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  • Change is needed

    When I first started watching the show, I absolutely loved it. There is no doubt, that this show is not great or the people who perform the act of tatooing are not absolutely gifted, however, over time, it becomes kind of like the same old same old. Every show is almost the same. Tatoos are great, but yet some underlying story line is missing. And adding some half nacked girls is not going to fix this. I am convinced that if there was more background on the artist, home life, love life, night life,etc this show could go on and on. We need something new and fresh to keep going!!!!
  • Not enough to hold my interest.

    I don't think I have watched more than 10 minutes of Miami Ink, but I am kind of glad I don't watch it nearly at all. From what I've seen, the base of the show gets rather old within minutes. I think some of the tats looks cool, but other than that, it gets boring after a bit of time. One thing that I think is unique is that there aren't too many shows in the business that are all about inking. Overall, a show I hardly watch, but not really bad either. Just not really for my liking. Thank you.
  • Fascinated by Tattoo art and the people who get them, then chances are you'll like Miami Ink

    Miami Ink is a tattoo parlour. Customers will come in and get tattooed usually to mark a special occasion or for a serious reason. While they are tattooed they tell their stories and we get a little idea of why they want the tattoo. Sometimes they'll have celebs come in as well.

    The characters who run the shop are also given a lot of screen time as they design the tattoos and we get to know a bit about them. Yoji the apprentice in particular and his life with his girlfriend is followed and in one episode you learn that Ami used to be in the navy and he is doing a special Tattoo day for the troops. The Tattoos are usually amazing and very detailed and I have to admit that I really like Kat's stuff who does portraits. A different type of Tattoo to what everybody else seems to do. Most of the tattoos have sentimental value but nothing says that like a portrait of your new baby and your partner tattooed on your ribs.

    Great show and one of my most favourite reality programmes.
  • I loved this episode as well as all the other ones. The only thing is I didn't know this was the final episode :( Will the TV show ever come back??? I am such a big fan of Miami Ink. Please, Please, Please bring this great show back.

    I loved this episode as well as all the other ones. The only thing is I didn't know this was the final episode :( My question is where is Miami Ink at, will the TV show ever come back??? I am such a big fan of Miami Ink. Please, Please, Please bring this great show back. I would definitely like to know what happened to each person and what they are doing. Is everyone still tattooing or something else? If there will be no more Miami Ink, will they be doing another reality show in the future? If anyone could let me know anything about where they are now, that would be just wonderful!!!
  • i love this show give me more lol

    this show is jus so great!!!the team are unbelievably great artists with such a great talent,they show great dedication for what they do and take pride in there roles as tattooists.I live in in the uk and am really peed off that we dont have a shop like that over day when i have enough money i will go over to miami jus t get a tat.
    thteam show great inspriation for there work aswell as that they tel us about here lives and what goes on outside the shop.
    if the guys ever ead this i will be over one day to have u put a great tat on me with ur artists skills love to u all from the uk peace out!!!!
  • Please read this and take the time to at least consider making an appointment to have some work done while we are honeymooning in America after being married at the melbourne zoo..

    Im not sure if this is going to help my cause at all and I am so sorry but i am despret and don't know where else to start. I have more of an enquiry rather than a review. I am getting married in November this year and honeymooning in America. It would be the greatest experience of my life if i could surprise my fiance with an appointment for both of us to get a tattoo in this shop. He has desings in his mind of what he wants but is still looking in Australia for someone he trusts and respects to put them on him. If someone could help me out with some more direct contact details i would be forever greatful.
  • Because of this show I am addicted to tattoos

    Everytime I watch this show I have a new idea for a tattoo i want or I get the sudden urge to be crative. I watch these very talented people and wish that I could be like them. I Wish that I could have a talant that I could perfect as much as these guys have. I am addicted to tattoos because of this TV show and my dream is to be tattooed by Ami. He is just the most amazing artist in the world. I have to say this is a 10 out of 10 show for me and the Kat spin off 'LA Ink' pales in comparison to this show. I can sit for hours at a time watching this show and it gets more and more interesting and influential everytime I do. I hope this comtinues for a long long time!
  • Something new, instead of us watching vets going about their daily routine, or doctors ect, we get to see something that is mainly like a 'taboo'. The art of tattooing is something that is unique as these guys show.

