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  • Seriously? You'd think 4kids would start producing at least DECENT stuff by now....


    Now, let me make this very very clear: I HATE 4Kids, they take anime, 'Americanize' it, and butcher it to the point where I feel like my head is gonna explode from listening to annoying pre-teen girls screeching: "OMAGAWD I'M 'SUCH' AN ANIME (They often pronounce this as: An-eeeee-me) NERD!!" When they only watch crud like this, and I personally despise how little respect 4kids has to the art of anime.

    Now that my rant is over, I'll just state that while I did watch the whole series of Tokyo Mew Mew (Yes little girls, Tokyo Mew Mew came first, so you can stop proclaiming that Tokyo Mew Mew 'destroyed' Mew Mew Power.), and while I did enjoy it to some extent, it wasn't fantastic. Though then again, it was probably just a little girly for my taste. But ether way, it was good. However, this dub is not.

    For starters, I'm really confused as to why 4kids changed the name 'Tokyo Mew Mew' to 'Mew Mew Power'. Well, I was until I realized that originally, they where going to call this abysmal dub 'Hollywood Mew Mew'. That's right boys and girls, Hollywood Mew Mew. Upon learning this, I realized instantly that 4kids is trying to convince children that other countries simply do not exist. Seriously, they remove Japanese food, words, etc. Anything that COULD imply that Japan or any other country exists, must be edited out. (They also seem really focused on making you believe this takes place in America, seriously, a quick look at the show will tell you that.)

    When it comes to the characters, they where all changed, rather dramatically at points. The most obvious changes where with their names;

    Ichigo is now Zoey.

    Mint is now Corina.

    Lettuce is now Bridgette.

    Pudding is now Kiki.

    Zakuro is now Renee.

    Kisshu is now Dren. (Haha, DREN, get it? It's NERD backwards! Haha 4kids, you people are so fudging witty. -Sarcasm-)

    Tart is now Tarb. (If you thought that Dren was just a coincidence, well, here's Tarb to prove you wrong. It's flipping Brat backwards.)

    And countless more name changes.

    If you've seen the original show before, and you are watching the dub, and STILL watching it after this; You are probably recoiling from the name changes. Well don't worry! Once the horror of that sinks in, you'll have voice acting to worry about! Yaaay!

    For me, Zoey Corina, and Bridgette all sound pretty much alike, almost no differences between them. They all sound obnoxious, annoying, and like they are drunk. Kiki is pretty much the same, only more ear-grating due to how high-pitched she is.

    Renee is the only one truly recognizable out of the group, she sounds snobby, obnoxious, self-centered, and equally annoying! Though a bit more adult-ish. (Speaking of which, they all got an age boost or something, for no obvious reason ether.)

    I could go on for ages about the plot, as it has become so convoluted and shredded apart by 4kids, that while watching this series, I seriously could not remember what on earth was happening most of the time! Something about Zoey loving 'Mark' I suppose.

    In the end, 4kids (Thankfully) lost the rights to dub Tokyo Mew mew, (Gee, I wonder why?) and it stopped about halfway through the series. Unfortunately, since nobody else has gained the rights to it, Mew Mew Power still runs rampant on the internet.

    Trust me, if you are interested in watching this anime, even if you don't like subtitles, -avoid this dub at all costs-. It is horrible, and you will feel yourself getting dumber as you watch.