Mew Mew Power - Season 1

TELETOON (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Coo Coo Cocoon (2)
    Coo Coo Cocoon (2)
    Episode 26
    The Mew Mew's come face to face with an Infested Moth Predacyte which will disperse its poisionus powder throughout the city! Will the Mew Mew's be able to destroy the Predacyte before it destroys them?
  • The Hunt For Blue Aqua (1)
    The race is on to find the Blue Aqua Crystal, but will a Predacyte Moth stop City Tower detour the Mew Mew's Quest?
  • Diamonds Are A Girl's Worst Enemy
    The Mew Mew's and the Cyniclons fight to capture the Rainbow Stone at Renee's fashion show. Can this jewel be sought after Blue Aqua Crystal?
  • I've Got A Crush On Mew
    During a free dessert try-out at Cafe Mew Mew, Megan and Mimi notice Elliot and Wesley, and recall how the two boys helped them before. Zoey is told to set them up, but when Elliot and Wesley decide to go do research on Blue Aqua rather than see the girls' gifts, Dren unleashes the two lovebirds made from Meghan and Mimi's spirits. What will happen?moreless
  • Buggin'
    Episode 22
    After saving the world from Predacytes, Zoey still has all her Summer Homework to do before school the next day! With some of her classmates all finished, and they're taking a break. Zoey finds out that Renee refuses to help her, Bridget is also busy with her work and Elliott charges two dollars for each question he helps her answer! What happens when Tarb unleashes the Psycho-Cicadas?moreless
  • One Flew Out Of The Mew Mew's Nest
    When Corina has a strange dream of a Blue Lorikeet telling her to fly, she freaks out and starts acting spoiled the next day. On the other hand, Elliot discovers the Blue Aqua, the elemental substance that turned Bridget into a mermaid. But, of course, the Cyniclons are out to steal it. What happens when Corina leaves and turns in her Power Pendant?moreless
  • Daughter Of The Year
    On the day that she catches a fever, we learn about the life of Kikki Benjamin on how her mother died, her father wasn't around, and she has to take care of her four brothers and one sister. Tarb plans his next plot during Kikki's sickness.
  • A Girl With A Porpoise
    The Mew Mews take a break at the beach. Despite having the DNA of the Finless Porpoise, Bridget can't swim and the other help her as Sardon and Tarb unleash their latest plot.
  • My Knight In Blue Armor (2)
    Continuing from the last episode, a character called the Blue Knight begins to fight Dren while the other are fighting Sardon and Tarb. Afterwards, Kikki begins to get suspicious thinking that Elliot is the Blue Knight. When Zoey feels better, she spends the rest of the day with Mark as Bridget and Kikki spy on her.moreless
  • A Knight to Remember (1)
    Summer has begun and Zoey has become sick, and is too ill to go to work. Despite the girls and Mark's attempts to cheer her up, it isn't helping. Dren is welcomed back to the fold, and concocts a plan to take advantage of Zoey's illness to claim her as his. Sardon and Tarb distract the others while Dren goes after Zoey, how's she going to survive this?moreless
  • Books Of Love
    Books Of Love
    Episode 16
    Everyone notices Bridget acting oddly lately. It turns out she's been going to the library every day to visit a boy she has a crush on. The girl's try to convince her to confess her love to him, but Bridget's to nervous. But when Sardon attacks the library to learn more about Earth and it's inhabitants, Bridget must now save the library and her crush, whether he loves her or not.moreless
  • The Hero Lies in Mew
    When Mini-Mew ends up accidentally swallowed up by a plant/snail creature, Mini-Mew is coughed up and ends up in the clutches of Sardon and Tarb. Can Zoey and the others find Mini-Mew in time?
  • Butterflies Are Freaky
    Zoey meets Wesley's ex-girlfriend Chrys and tries to put them back together. Unfortunately two new Cyniclons, Tarb and Sardon, come to town and steal Chrys's spirit and fuses it with a butterfly specimen and a Predacyte to make a butterfly monster named Toxic Beauty.