    I stumbled upon this show by accident; but I'm so glad that I did. I love seeing these guy's work and the art they produce is just amazing.
    It's also shows you what a tattoo shop is like on the whole, as a place for the customer, and also as a work place. You see what these guy's have to do in general, getting to set up and talking to the client, to taking the clients design/idea and making it something completely unique with their own flare on it.
    Also as the series goes on, you learn a bit about the artist, Nunez being a party animal, Ami having some anger issues, Yoji being a dedicated father, Garver being an artist outside the shop as well as inside, Darren trying to keep his diabeties under control. It shows you the artists as people, and at times they may talk about one particular tattoo that they had done on them, or you see them getting a tattoo done on the show.
    The whole show just brings out more acceptance to people getting tattoos done, and why they want them.
  • just wanted you to know that you are my favorite show and i watch you all the time i find it touching and cool . you rock in the talent area . and i so wish i could come out there to get a tattoo i rate you number one of all the tattoo shows

    I am a candian chic , who loves and watches your show all the time, with all the other tatoo shows .YOURS ROCKS, i cant pic a favorite , ( ami ) is at the top of my list, your talent surpasses anyything, my absolute wish in life would be to have my back tattooed by you ami . you could have my whole back as a open board for your talent. i don t have a tattoo , buyt have wanted one for years. If i could have anything it would be to visit your shop and be tattooed by you. love the show ,your number one fan
  • I think I could ruin my rep but I love Miami Ink.

    If I were ever lucky I know exactly what tat I would want on my inkless body. I have a feeling that if I ever started I would never stop! My only concern is that I wouldn't want to be tat'd by Yojiro Harada. He just doesn't seem ready.
    I like the camaradie that the crew has built over the course of their years. I think it's a huge goal to be able to open your own tat shop and get TLC interested in it. Like LA Ink, I think some of it's set up. Too many people want dragons and fairies. Ugh. But I must admit I love this show.
  • Miami Ink is a mad as show! these boys are so talented n Ami is absolutey gorgeous! hehehe!

    It would be the maddest opportunity to be tattooed by these guys! n if i could design stuff, i'd enter for that tatt by Garver. Man your awesome as to! You and the other Chris who's a hunny to!!! Keep the show airing Ami don't go listening to none of them losers who put you down. You got your dream man so keep goin for it because I'm sure that there's many other people out there besides me that think ALL of you guys are goin a mad job! Never stop doin what you love despite what these other F**K HEADS say!!! tell em to stick it up there stuck up A$sEs!!!! have a good one guys! CHEERS xXXxxOooooOo
  • Miami Ink is becoming extinct.

    To be honest I use to watch the show all the time, but there is no way it could ever compare to LA Ink. Kat is the best at what she does and she has a great crew. I think that firing Kat was the worst thing that could have ever happen to Miami Ink. Kat's place is bigger and better than Miami Ink will ever be. To go from being fired to being on top is a great accomplishment and I amend Kat for doing so. Miami Ink does have some great tats coming out but nothing that would ever compare to the talent that Kat and her crew has. My personal comment Miami Ink is out of the picture because LA Ink is taking over.
  • Cancel the show Ami before you shame yourself.

    The show is a joke, Ami is the lead clown. What a big closet case, chances are he gets drunk in boy bars so he can say he was wasted when some musclebound cuban takes him home and ties him up.
    He is nowhere, no-way, no-how any good as the 2 other artist. Yoji is his japanese house-boy and he treats him as such. Nunoz and Garver should buy him out, take him to the nearest park and let him hustle his over-the-hill ass for quarters. He should be ashamed to say he is an artist, and he's an emotional cripple as a person.
  • FUN!!!!

    This show is very interesting!!! It has all the perfect things a reality show should have : comedy, diversity, contreversy, excitement, and over all interest. Some shows make you want to fall asleep, but this is one that keeps you awake the entire time. Everything from the intricate designs of the tattoos to the location of the show. I know that anyone who has good taste, loves art, and enjoys sitting and watching a fun show would love this. It is my personal favorite, and I think every one should do themselves a favor and watch it, at least once. Thanx
  • A tattoo artist opens shop in Miami and figts for the right to stay on top.

