about boys. Despite the girl characters being aged up by 3 years, they managed to dumb the show down.

    4: The personalities of the characters were changed. The girls were changed into sterotypical teenagers and the reason why the aliens are attacking Earth was entirely changed to make them seem like typical "we'll take over the world because we want to" type of villians. Originally they used to live on Earth and want it back before humans destroy it.

    5: Pointless editing. For starters, all transformation sequences were shortened because of mild nudity(note: nothing was every shown, just outlining of the body). Zakuro is a Christian but in the 4Kids version, they edited all her cross-shaped necklaces and cut out her praying in church. Even her weapon was edited due to it being cross-shaped. Lots of stuff was digitally painted out such as, backgrounds, mew marks and signs with Japanese writing(and are usually left blank so the characters are reading blank stuff most of the time XD).

    6: 4Kids only finished half the series due to them losing the rights to the show. So whoever is watching the English dub will be left hanging halfway since they said that they have no plans on continue the series. They haven't shown the show in 2 years in the USA so it's definately gone.

    So, in my opinion, if you want to get the full emotional experience of this show, watch the original Tokyo Mew Mew. It's a great story for a kids Anime and the voice acting in the Japanese version is some of the best I've heard.
  • I hate what 4kids has done to this show.......

    Like I said, I absolutely hate what 4kids has done to this show. I can't believe that I used to love this show....that is, until I saw the Japanese version of this show. I hate those voices that really don't fit the cartoon characters, the scene changes, name changes(ichigo-zoey?!!!), scene cuts, and every thing else that 4kids has done to change this show. As soon as I saw the English version of this show after a few years and a couple of months of watching the Japanese version, I realized how bad this show is. I can never watch this show ever again.
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