  • Slime and Slime Again
    After what happened in the last episode, Zoey is worried that Mark might find out her secret. On the day of the Kendo tournament that Mark is in, Dren attacks Mark with an Amoeba Predacyte. Will Zoey be brave enough to defeat Dren's Predacyte and keep Mark from getting killed.
  • The Taming of the Mew (2)
    The Mew Mews try to get Renée to join their team. Things get worse when Dren sends Corina, Bridget, and Kikki into a dark dimension. Zoey must find a way to get Renee to join their team, free the others, and defeat Dren's Annie Conda monster.
  • Hollywood Mew Mew (1)
    Someone is eliminating Predacytes! Zoey, Corina, Bridget, and Kikki believe it to be the 5th Mew Mew and when comparing the picture sized believe it to be supermodel Renée Roberts. Are they right? And what does Dren have planned for her?
  • Do Mew Want to Dance?
    Zoey, worried about not having a dress to wear on her next date with Mark, asks to borrow one from Corina. The girls visit Corina's mansion and end up running into her older brother, Sergio, who seems quite cold. It's revealed he and Corina don't get along too well, but did in the past. Zoey, Kikki, and Bridget decide to try and convince Sergio to attend Corina's upcoming ballet recital in hopes of getting the two back to the friendship they shared previously. Sergio eventually meets with a disgruntled Corina along with the other three girls, but the reunion is interrupted by Dren and a dancing Chimera Animal. It's Corina's turn in the spotlight as she moves into action when Sergio is hurt protecting her. But can the two make up?moreless
  • Spa Blahs!
    Spa Blahs!
    Episode 9
    Bridget receives a ticket for a new spa being made in the mountains. The girls encounter Marco, a boy who almost looks like Mark who doesn't want developers building on the mountain. It would be enough to anger the spirit of Ishioshi. What will happen?
  • Monkey See, Monkey Mew
    Zoey meets Kikki, a performer in a park who notices Zoey going through one of her breakdowns with her tail and ears sprouting. But what happens when Dren goes after Kikki's spirit?
  • Party 'Til You Mew
    Party 'Til You Mew
    Episode 7
    Elliot invites piano musician Maria Rivera to perform at a ball benefiting animal rights. However, Zoey, Bridget, and Corina don't know Spanish since she speaks it. Things get worse when during the ball, Dren uses Maria's spirit for a new Predacyte transformation.
  • Gymewstics
    Episode 6
    The gymnastics team sees Zoey doing a backflip and want her to join. After seing an opportunity to impress Mark, Zoey works hard but what happenes when Dren shows up?
  • The Lion Thing
    The Lion Thing
    Episode 5
    Zoey is freaking out over Dren's kiss and is even to bummed out to accept Mark's invite to the zoo/amusment park. But thanks to Mini Mew, she ends up going on the date and is having a great time, until Dren shows up.
  • Pooltergeist
    Episode 4
    After having a run in with a young girl named Bridget Verdant, Zoey overhears that the spirit of a drowned girl is haunting Excalibur High. Causing strange things to happen to the water in the walls and to the pool. Corina thinks they should investigate, to make sure its not a Predacyte. But Zoey's far to scared to go. Who or what is behind the hoax?moreless
  • Mew Two
    Mew Two
    Episode 3
    Elliot and Wesley take Zoey to Cafe Mew Mew and tell her about the Mew Project. A project which combined endangered animal DNA with compatible humans, so that the human could combat an alien force who plan to use the Earth's animals to wipe out the human race. With little choice but to accept, Zoey is assigned to work at the Cafe so she can be ready for whatever trouble may come, and second, to find the rest of the Mew team. Zoey doesn't have to look far to find the second Mew. Zoey meets a very stuck up rich girl named Corina Bucksworth. What happens when Corina's dog Micki becomes a Predacyte?moreless
  • The Mew Kid in Town
    Zoey Hanson is an average high-school student on a date, when the impending danger of a rat monster causes her to transform into a cat-like version of herself.
  • The Main Mew's Muse
    Dren tries to poison the city by using cherry trees to pollute the air. The girls know they must destroy the trees, but Zoey can't bring herself to do it because one tree means so much to Mark.