    Granted the fact that I love this show, the only thing is that I'm still a little pissed off at how Ami totally fired Kat, for some of the dumbest reasons. I think we can all agree that Kat VonD was one of the best artists in the shop. And if you ask me him firing Kat was one stupid move! As much as I love his artwork, he needs to learn to control his emotions a little better rather than shooting his mouth off at great employees like Kat, and be more understanding. Kat was in a new place and was very homesick, he needs to understand that. My point, I love the show, but Ami needs to keep his emotions in check.
  • Lets edxplore the world of tough guy Ami Jones

    What a **** He thinks he is so tough and I just want to jump through the screen and grab his chicken **** little neck. Supposed to be a bad ass and he has delts of a 10 year old girl! Like the little upper cut boxing workout on the preview but ya think you can actually pack a punch with those lil bitty shoulders? lmao! Give me a break and get a real tough guy to run a show, the co owner is the bad ass of this show not this retard He cant even act tough! Just complains like a little baby! Kat will smoke this show. You freaking suck **** And your tats suck too. How could they ever want to make a show out of a **** like you! I would love 10 fking minutes to slap your ass around!!!! FU Biach!
  • This show is fantastic,my very conservative wife now love tatts,not that she would get one,but hey !she is even thinking of a way to send myself and our 17 year old together to Miami for a tatt,how cool is that.

    This show is fantastic,my very conservative and long suffering wife now loves tatts,not that she would get one but it has opened the door for me.She is even thinking of a way for my 17 year old son and myself to go to Miami and get tatted.
    For reasons I will never understand all of a sudden guys with tatts seem to be sexy to my wife.
    But it is good to see people with tatts are not just on death row but real people who like to recall the reason for the tatt weather it good or bad but most of all it seems by the reaction of the customers that they all walk out of the shop happy and stronger .
  • Who dosn't like people getting tatto with a lot of drama.

    This is one of many shows that I watch on TLC. I think it is my favorite show on there. I think that getting a tatto is cool. I want to get a tatto when I get older. My favortie person is Darren he is so cool, casue everybody knows that short people rule. I think Ami had a good reason to get rid of Kat. Yoji is a pretty cool dued to. I like his daughter Sidney, she is so cute. I love the way her room is panted. It is so cool.
  • Miami ink isnt really that interesting it is accualy boring to watch and i dont like watching blood so eww.

    Miami INK” takes viewers into the inside world of tattooing from the shop, to the artists, and their clients. Get an in depth look at the emotional stories behind the tattoos and the meaning people attach to them. People from all walks of life come for tattoos, from punk rock, to South Beach socialites, to celebrities.The series follows four master artists, Ami James, the tough guy of the bunch, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, Chris Nuñez, and the apprentice Yojiro Harada. Ami, Darren, Chirs, and Garver met ten years ago when they all studied in Miami under the world famous tattoo artist, the late Lou Sciberras. During their apprenticeship they all lived and worked together becoming the best of friends. Eventually they went their separate ways and opened up their own tattoo parlors in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, and South Beach. Their dream was to one day reunite and open their own tattoo parlor together as partners. Watch as TLC follows the friends as they make their dream a reality.
  • Miami Ink is the best ever!!

    Miami Ink is the best show I have ever seen!! I like how they put themselves out there for others to see how they are really like!! It's very interesting and heart warming to see.. there is alot of humor in all the guys and girls that have made this show the best!!There is humor, heart warming events, funny stunts that are plained on all the of the casts, and most of all there is always some standing near u as a family member would.. this is there family and there world through my eyes anyways!! Miami Ink is outstanding!! It must be hard to do all those tattoos all in one day and the time spent into the work is great for the experiences
  • Good!!

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • miami ink is the best!!!

    i love miami ink!! its the only show thats worth watching on tv,and is the only show me and all my friends watch!!! its always random never predictable and very real! thats what we love about it.. ami's bad temper is the best,its very exiting, you never know what to expect from him,he makes good tv, so does the rest of them but he makes miami ink.. sorry guys,lol but if i was ever in miami belive me it would be him tattooing me and no one eles. i feel a bit bad for kat but oh well business is business isnt it??

    I Love Miami Ink but I wish Kat would come back.
    I dont think the show will do as good without her edge.
    She was incredibly talanted and not to mention HOT !
    I predict the ratings will suffer from this but time will tell. I hope not because it has become my favorite show on TV.

    bring Kat back
  • Miami INK No 1

    I watch this show every day,I am a tattooist myself been doin it for 17 years,tattoos.My shop is called INK BLITZ here in Brisbane Queensland Australia.I learn so much from all u tattooist in Miami Ink.Enjoy watching your show...Kat and her portraits so excelant.I had a tattooist in my shop and she had stars on the side of her face,at this time i did not see miami ink, no fox tv.anyway she was not good as what kat is.I've had 4 tattooist in my shop and ther all gone,Ive had to fix all there work.I've been advertising for a good tattooist in my studio.Any of you taking a trip to Australia are welcome as a guest artist in my shop.
  • I live in CT. I love the program and I love a Chris, He is my favorite. Some day I would get if I had a chance to get a tatto by him. I love you.

    La verdad no escribo muy bien el ingles pero se que pueden traducirle esto a Chris, para mi el es divino, es un gran artista, tiene muy buenas cualidades. Mi mayor deseo, espero algun dia cumplirlo es conocerlo, viajar a Miami y pasar por su negocio y conocerlo, verlo en persona seria grandioso. Mira soy Colombina, y te lo digo algun dia nos conoceremos mi nombre es Hilda, y se que me haras el mejor tatoo te lo aseguro.
    POr ahora me conformo con que sepas que me encantas y que tienes a la mas fiel de las admiradoras.

    Me matan tus ojos.
  • Ami your a childish loser!!! The rest of the guys in the shop are 2 faced. None of them had the jewels to disagree with to your face, but thought you were wrong to fire Kat.

    Hey Ami, firing Kat was a huge mistake. She made the show.
    You need to grow up and be mature. When she told Paul Sr. that arm bands were so 1st grade for her and Paul got aggrivated, you did not need to dis Kat. She does portraits and thats part of why you hired her. So what she didn't like Miami. The veiwers don't really care. The original premise of the show was cool. The art work, the customers, the stories, etc... When LA Ink starts I'll watch that and ditch yours. Instead I'll ditch yours now.
  • Miami ink is the best show ever

    The guys and Kat are just amazing Im 51 years old and started gertting tattoos when I was 40. Now I have 6. I would love to go to Miama to get a tatt from Chris Garver , hes an amazing tattooist. The tattooist in Aus wont hand draw designs straight onto the body. Id love an original tatt from any of them. Keep up the tattooing guys, from your number 1 fan, from the land down under.
  • Miami Ink is a show that shows you just how talented these guys really are

    Miami Ink takes you inside the world of being a tattoo artist. It is a show that gives you different types of designs from all unique people. It varies from people who lost something precious in their life to people who just want a tattoo to symbolize something important.I would give this show thumbs up for reality, humor, and a touch of romance. Let's not forget the family time these men spend with their It all adds up to being one hell of a show. I reccomend one peek at it before totally judging it. Remember, don't judge a book by it's cover.
  • i was told that the cast might be in southeast Alaska? then i was told if someone has some northwest tribe ink with a story that Miami ink would do it?

    not realy a review but, i have my native crest from my thinget tribe in southeast alaska on my back and it's not done? it can be seen on myspace. so if they r coming to alaska i would like to see them. the wolf on my back is to my brother. he rest in our home town here in southeast alaska i will miss him for ever. not much more to say about that. just twenty five more words to type can he do it " i can do it" almost there. stay on target. use the force luke.
  • This is my story of why i like Kat's work and what I would get if I had a chance to get a tatto by her.

    My favorite thing about kat is her portrait drawing and tattoing. If I had a chance to get a tatto buy kat I would get a portrait of my brother and grandfather who passed away in 2005. First my grandfather passed away in March on 2005. Two week's later my brother passed away in March of 2005. I've been watching this show for a long time. It's one of my favorte's and I hope they continue to view it.
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